Sunday, May 01, 2011

National Socialist Movement (NSM) Southwestern States Regional Director Jeff Hall Fatally Shot In His Own Home In Riverside, California

Update January 14th 2013: Joseph Hall found guilty of second-degree murder by Riverside Superior Court Judge Jean Leonard, who ruled that Hall deliberated killed his father Jeff Hall, but rejected prosecution arguments that it was premeditated. He will be sentenced on February 15th. Updated post HERE.

Update October 29th, 2012: Murder trial of Joseph Hall, Jeff Hall's son, set to begin; updated post HERE.

R.I.P. Jeff Hall, 1979-2011 (in the foreground with megaphone)
The white nationalist community and the National Socialist Movement lost a dedicated comrade and suffered a body blow on May 1st, 2011 when it was reported that the NSM's Southwestern States Regional Director, Jeff Hall, considered a fast-rising star in the national socialist community, was fatally shot in his own home in Riverside, California. The NSM has now posted an official tribute on their website, which is the same as the press release attributed to NSM Commander Jeff Schoep was posted as a comment on the CBS2 website:


It is with great sorrow, and a heavy heart that I inform you of the loss of our Southwestern States Regional Director Jeff Hall.

Today (May 1st, 2011), Jeff Hall was found murdered in his home in Riverside, California.

A loving Father of five children, a family man, and a dedicated American Patriot. Those of us whom had the honor to know, work with, or spend time with Jeff Hall know well what kind of person he was. Jeff was a dedicated Father, his children were his life. Jeff’s spare time outside of family was dedicated to his extended family in the NSM. He spent countless volunteer hours on the California and Arizona Borders leading Patrols in efforts to halt illegal immigration, organized rallys, meetings, and events for the NSM countless times. Jeff was looked up to, and respected by thousands of people. He was well liked in his community where he ran for office last year, attaining nearly 30% of the vote as an open National Socialist Candidate. He touched the lives of so many people, and was a tremendous inspiration to everyone around him. His energy and devotion to our Folk and Nation knew no bounds. Jeff Hall will be greatly missed by us all.

There is so much more that I would like to say, Jeff Hall was like a Brother to me. In life he was a giant amongst men, constantly putting others before himself. A life cut short, your Family, and the Party mourn this loss.

Thank you for all the memories Brother. We miss you. See you in Valhalla,

Commander Jeff Schoep

KABC Channel 7 news video now available:

The New York Times reports that according to Lt. Jaybee Brennan of the Riverside Police Department, police responded to reports of gunshots at Hall’s home at 4:04 A.M. PDT on Sunday. Police found Hall with a single gunshot wound to the upper body; although treated at the scene by paramedics, he died minutes later. Police later detained his son, said to be 10 years old. At this point, no other suspects were being sought. The reason for the New York Times' interest is because Hall had allowed a Times reporter to sit in on their chapter's monthly meeting, where a dozen members had gathered. At the meeting, Hall discussed both mundane housekeeping items such as the need for members to sell raffle tickets for a fund-raiser, as well as a May patrol at the Mexican border in Arizona to help deter illegal immigration.

Jeff Hall patrolling for illegal aliens in the desert with the U.S. Border Guard

Jeff Hall personified positive White civil rights activism. He was a fixture at NSM rallies in the region, to include the September 2009 Riverside Rally, the April 2010 Los Angeles Rally, and the March 2011 Claremont Rally. It was just two weeks ago that Hall attended the NSM Nationals in Trenton.

Hall also tried his hand at electoral politics, running unsuccessfully for the Division 2 seat of the Western Municipal Water District Board in Riverside County in November 2010. As Jeff Schoep pointed out, Hall also engaged in border patrol activity in California and with J.T. Ready's U.S. Border Guard in Arizona. And when a motley crew of antifa and Brown Beret types tried to bring the battle into Hall's neighborhood on May 29th, 2010, Hall and some of his comrades were ready for them and herded them out of the neighborhood while police looked on.

Tributes to Jeff Hall are already pouring in on this Stormfront thread. Some are questioning whether Hall's 10-year-old son really pulled the trigger; the cops seem to be rushing to judgment. The 23-year-old Hall, a plumber by trade, leaves behind a wife and five kids.

The Press-Enterprise is reporting neighborhood reaction. Several residents in the neighborhood said they were still shaken from the early-morning shooting. Some refused to talk about it, while others weren't sure how to react after months of what they described as intimidation by Hall and other NSM members who often visited. Naturally, the Press-Enterprise found themselves a Latino. Juan Trejo described a Halloween party at the home last year, when Hall flew a swastika flag from the home and guests wore KKK hoods. Trejo said Hall lived there with his wife and several children, one of whom called his son a "beaner" when the boy skateboarded near the Hall home. Trejo said in the two years they lived there, he had never spoken to Hall, his wife, or several children, whom he described as all younger than about 12. "I never tried to even say hello because they are racist," he said.

The SPLC has also weighed in, citing this blog by name. Their reaction is consistent with their traditional reaction to such events and requires no further discussion, although they do mention that Riverside Police now characterize the shooting as an intentional act.

A rather decent story was published by LAWeekly; they keep the judgmentalism to a minimum.


Anonymous said...

That's funny as shit his kid killed him.

Anchorage Activist said...

It's not been confirmed that his son killed him yet. The cops won't confirm it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You think that's funny? I hope the same shit happens to you one day. He's a human being and he's dead leave it alone and let his memory be respected as it should be.

Anonymous said...


Jason said...

I feel sorry for the lost of a true bruder in the movement of ours. It even saddens me more that the shooter that killed this man may be the son.

I am sure that the most of what may have happen if this is true that the son did in fact shoot his father. Is that maybe he heard his parents arguing and got out of bed and got the gun and pointed it and it went off.

Things of this assortments have happen many times before. For sure gun safety would solve most of this, that and not keep loaded guns lying around the house.

Then I also fear the worse and think maybe the dad was beating the crap out his wife and that the son woke up and went to get the gun to protect his mom from any more abuse.

A boy as young as this was most likely sleeping in his bed at 4:00 am. Maybe this kid has mental problems or was sleeping walking, we should not be so quick to judge until the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Could have been the asshole Hall shot himself by accident.

MissBrii28 said...

You are all pathetic mother fuckers talking about Jeff the way you are ... None of you knew Jeff there for keep you two cents out of it .... Jeff was a great person and a amazing friend... he will be dearly missed... And his kids loved him he did NOT beat his wife or do any of the sick shit you people are saying ..... My respects go out to the family and his unborn/newborn child!!! R.I.P. Jeff you will be missed!

Anchorage Activist said...

MissBrii28: Yes, I agree. I just deleted most of the trash.

Anonymous said...

Its strange and sad how much shit happens to anyone who joins the nsm.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Hall.... He was one of the best of the NSM.

Anonymous said...

If Hall was one of the best...I hate to see the worst.

Anonymous said...

At least the death takes the attention off the NSM and their ass whipping and poor conduct they got by ARA teenagers last weekend.

Anonymous said...

9:35...oh are we admitting now that Albert Lieberfarb is an ANP member?

10:10 This have to come from the slow moving mind of Rocky himself. If the NSM wanted to draw attention from the fight, then why are they offering DVDs of it, retard? Why is there video of it on the front of their website? Why don't you ANP guys go out and actually do something rather than sit around and continually spout jeleous hate at everone else? It is your own fault that nobody showed up for your national meeting.

Jeff Hall was a loving father, a good provider and a fearless fighter. Not only did he patrol the border but he fought the Brown Berets and the ARA in public. He embodied the soldier/worker/family head that is the NS ideal. His political work was incredible and he would have undoubtedly know sucess if he had been given the opportunity to continue. Rest in peace, brother!

Anonymous said...

10:21AM. There's no posts on this Blog against Jeff Hall by the ANP. If there is...prove it. If not, keep your fucking mouth shut asshole.

Just because the NSM lost a keyplayer is no reason to take it out on the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Hey assholes, let's stay on topic. A guy just died....remember?

Anchorage Activist said...

I delete flame comments equally, regardless of whether the target is the NSM or the ANP. There is no reason for either organization to be attacked or flamed on this occasion. Remember, a productive activist has died and left a wife and five kids behind.

It is also quite possible that the critics of the ANP are NOT from the NSM, and the critics of the NSM NOT from the ANP.

Anonymous said...

A good activist? What's your definition? Here's mine:

1.) A good activist when they run for office makes an effort and doesn't sit on his ass like Hall did and hope the votes come and get elected!

2.) A good activist doesn't go to the border and patrol it and do ZOGS job. What would Hall do next free? Polish Obamas shoes? revolutionaries don't assist the SYSTEM, except the NSM who evidently are reactionaries.

3.) A good activist doesn't accept a Commander who has a race mixing wife with a mulatto kid from a previous marriage.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts, thus we see the ANP posters defending their small non-action rag-tag group of in the dark Komputer Kommandos. The worst of them is JT Bowles. What a loser he is! Would you let this great pumpkin talk to your school kids?

This reminds me of how all of the idiots came out of the wood work when Wild Bill Hoff died in that car accident. The dead are just that...dead...leave them rest ffs!

Get a real life and go out and do some real activist the real world.

Anonymous said...

According to the Blogs and ANP website they have people talking directly to high school students upon invitation. I don't see any other loser groups doing that except typing on a keyboard like you (1:14PM) do and bitching.

Anonymous said...

What High Schools? mde up as are the reports posted after.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 2:01 P.M.: That's a good question, but it doesn't take a Rocky Suhayda to answer it.

If they named the high schools publicly, the schools and the district would be targeted with anti-racist harassment. The local NAACP or La Raza might demand an investigation, and the principal and teachers permitting the ANP's appearance might be witch-hunted and purged.

So it's smart for the ANP not to name the high schools they visit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you A.A. That writer thinks the ANP is stupid and going to destroy a good thing they got.

Anonymous said...

For a child who is only ten years old, and should be in bed sleeping at such a time (4:00AM), to awaken and then procure a firearm and then shoot his father to death, seems to me that there must have been something going on that both frightened and angered the little kid enough for him to shoot his father. If that is the scenario, then perhaps this Hall wasn't the person who many here seem to think he was. This was not a "martyr" scenario, it was something much darker and sadder. For a child to kill their parent is not a simplistic thing to do. I believe that the child feared either for itself, or perhaps another family member to take such an action against his father. I'm going to hold my judgement over this, until more facts come out.

Anonymous said...

The NSM is full of creeps and weirdo's, thats why it has a continuous record of scandals attached to its name. This is simply another one. With Hall gone, NSM will disband eventually on the west coast, amd Jeff will have just about nobody left besides a few dydfunctional hangers on. Good riddance! 88!

Anonymous said...

Sorry A.A. , your mancrush maks you look foolish. the only place we ever hear of the great success of the ANP is here, no place else.
Don't you think for a minute that if "Nazis" had visted the same schools word would have reached the media by now, kids talk, parents talk, word gts around.

It does not tak a grat mind, which you are NOT, to figure out that the ANP mnufactures so called "activism", while attacking the real activism of the NSM and others.

Anonymous said...

With Hall gone NSM is dead. Jeff is no leader, he's a bottom feeder who leaches off others activism.

Anonymous said...

WHAT did this guy DO to his ten year old kid?

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon this when a UK article quoted Jeff Schoep and it's the first accurate quotes I've seen to commemorate Jeff. Nothing is funny - whatever happened, it was an accident. His children loved and respected him endlessly. His extended (pre-marriage) family who do not associate with the NSM or believe in the cause hoped this was a bad phase and saw him for the beautifully strong spirit he was. Jeff could have moved mountains and Schoep got the "giant amongst men" part right. Something went tragically wrong and now all of Jeff's families (immediate, extended and activist) are at a loss for one the biggest personalities you would have ever known had you known him. He could make you smile in an instant no matter how low you ever felt. A loving brother, adoring son, passionate and strong father, loving husband, and loyal friend, regardless of his political beliefs, deserves to be remembered for that. Have some respect for the deceased's family who are mourning an incredibly tragic and unexpected loss that is more complicated than I would ever wish on anybody else's family.

Anonymous said...

To the post at 5:34 - he did not DO anything to his son, nor has it been confirmed that his son is guilty. Your attempt at humor is pathetic and not appreciated. Go be a comedian elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious. You guys are supposed to be leading political movements with similar beliefs. My family member is dead and his kids are in custody, while the media makes a circus of our lives, and you can't stop arguing about which organization is crappier? Get a clue and pay some respect.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:41 P.M. - You think this is bad -- you should see some of the comments I found it necessary to delete.

Still, I don't want to impose complete censorship. But I won't accept comments that speculate on the sexual proclivities of NS leaders. Not in this particular post.

Anonymous said...

We all love you Jeff, you are going to be missed

Anonymous said...


"Dear Daddy:

I'm sorry I killed you the other morning; but, your weiner hurt in mu butt."

Anonymous said...

AA - thank you. I agree with you about censorship. The point is that we can all speak our minds, but basic respect is a minimum requirement for the deceased and their family. That is not negotiable or excusable, and unfortunately most of the media has forgotten that today. But they seem to have no problem trying to contact the family & close friends "with condolences" AFTER publishing their sensationalist articles. Slander and irresponsible reporting. The hate and irresponsibility is palpable, and only saddens me further.

Anonymous said...

12:15 - FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you talk about a ten year old boy that way, not to mention the deceased. May your children now be in that situation in the future. It's a little thing called karma. Don't speak about things you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

that fucker david pringle that runs this blog is really sucking jeff schoeps microcock hard.

censoring posts, what a jewsh asshole!

Anonymous said...

Okay swami fucktard, tell us all about your non-white beliefs like karma. You probably also believe in reincarnation!

Anonymous said...

Okay swami fucktard, tell us all about your non-white beliefs like karma. You probably also believe in reincarnation!

steve said...

what piece of shit. To have your own 10 year boy shoot you intentionally.

He must have been a real shithead.

Bill said...

This wasn't some fucking accident!


His son was arrested!!!!!!!

What could have been the motive for this action at 4am?

What could drive a child to such action?

Considering the facts the recent suggestion of possible sexual abuse sounds very probable.

If he was such a great father then why did his ten year boy intentionally shoot him in the head at 4am?

Why was he arrested for murder?

We realizing that even asking such questions will lead to post deletion by AA.

Anonymous said...

Internet wizzards should not engage in speculation such as the boy shot im becuase of abuse or this or that. We DO NOT KNOW.

One thing is certain, a 0 yar old shoul not have had acces to loaded firearm.

Anonymous said...

Nice writing and spelling brainiac.

I bet your shoe size and I.Q. are the exact same!

Anonymous said...

I read the news from the internet today.Smh, I'm sure that his son don't feel quite good about being neo nazi bastard. He decided to kill his father. blam! " look at me, I'm tired of your bullshit stories and rest of bullshit neo nazi people! Damn proud to be an American! I'm ashame of myself because people will label me as neo nazi hey I don't want to be part of it..I don't need to fly my damn swastikas flag!I got enough balls than you do"! Maybe his wife hand him a gun and tell him " shoot him so I don't have to go through it".

Jason said...

"Dear Daddy:

I'm sorry I killed you the other morning; but, your weiner hurt in mu butt."

12:15 AM

To the anonymous user who posted this, that is not funny there is no truth to this. As of right now we don't know what really happen.

What I do know though is when I read the NSM's press release about the incident they stated Jeff Hall was a loving father of five and a family man, at least one child did not see it that way. Point in check the one that shot him.

When I first learned of this I thought that some mud broke into his home and shot and killed Jeff Hall. And now knowing that his son was taken into custody and the police are not looking for any other suspect. That is just all more of messed up to have your own blood shoot and kill you.

I can imagine seeing him looking at his son afterwards telling him its okay dad still loves you.

The family is asking for help with funeral costs, I can't in clear mind send money to them knowing that their son is the trigger man that shot his own father.

Until the story is unfolded more to know that the father was indeed a honorable man and this shooting maybe just a accident and not something done out of anger because the dad did something not too White.

We can all assume things until we are all blue in the face. Until we know more we can't judge nor spiculate on what happen until the truth comes out of what exactly happen.

And for now a life is lost and all we know is the son shot him, for what reason we don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

No, His son probably realized that rest of nsm and even his dad did something really bad, like patrol the border his dad sent out a messsage " bring out your glocks and shoot them. That's how we do" His son do not like the idea of genocide, like adolf hitler do. It's not pure white! look at MLK or rights of women , they do not command the acts of violence.They won! now what.. look at all fucking white morons who use acts of violence that's fucked up Thats how you roll If you guys plan to do this, simply keep your damn hands yourself and stay away from guns! you probably have more chance to get your own homestate and grow more white pussies (yummy, I like white girls) non white people can visit, but can't live there if anyone who plan to kill or command the acts of violence toward non white or neo nazi white people, they (whites) will be expell and will not live in white home state! acts of violence is unacceptable.

Christine said...

A son does not just get out of bed to shoot his dad. Something happen to cause this. For sure the children that was taken away from the state is a blessing in the sky. Good parents don't keep loaded guns where imature children as this one can get to them.

I'm not bashing Jeff Hall I am stating what many are afraid to even say and that is something is not right here. There is more going on maybe some kind of abuse or something, yes something caused this 10 year old kid to shoot his daddy.

The wife has two losses here her huband is dead and her son is the one that shot him.

Hallswife said...

Let Jeff Schoep pay the funeral ciosts. Yea, right. When hell freezes over (the tightwade bastard)

Anonymous said...

Only in the NSM would you find bullshit like this happening:

"Jeff Hall, a notorious white supremacist, was shot and killed in his Riverside, Calif., home early Sunday morning. Authorities believe it was an “intentional act” and his 10-year-old son is the likely assailant."

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Jeff Hall's last thing he saw of the NSM was them getting their ass whipped by ARA teenagers at their April National Meeting and Jeff Schoep's wife yelling "MOTHER FUCKER" in public and caught on tape.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the kid, that a ten year old hated his father enough to kill him is pretty damn sad.

Anonymous said...

What in the hell are you saying? Do they let residents in psych wards have access to computers? Go back to your cage, it's almost feeding time.

Anonymous said...

Last letter from Taylor Bowles' daughter to him

"Dear Daddy:

I'm sorry I can't be around you anymore, mommy took me away from you the other morning;, your weiner really hurt in my tete."

Anonymous said...

Everyone that Taylor Bowles "mentors" ends up shitting doughnuts and needing stiches you know where.

Indepth training is one thing, but that is extreme.

"spit on it Taylor, you're hurting me".... is what was heard coming from side room at the last ANP meet.

Anonymous said...

For Rocky and Taylor to talk shit about a dead nationalist speaks volumes about which side they stand on. Regardless if you liked Jeff Hall or not.

Remember Rocky, your children are mentally retarded. All of them. So what is going to happen to them when you and your wife are dead? They will be in a group home, it sure is going to suck for them once the workers know of your political views.

Anonymous said...

yep, Rocky's tards will be subjected to homosexual sodemy by nigger group home workers...but that is ok, because Rocky lets Taylor "mentor" them already, he is their "speacial friend".

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Jeff Hall's last thing he saw of the NSM was them getting their ass whipped by ARA teenagers at their April National Meeting and Jeff Schoep's wife yelling "MOTHER FUCKER" in public and caught on tape.

Also, Hall was ready to quit the NSM anyhow according to his comrades. That's what the Saturday meeting before he was shot was all about.

Anonymous said...


Dear Daddy:

Sorry i shot you ;but after seeing the NSM get their asses beat by teenagers and that ugly bitch yelling MOTHER FUCKER (jeff Schoeps wife) all doing the fight in Trenton, I know that was the wrong thing for you to belong to, plus your weiner hurt in my hinny hole. You always said the NSM people were assholes anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Hall was good father??? That's bullshit. A good father doesn't get shot and killed by his son! A good father knows what is going on around him (like his family)! A good father spends time with his family and doesn't alienate them by belonging to a nutjob group like the NSM.

jimmy y said...

ZOG took the remaining children away in the Hall Family.

Gee that's kind of drastic for a accidential shooting.

Must be something going on other that good intentions...

Anonymous said...

NSM has set up a "fund", how much will Jeff Schoep skim off the top as a fee??? 80cents of every dollar??

Anonymous said...

Waa! Waa! I like attacking Bowles and Rocky and the ANP. Waa! Waa! Will someone pay attention to me? Waa! Waa! I think the stuff I write is pretty hilarious and good about Bowles and Chappell and Howard and Rocky. Waa! Waa!

Brb. Got to take my meds before they run out and go find a little boy to seduce. Opss. I just let the cat out of the bag and exposed myself as a fag. Oh well, as long as I write anti-ANP everyone will look over me being a dick sucker.

Anonymous said...

I heard the kid had it when Jeff wanted to hook him up with Shoops kid Amber!

Anonymous said...

The more I read about Jeff Hall's dusfunctional family the more how I understand why he joined the NSM-a dysfunctional politicl organziation.

Alex said...

These nasty comments are not at all funny, it just goes to show how many of you all are just sick in the head.

Its too much in common in each divorce to gain custody of the kids, she says the father abused the kids, he says the mommy abused the kids. Guess what Jeff Hall got custody of them.

And even though the 1st ex wife went back to court to try to get custody of them in 2010 after hearing of Jeff Halls political views and being a member of a "hate group" the judge still granted him full custody of the two children.

The boy has mental problems and this is why Jeff Hall is dead not becuse he put his "winer in the boys but" The many of you all are just plain sick.

Outlaw393 said...

The donations going to help with the funeral costs are sent to someone else's name that lives in California, which included the bank account router number and what not. Jeff Scoop is not getting this sent to him so I am unsure how he would get his hands on it.

"Jeff Hall: Wake/Funeral


The wake for our fallen Brother (Jeff Hall) will be this Saturday, May 7th in Riverside, CA. at 3 pm. For further details contact 1st Sgt. Butch Urban: Those who are able, we ask that you attend to honor the life of Jeff Hall."


Comrades, (please forward this message to all like minded Folk)

An account has been set up in order to raise funds for the family of Jeff Hall to assist with the funeral, and other expenses.

The Family and the National Socialist Movement both thank all of you in advance for whatever donations you are able to send.

In Memorium of Jeff Hall:

Send checks or money orders to the following:

Pete Urban
113 W. G Street
# 610
San Diego, CA 92101

Checks or money orders need to be made out to Pete Urban with Krista McCary in the memo line.

The account for Jeff's wife Krista and his Children is with Bank of America.

Overseas wire info:

Bank Of America
swift number - BOFAUS3N
wire routing # - 026009593
account # - 0630234912

U.S. Info any Bank of America except California

Get an out of state deposit slip account in California:

account # - 0630234912

The account will accept transfers, wires and online banking from any Banks.

The account is under Peter Urban with Krista McCray as Beneficiary on the deposit slip either name can be used
or just the account number.

Commander Jeff Schoep"

Rod Crowley said...

I bet the many of the supporters here will just flip out if in trial it comes to find out that abuse is what caused this shooting.

Will honor still be met then, I think not.

We will have to wait and see what happens and I am sure the truth will come out.

J. Cuevas said...

As a Latino social worker who has worked with numerous troubled families such as Hall's, the saddest thing to see is the life of a 10 year old child being destroyed. His father should have locked up his firearms, and it is unimaginable how much pain this child must have felt to take the life of his own father.
Such anger and confusion sown into this child by an adult fighting a useless, misguided battle (did Hall ensure that no Latino police officers protect him at the recent March 2011 rally in Claremont? highly unlikely).
The only way to get rid of undocumented workers is to get white youths to somehow take the jobs in the meat packing factories, and the agriculture industry, where undocumented workers prevail.
White America, if you truly want to rid yourselves of undocumented workers, visit the "Take Our Jobs" campaign website. It has the answers you need.

Anonymous said...

Well done kid. Germany approves because we know what shit heads with racist views can do to a country. Once in hell say hello to Hitler that fucking idiot!

Anonymous said...

Ay! se murio el chingon!me pregunto si en el el paraiso de los nazis hay sitio para los cerdos pedrastas?! Hasta la pregunta es necia no mas! Pues claro sino estaria vacio!!
Sorry I´m goin to translate for those who does not speak the second most spoken language in the USA...
¨Poor bastard he died! Wonder whether in the nazis´ paradise there´s room for pederast hogs?!What a silly question! If there wasn´t that paradise´d be empty... Let´s rock motherfuckers go play Rambo in hell

Anonymous said...

poor wanker, he was a waste of semen now he is a waste of shit

Anonymous said...

all i gotta say is that when i was up to no good i used to get shot at and arrested....since ive changed my life and began to live positively, all that has changed...not pokin fun at the incident, its sad that this boy shot his father...but i would guarantee you if this man spent more time in his children, than spreading hate....he would be alive today.

Anonymous said...

NEVER trust Pete Urban....NEVER.