Wednesday, April 20, 2011

U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Adelman Tosses Solicitation Verdict Against Former Neo-Nazi Activist Bill White In Chicago; White Finally Out Of Jail

This was not exactly unexpected; the case was weak in the first place. And on April 19th, 2011, U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Adelman affirmed the weakness of the case when he ruled that a Chicago jury was wrong when it convicted White in January 2011 of using his now-defunct Overthrow website to solicit violence against the former jury foreman in the Matt Hale case. The decision means that White, who has been jailed almost continuously since October 2008, will soon be released. Update 2:00 P.M: Bill White has now been released from custody, and initially plans to move in with his parents in Maryland. He'll have to report to a probation officer within 48 hours, and is banned from posting any material on the Internet.

After a three-day trial ending on January 5th, White was convicted of threatening the former foreman of the Matt Hale jury, Mark Hoffman; Hoffman had earned special attention from White because he is a gay Jew who was involved in a full-blown homosexual relationship with a Negro male at the time. The jury had accepted the prosecution's slippery-slope argument that White's post amounted to an invitation of harm when taken in context with the campaign of intimidation and thinly veiled threats that White posted on his website. However, although White posted Hoffman's name and contact information, he made no direct threats against him. Consequently, Judge Adelman ruled that White's actions did not amount to a solicitation, and that they were protected by the Constitution.

After Judge Adelman made his ruling, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald filed court papers asking that Adelman stay his order that White be released immediately while they consider an appeal. The judge denied that motion, so Bill White should be released any time, and the first source to post it most likely will be the Bill White Trial blog.

It was initially unclear whether Bill White will go to Maryland to live with his parents or return to Roanoke after his release, although it's since been reported that he's going to Maryland. White once managed 20 rental properties in Roanoke. The local NAACP dominatrix, Brenda Hale, says she's apprehensive that he'll "go rampant with the same things he has done in the past."


Anonymous said...

One cannot say that because one posts criticism of the ANP tht makes that person an antifa, quite to the contrary, the ANP, and especially Taylor Bowles has, for several years done nothing but attack every other WN/NS person, entity and thought. This is odd, especially because you NEVER see neither Taylor NOR the ANP take a single true WN/NS position. In fact the only substance they talk is how we should NOT be so "hateful" and goes to great lengths to talk up Unions, both of these positions are at minimum leftist and truly marxist. Everyone knows that Unions are nothing but gentlemen's clubs for fags, leftists and marxists and of course jews. The NSDAP abolished UNions and replaced them with a NS state controled Labor Front, this was done for a reason. You have to ask, is the ANP a false front? or a Strasserism Party? In either case, their positions are not in line with true Hitler NS.
Interestingly, Paul Mullet of the ANSP reported on his Talkshoe Radio Show that old time Rockwell people have sought him out and claim that Rocky and Taylor are NOT old Rockwell men, saying that Rocky was a mere 15 when Rockwell was killed and Taylor was 10. Not that it matters if 80+ year olds send Mullet old photos or not,what is interesting is more and more proof of the fraud that is the ANP.

Callinguout said...

Look at what 9:52PM writes. read between the lines. "He said, she said, They were suppose, according to." Where are the facts? Nothing but gossip and lies. Nothing he says he can back up up with facts.

Notice how anti-NS his posts are! Example: Unions are leftists and therefore anyone that belongs to one is Marxist or leftist. WRONG! His thinking is because its dominated by a certain group that the pro-White movement should just throw their hands up and forget about winning it back. I guess since America is becoming non-White that White people should throw their hands up and not belong to that either. See how this asshole writes and thinks! A real fucktard.

PS, From what I read, Bowles and Rocky only attack the assholes in the pro-Whote movement. Not everyone. Get your facts straight asshole. Bill White is one of those assholes.

Anonymous said...

Members of Rockwell's original ANP, now elderly are in contact with Mullet and all say Rocky is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Don't pretend like this is the first day anybody has heard about Taylor Bowles, Albert Liberfarb or the ANP. That group has been exposed as frauds, theives, Jew lovers and traitors over and over again. Look around, ANP. It's over. You've still got your disgraced white nationalist and your Jew Liberfarb but that is about it. You can't pop up anywhere without people calling you out.

And I wouldn't mess with Bill White if I were you. He claims to have a snitch list. You know what that means? That reminds me, remember when Rocky was calling Bill White "Wiess"? He needs to take lying lessons. The man was charged with federal crimes and his name turned out to be "White." Way to go! It is ironic that you have a Jew who goes by his Jewish surname of Liberfarb. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky...I doubt even Taylor Bowles who could run a laundry mat would have made that politically fatal mistake.

The ANP reminds me of Bill White except for two things. At least Bill White wasn't affraid to attack the enemy. He and his little group were also unafraid to go out in public. The ANP is terrified to be seen in the light of day with their copycat NSM uniforms. Bill White went to prison for going after Jews like Albert Liberfaub and other enemies of the white race. Taylor Bowles went to prison for arson and trying to swindle the insurance company!

Rocky, either you've got it or you don't. You don't have it. You know it. Everybody around you knows it whether they admit it or not. You did exactly what you berated others of doing and now look at you! You are standing by the road with a jew on one side of you and Taylor Bowles, the felon, on the other. It is sad but you don't get a do-over. Ever heard the old saying "pride cometh before a fall"? It kind of precedes the statement "he who is without sin, cast the first stone." All the answers to why you failed can be found in your Bible. Pick it up sometime.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll rejoin the NSM, afterall he was once one of their top officers! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Man this Rocky and the ANP are the top topic of this entire site! They sure must be important, as to be the center of everyones attention. Do I sense a bit of JEALOUSY here?

Anonymous said...

Paul Mullet says he has a a new Committe with "old Rockwell people on it and the ANSP is th real NEW ANP, those on his new Committe are:

Karl Allen

Karl Allen in 1963 had a falling out with Rockwell and was leading his own group, which was in competition with the National-Socialist White People's Party during the last three or four years of Rockwell's life. Matt Koehl was given Allen's position as deputy commander.

Ralph Forbes

Forbes, originally from California, was removed as the ANP Ca State Director and has gone from one group to another.

Where have these guys been since 1967? How old are they now? Wht nursing home do they reside in? Why would Mullet take advic from someon ( Allen) who was a traitor to Rockwell?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I read it and the Chairman speaks the truth especially about the NSM freaks. I'm going to send the ANP a donation because THEY ARE RIGHT ON!

Anonymous said...

Rocky and the ANP are the ONLY organization that sounds sensible, unlike these other groups that act like nuts. These clowns sound like they are operating from a scipt provided by the ADL, SPLC etc to appear as bigots and haters, while Rocky presents himself as a statesman. Perhaps thats why these yahoo's find Rocky so unacceptable, his modern, intelligent message shoots over their puny heads, and they resent his ability to present himself and National Socialism not as mindless haters, or whining 'civil rights' advocates that the white working class folks find dispicable and weakly moronic? Face it kids, the ANP approach is working, and no matter how much shit you sling, or how much you cry about the 'ANP plays mean', THEY are growing with QUALITY people, not the creeps that find their way into these fantasylike clublets. NOBODY on here, except possibly ANP associates, KNOW for a FACT anything about the workings of the ANP. All these supposed 'facts' are presumptions, wishfull dreaming, or lies. I have reviewed the WN movement for many years, and even I cannot say for certain anything about the ANP except what they put forth themselves for public consumption. Wow! A WN org that actually operates outsite enemy scutiny, never begging nor wanting 'publicity' at the price of being put under the enemy microscope. Thats an idea who's time has come! Yes, indeed.