Thursday, May 05, 2011

Edgar Steele Found Guilty On All Four Charges By A Boise Jury, Cyndi Steele Rejects Verdict; Appeal Contemplated

On May 5th, 2011, a jury of 11 women and one man found Edgar Steele guilty of possession of a destructive device in relation to a crime of violence, use of interstate commerce to commission murder for hire, use of explosive material to commit a federal felony, and tampering. The verdict came rather quickly; jurors only began deliberating Wednesday afternoon following a week and a half of testimony. There were initial signs that a quick verdict would be rendered when jurors requested permission to deliberate into the evening hours on May 4th.

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But Cyndi Steele, who stood by her husband throughout the entire ordeal and who testified on his behalf during the trial, does not accept the verdict. “He’s innocent,” an emotional Cyndi Steele said after the verdict was read. “He did not do this, and we have the proof, which was denied in the courtroom.” Cyndi Steele also implied that Edgar's politics were a factor, noting that her husband believes everyone is entitled to legal representation and had agreed to represent the Aryan Nations’ founder, Richard Butler, against the lawsuit. She said her husband disagreed with some of Butler’s positions but supported his right to legal representation, and has paid a heavy price over the years for that commitment. A video of Cyndi's press conference is available via Kevin Alfred Strom's website; the video wouldn't embed here. However, getting the video from KTVB Channel 7 provided an embeddable copy:

It's true that favorable evidence was denied; the two audio experts who could show tampering with the audio tapes were initially banned from testifying, and then when Judge Winmill changed his mind about George Papcun, he imposed conditions logistically impossible for Papcun to meet. It was not a level playing field, and it is questionable whether it was ever intended to be a level playing field.

One of Steele's defense lawyers, Robert McAllister, said he expects Steele will appeal. Another one of his attorneys, Gary Amendola, also said an appeal was imminent, complaining about pretrial rulings made by Judge Winmill that Amendola claimed prevented testimony from a critical expert witness and a full and effective defense. Of course, not even God knows how much money an appeal will cost. Steele is to be sentenced on August 22nd in Coeur d’Alene. He faces at least 30 years in prison on the most serious charge alone, possession of a destructive device in relation to a crime of violence; that time must be served consecutively to the murder-for-hire sentence, which could be up to 10 additional years. Considering that Steele is 65 years old, this is a slow-motion death sentence.

It is absolutely astounding that this jury could return a verdict of guilty, particularly on the three most serious charges. Admittedly, there were some ambiguities in the Steele case, such as the 14,000 emails to the Ukraine, and the tapes, on which Steele apparently discussed planned alibis for the day his wife was to be killed, appeared damning, but to find him guilty, the jury had to have done the following:

-- Ignored the fact that Edgar Steele Steele recently paid $2,779 to save his mother-in-law's home; why would he do that if he intended to kill her?
-- Took no notice of the fact that two audio experts who could have exposed anomalies in the Steele tapes were barred from testifying (what did the prosecution have to hide?)
-- Disregarded the obvious character deficiencies of an informant, Larry Fairfgax, who was exposed as a congenital liar in court and who sought celebrity publicity from this case, talking about writing a book and appearing on Oprah. Also disregarded the fact that Fairfax installed the bomb without telling his FBI controllers.
-- Decided that Cyndi Steele's defense of Edgar was a manifestation of "Stockholm Syndrome" rather than a truthful recollection of the events.

This was the verdict of a typical brainwashed Kwan jury who still holds a child-like faith in our justice system and federal government being simon-pure and inerrant. Had they been Alaskans, and aware of the prosecutorial misconduct in the cases of Ted Stevens, Vic Kohring, Pete Kott, and Bruce Weyhrauch, they would have returned a different verdict. We Alaskans have seen the seamier side of federal justice; it is much harder to fool us.

Reaction starts on page 79 on this VNN Forum thread. James Buchanan also weighs in on David Duke's website.


Anonymous said...

Who CARES? All he ever did was make money off of patriots, with his useless books and charging for mediocre 'legal representation'. He never even owned up to BELIEVING in WN. Fuck these leeches!

Anonymous said...

I understand your anger with Steele. However, this case is still very sobering. I can't say I am surprised by how quickly the jury returned the verdict. Steele didn't have a chance. I don't think him testifying would have made any difference.

We do need more pro-White lawyers. Matt Hale could have been a good one.

Thanks to AA for providing great coverage of this important case.

Anonymous said...

OK I've met Ed Steele and he came across as a total loon.

We have so called "leaders" who are either mental ill, crooks, and liars, leading a bunch of dysfunctional idiots.

Ed is as guilty as charged, but he shouldn't be put in prison, the man truly belongs in a mental hospital, such is his madness.

Kyle said...

Jury of 11 women? Did his lawyer sell him out or what? How can a person suspected of killing his wife agree to a majority female jury?

Anonymous said...

We need pro-white lawyers, but look at this wierd looking creeps kisser, would you want this crybaby standing up, and 'representing' for you? You shouldn't expect a lot, if you do.

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