Thursday, April 07, 2011

Public Policy Polling Survey Of 400 Mississippi Republicans Shows 46 Percent Of Respondents Think Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of 400 Mississippi Republican "supervoters" shows that 46 percent of respondents believe that interracial marriage should be illegal, with the highest percentages amongst the 18-29 and Older Than 65 demographics.

The initial intent of the poll was to determine supervoter Republican preferences for Republican Presidential candidates as well as which Republican is preferred to succeed Haley Barbour as governor. However, Question #14 is where attitudes about interracial marriage are first probed, and the entire crosstabs section is devoted to the question. The age breakdown is provided on page 17 of the poll. Read the full poll results HERE.

Question for all 400 respondents: Do you think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal?
-- Illegal: 46 percent
-- Legal: 40 percent
-- Not sure: 14 percent

For the 18-29 demographic:
-- Illegal: 54 percent
-- Legal: 31 percent
-- Not sure: 15 percent

For the 30-45 demographic:
-- Legal: 48 percent
-- Illegal: 38 percent
-- Not sure: 15 percent

For the 46-65 demographic:
-- Legal: 49 percent
-- Illegal: 39 percent
-- Not sure: 12 percent

For the Older Than 65 demographic:
-- Illegal: 56 percent
-- Legal: 30 percent
-- Not sure: 14 percent

The response by the oldest demographic is understandable. Most of them grew up under the old system where people were taught to keep it within the racial family. But the fact that the youngest demographic has responded the same way indicates that forced diversity and multiculturalism may be breaking down; perhaps young Whites are getting radicalized against forced diversity and multiculturalism by exposure to misbehaving non-Whites in the public school system.

However, there is no racial breakdown in the poll itself. Since one out of every three Mississippi residents is Black, this means some of the respondents might be Black. On the other hand, Mississippi Blacks are said to be overwhelmingly Democratic, so the number of Black respondents to this poll is probably quite few, perhaps no more than 20-30. But it would show that racial consciousness isn't exclusively a "white thing". This is also the only Presidential poll I've seen where attitudes about interracial marriage have been explored; I'm wondering if the pollsters decided to single out Mississippi because it is a Southern state and they're trying to demonize the South once again.

Public Policy Polling provided some more background on their blog, in which they indicate that Sarah Palin may be perceived more favorably by race-conscious Whites that Mitt Romney (Sarah Palin tends to get more support on Stormfront than Mitt Romney):

Palin's net favorability with folks who think interracial marriage should be illegal (+55 at 74/19) is 17 points higher than it is with folks who think interracial marriage should be legal (+38 at 64/26.) Meanwhile Romney's favorability numbers see the opposite trend. He's at +23 (53/30) with voters who think interracial marriage should be legal but 19 points worse at +4 (44/40) with those who think it should be illegal. Tells you something about the kinds of folks who like each of those candidates.

The left-wing Talking Points Memo picked up the story and, as expected, some commenters are bemoaning the fact that younger Republicans are thinking like the oldsters. More intelligent discussion is taking place on Stormfront.


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