Friday, May 06, 2011

Here's Why Stormfront Moderates Their Forum So Rigorously

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Many people have complained about rigorous moderation on Stormfront. There's at least a half dozen threads in VNN Forum's Nutzpah lounge from former Stormfront members reciting their tales of woe.

The graphic posted above explains why Stormfront moderates rigorously -- and what can happen when their moderators let down their guard. Their primary subforum, Newslinks, got invaded by a troll called Aryan 101 who was just biding its time before it struck. I've never seen such a blatant troll attack on the main subforums before. But even as I construct this post, Stormfront has just deactivated Aryan 101's account and is removing the threads. They'll probably be all gone in an hour, so I screen-captured it to show just to what lengths antis will go to disrupt us.

Good thing, because some of those thread titles are disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Fuck stormfront. Those CON-servative assholes censor anything NS or racist.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Stormfront deserves what it gets. Of course lets not forget that Don Blck's wife, the ex-Mrs Duke, is employed by a Charity that promotes non Whites. By the way, has Duke and Black always swapped spouses?

Anonymous said...

I never cared to sigh up for a StormFront account it is how ever sometimes a good reference at times though when looking for something related to my search in understanding something and or reading what others think about something.

All though I never saw things like this screen shot there. They did have a lot of messed up people thinking some mixed up crap.

They seem to have a lot of members there that are mixed race, like mexican in them. I remember this one post quite clearing, some mixed race (white and mexican) was talking about wanting to do more for her race even though she was a mexican.

And people there were talking about that she should meet a nice white guy and have a baby.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need to be vigilant in moderating the forum because of garbage like that.

Problem is, Stormfront has "moderated" itself to the point of being conservative, as 7:05 notes. I guess Stormfront wants to look more "respectable" in the eyes of the enemy (good luck with that) so they censor things that are just too "controversial."
VNN is much much better.

Anonymous said...

I see them as being a place more to push along their drama. To criticize what others are doing while they sit on their butts pressing their comando key boards.

Anonymous said...

I'm not impressed by either forum. I remember Jim Ramm's ZOG's Nightmare forum. I used to love it there. Then those NSALP fantasy turds took it over and ruined it.

Anonymous said...

The NSALPers are assholes.

Anonymous said...

Mullet wants the alp'ers to MERGE with his outfit. Another eight cripples arm in arm scenario...

Anonymous said...

That was tried last year with the original NSALP. It was a disaster.

Anyway, let them merge. NSALPers are assholes, and Mullet's ANSP are dicks. Perfect match. HA!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Whats the mexican race?

Btw that forum speaks spanish and portuguese too...

So i would wonder, if their white powder dudes are in fact White, or if they are just fat teenagers trying to be bad ass mothafuckers hahahahahahh (yea...)

I had a friend who was "NS" he said... a crappy italian mixed asshole.. he once ask to fight to a 'mexican' (a brown dude to make it clear) we went outside the school... the other dude was going to beat the shit out of my friend... my friend started to DANCE!!!

I tought "God... if this dude punchs the other... he will break his small femenine fists... yea, my friend didn't knew how to punch right...)

Well enought said.. have a nice day.

PS: There is no mexican race.

Anonymous said...

LOOK UP Guillermo del Toro !!! HE IS A WHITE MEXICAN THAT LOOKS GERMAN! he looks whiter than 100% of Americns. Not everyone who say they are of Hispanic ancestry is non-White. It has nothing to do with face value (looks) and everything to do with genetics. Plus, the USA census bureau defines white as peopele of EUROPEAN,NORTH AFRICAN,MIDDLE EASTERN BLOOD!
race,, I hate talking about it. But I cant stand dumb folks! Ive seen fair african americans and blacker than night what?
The dirty little secret is that the real power in Mexico is held by whites of European descent.People of Latin, Spanish, Spanish Basque, Portuguese, Brazilian, Argentinian, Mexican, South American, Etc. can be blondes or redheads, and even blue or green eyes and look like Hitler youth poster children.Just like not all Germans are blonde or blue eyed. Hitler himself had dark hair and brown eyes.

Actor Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estevez, doesn't feel Latino, he says. In an interview with Univision’s Maria Elena Salinas, he notes that he has an attraction to Latin women and Latin food, but says that his affiliation with Latino culture ends there.
"I'm a white guy in America, you know what I'm saying," Sheen says with some laughter. "I'm not disgraced by it, and I don't run from it. But you know, I was born in New York and grew up in Malibu. That's not very Latino.
Salinas asks Sheen, why then the rest of his family feels affiliated with Hispanic culture and why he decided to changed his name(DUH,THAT MEANS CHARLIE AND HIS WHOLE FAMILY ARE OF HISPANIC HERITAGE). He responds that he changed his first name to avoid confusion with his uncle who was also named Carlos, and he changed Estevez to “Sheen” when he became an actor.


White Mexicans make up 52.8% of the population. They dont come to the USA though. Because as in any society(Indians as well) the people with the European bloodline are always the elite! go google image them! they look like GERMANS/IRISH! Just like American is a nationality. but a person can have roots from Italy,Holand,Sweden,etc. LOOK UP LATINO AMERICANS ON EVEN WIKIPEDIA(a basic,non reliable source") it states cameron diaz,CHARLIE SHEEN,cristina aguilara..they are considered "latino.

Charlie sheen is latino, he even said though that he's not in touch with his latino heritage. He has been recorded to have said that. Cameron DIaz is also latino, including a list of other celebs. I was just pointing it out to the idiot with no authentic channel as well as no class/intelligence. Also, the dumb idiot said charlie is spaniard not Mexican! MEXICAN IS A NATIONALITY! aperson can have spaniard blood runing in their veins. The high class elites of mexico have german/irish blood.