Saturday, April 23, 2011

White Victim Of Baltimore-Area McDonald's Beatdown Revealed To Be A Transgendered Woman, But It's Still A Black-On-White Crime

Update September 13th: Teonna Monae Brown sentenced to five years in prison for this crime; updated post HERE.

In the latest update on this case, police said a 14-year-old girl has been charged as a juvenile in the beating, while charges are still pending against an 18-year-old woman, now identified as Teonna Monae Brown. The woman declined to be interviewed, according to WBAL Channel 11. In addition, McDonald's has fired Vernon Hackett, the employee who taped the incident.

Update April 25th: Teonna Monae Brown has been charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of misdemeanor second-degree assault. She is being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center on $150,000 bond.

The local Baltimore media is now starting to pick up on the claim by Equality Maryland that the white victim of a beatdown by two black female thugs at a McDonald's restaurant in Rosedale, MD, just northeast of Baltimore, is a transgendered woman. Equality Maryland said the victim is a transgender woman and called on state Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler to step in and investigate the case as a hate crime. Some sources have actually identified the victim as Chrissy Lee Polis, and state she was once known as Christopher Lee Polis, but this has not been confirmed by any media outlets. Police and prosecutors said they did not know whether the victim is a transgender woman.

What's not been revealed is if the victim is pre-op or post-op transgendered. If pre-op, it could explain why the conflict originated over the use of the bathroom. Pre-op transgendered women may have all the other physical attributes of a female, including breasts grown from the ingestion of suitable hormones, but may still have a penis because they haven't had what's called "sexual reassignment surgery". So these two black girls walked into the bathroom and might have found the tranny displaying a dick, which provoked a verbal altercation. When the tranny emerged, the fight was on. This doesn't mean the conflict wasn't racial; it simply means that there was another motive.

Major Update: We now have a Baltimore Sun interview with the victim, Chrissy Lee Polis. She confirms she's transgender, and said that she's had "a sex change operation to become a woman", which I interpret to mean sexual reassignment surgery. Video embedded below:


Tentative efforts by white racialists to reach out to the gay community and educate them on the racial aspect have foundered so far. It appears The Bilerico Project has censored a number of comments that, by the follow-up responses, appear to have been posted by white racialists. In a couple of cases, racial slurs may have been used; when you post on those types of forums, it's wise to avoid the use of racial slurs.

So how does the revelation that the white victim is transgendered affect the attitude of the white racialist community towards the victim? This is a good question, since homosexuality is generally considered incompatible with white racialism, and this is one of four questions posed by Occidental Dissent editor Hunter Wallace. Fortunately, a good snapshot of white racialist reaction is provided in this separate Stormfront thread, and much of the opinion towards the victim remains at least cautiously favorable, with a few exceptions. In fact, two out of every three posters expressing an opinion think the tranny's race takes precedence over her sexuality. Here are some of the more typical comments:

Icecut2 April 23rd 8:19 A.M:
Man, what a quandary for the libtards. Talk about the classic 'caught between a rock and a hard place'. Negros are holy, only one step below the sacred Jews. For the unenlightened, libtards must obey the strict rules of PC, politically correct speech. PC dictates that they must never, ever criticize Negros and may only speak of Jews in hushed tones of reverent awe.

Only slightly below Jews and Negros in the PC pecking order are the sexual deviants such as homosexuals and the 'trans-gendered'. For the libtards, criticizing a Negro for assaulting a White person is strictly forbidden. However, not denouncing anyone who assaults a sexual deviant is equally forbidden. I suspect that the libtards will simply blame everything on McDonald's, sweep everything else down the memory hole and declare it a victory for 'tolerance'.

Kranky April 23rd 10:22 A.M:
Nothing is more right than the preservation of one's own Race, and yet I see more and more supposed White Nationalists excuse the murder of members of our race by porch monkeys under certain circumstances. A true White Nationalist believes that under no circumstance may a filthy porch monkey exact jungle law on Our People.

finironcross April 23rd 10:33 A.M:
You can keep the homosexual pervert. He's not "one of mine."

HelveFrost April 23rd 11:14 A.M:
That's true, I see it too much where a white person's death by these animals is celebrated. I see no other races that would turn their backs on someone of their own race, if assaulted by a White. I hate the whole gay, transsexual "culture," but in this case, the person's whiteness comes first. He/she likely didn't get attacked for being a transsexual, more likey because of blacks doing what they do best, which is acting like savages and hating white people.

Crowstorm April 23rd 11:25 A.M:
Does it really matter if the White is a transgendered person? Not that I care about transgendered people... they are a stain in the gene pool... but the savage behavior of Blacks is the issue here, not the confused sex of the victim.

Transgendered or not, this could be YOU the next time you leave your house. YOU could get the tar beaten out of you by a bunch of Blacks if you're not careful. And in this so-called "open society" no one should live in fear of getting beat to death just because they leave the sanctuary of their house.

Most Blacks are savages, pure and simple. And as normal people, what is our moral obligation and duty? To eliminate savages from society. A job that no one is willing to do these days. I mean, 100 years ago, all the decent people would get together and contain the savages, regardless of race.

Savage people who beat up on others shouldn't be allowed to freely roam society. In my perfect world people such as these are taken and thrown off a sea cliff into the ocean.

Iulia April 23rd 12:00 P.M:
Sorry, but if that person is indeed a transgendered, I don't feel any pity for him. Usually gays side with the minorities when a White - non-White conflict takes place. Have you ever seen a pervert feeling pity for a White straight victim? Have you ever seen a f##got condemning an anti-White attack? No, they are always on the side of the libtards' favorites. Look at Western Europe, where gays are beaten, insulted and harrased by Muslims almost on daily basis, and STILL all the gay rights groups are openly pro-immigration.

Sile April 23rd 2:54 P.M:
If you think for one moment that those two heifers beat the tranny for being a tranny, you are very mistaken. The victim was beaten because s/he was WHITE.

Even black females aren't stupid enough to attack a black tranny, mostly because of the beating *they* would take. A black tranny would know *exactly* how to handle them. (See LCR's post on page 2 as to how to defend yourself against a black female.)

They chose to attack the victim because they knew that transgendered or not - s/he was WHITE.

This is a win-win. The more publicity, the better. It'll plant a seed in the minds of the liberal lemmings on oh-so-many-levels. A win in court against the blacks sets a precedent, too. It's something to point to the next time a white person gets beaten. Oh...they were heterosexual...not a hate crime, you, then you are discriminating because of sexual preference? Use their tactics against them. A win for the victim is a win for us. Not as big a win, but it calls out some obvious racial issues in a manner that doesn't give credence to the "evil whitey" defense.

I agree with those who think the victim's race should take precedence over her sexuality. Race relations in Baltimore are known to be more hostile than in other cities of comparable size and influence. In addition, there are some reports that the attackers may have uttered racial slurs during the beatdown. Even if the gay community doesn't want to accept a tactical alliance with us on this issue, the combined effect of gay activism and white racialist activism will put strong pressure upon Maryland authorities not to sweep this under the rug.

I'm sure Sarah Kreager would be one white Baltimorean who would agree.


Vonbluvens Cadre said...

So? SO?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she/it was racially aware? If not, perhaps we should save our sympathy for those who deserve it. Most 'whites' deserve a good, educational beatdown to wake them up to the real world surrounding them, afterall, their cowardace, selfishness, and lack of involvement brought it all to reach the point it has! Time to start thinking as Aryan Revolutionaries, instead of whining, stinking victims all the time. Afterall, we aren't totally judaized YET.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is the ANP blaming us Whites for nigger violence, proof that the ANP is a Kike-Fest. NO White person should be touched by niggers, WE will tend to OUR own kind. OF course the ANP is NOT of our own kind, they are kikes, false fronts and agents provacatures. Taylor Bowles is already looking up tht tranny to ask it out on a date or to mentor he/she.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see the American Nazi Party reaching out to transexuals. They break down all the barriers.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the ANP would shock me. About all they have left to do is come out and say that race mixing is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

5:56 is absolutely correct. Take a little responsibility!! It's white people that have allowed this country to become such a dump! We didn't take a stand during forced integration and now look where we are!!

Or just blame everything on everyone else and keep playing the victim instead of actually doing something!!

Good for the ANP to take a tough and honest stance.

Anonymous said...

Good for the ANP for siding with the Jew! Nowhere did it say they have to pick a losing team. Good job. I hope white people get beaten daily while the ANP blames them for it! Honest and brutal just like HBO or CNN. United with the Jews the ANP can't lose!

Anonymous said...

Wow, probably the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever read right there...

Anonymous said...

Strange. I haven't found Nick Chappell accusing Bowles of anything wrong. I haven't seen any official proof of Bowles stealing from the NSM except Schoep rumors which he makes up a new one against Bowles every month since expelling him.

What is really remarkable is this BUFFOON who writes against the ANP keeps repeating the same ole lies over and over again until they become ridiculous. He always avoids the question: WHERE IS THE PROOF? "He said, she said, just read" doesn't swing it here numb-skull.

Anonymous said...

Look at how 9:53PM writes. All opinions and no facts. No where has the ANP ever said RACE was not important. Everyone should remember that the anti-ANP posting here is doing exactly what he accuses the others of doing-attacking pro-White movement leaders and activists except his is without proof or fact and National Enquirer mud-slinging bullshit.

I guess its not important that David Duke ripped off White people by stealing and the feds nailed him and convicted him. But that's okay by him.

I guess its okay the NSM Commander has a new wife with a half breed. But that's okay by him.

But its wrong that the ANP send a representative to high schools and other events across the country to speak directly to White people and suppose to do it like the NSM yelling on street corners, in costumes, at niggers and other gooks while the NSM is protected by the police and when the police aren't around get their asses kicked by ARA teenagers and NSM so-called security fight with chairs like pussies instead of their hands. I guess that's okay too because he won't attack THE FACTS!


Anonymous said...

Sadly enough, it IS because of white people doing little or nothing, that caused this whole mess. You may not want to admit it for some reason, but I side with the ANP on this one.

Anonymous said...

"All that is required for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing."

We Aryan Americans have done nothing!! We sat idly by and let this mess happen.... Read White Power by GLR, in the first chapter he explains this in detail.

Proud member of the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like YOU are the one attacking true WN.... The ANP has consistent activities year-round (as I'm sure you know, that's why antifa like yourself attack them).

Anonymous said...

The ANP says that the charges against them are just opinions not facts then offer unsubstanciated rumors against real white activists. They'll tell you there is no such thing as arson before they'd admit Taylor Bowles is a felon! Hahahaha! Pathetic! Liberfarb needs to tell his fellow Jews that the ANP is a lost cause.

It is disgusting that the Jew took the name and symbol of the American Nazi Party and turned it against us! Disgusting.

TruthTeller said...

To Crowstorm, RE: "Most Blacks are savages, pure and simple..."
The Native Americans, from whom Europeans stole this land with brutality, and the Africans who were wrenched from their lands to build plantations for those who were too lazy to do so with their own labor... think the same about those who laud the principles you support.

All I see here is whinging and anger against those who are ancestors of people who were brought to America against their wills. Consider it the fruits of heinous actions.

We ALL reap what we sow.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Liberfarb. JEWS OUT!

Anonymous said...

You never see antifa at any of the 10-man ANP "activities", WHY?

Who is Mr.Liberfarb?

Anonymous said...

You're a sick fuck. Take your fantasies about the ANP elsewhere.

Kyle said...

C'mon now, if the motive was male vs female, than not only is Chrissy lying, but also that it's not a racial motive.

This would not discount the fact the violence against whites is still unacceptable, but it's not fair to call it "racial".

BTW, why do you speculate why the ladies beat him? Shouldn't THEY be the first to speak out about their side of the story?

Did the media or McDonald's say why Hackett was fired?

Anonymous said...

Tom Metzger has said that physical violence is a great teacher. I have to agree with that. While a lot of liberal and brain dead Whites might not be able to understand or are put off by concepts like the inequality of man or biological differences between different races, once they get a taste of the true nature of the non-White cultures (like by being victimized) they MIGHT get a clue.

Facts and figures that illustrate the glaring differences betwen Whites and muds might seem "abstract" to the White sheeple, but real-life visceral experience can wake up more than a few up.

Everyone understands force and violence. I don't wish harm on our people, but sometimes I am so perplexed with the idiocy of the White masses that I think lots of Whites need first hand experience to wake them the hell up.

Anonymous said...

Tom Metzger is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lets all look at where Terrible Tommy finds himself, after being sued because he promoted violence. Great advice! LOL Hail the ANSP!

Anonymous said...

"Tom Metzger is full of shit."

You don't think physical violence is a great teacher? So what DO you think lemmings will understand? Theory? Tired old rhetoric? Scientific DNA comparisons?

Also, Metzger was totally rairoaded by the ZOG system. If you think he "promoted violence" and deserved to get sued, you are either a ZOG agent or just an asshole.

Don't lump Metzger in with the Dukester. TM isn't perfect but he is 100 times better than the bullshitter Duke.

Fuck the ANSP.