Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Edgar Steele Trial, Day Three: Informant Larry Fairfax Exposed As A Congenital Liar Who Wants To Write A Book And Appear On Oprah

On day two of the trial of Edgar Steele in Boise, Idaho, the FBI's superstar snitch Larry Fairfax exposed himself as a congenital liar who wanted to rip off the Steele family and, after being caught, allegedly sought to profit from it. An Idaho State Trooper who dishonored his badge by cooperating in the Federal ruse against Edgar Steele testified that Steele reacted more stoically than anyone else he'd seen when he notified Steele of Cyndi's "death". And Cyndi Steele herself finally took the stand, admitting her marriage wasn't always perfect but defending her man.

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Summary: Larry Fairfax resumed his testimony on the witness stand. Fairfax claimed that when he asked Edgar Steele why he didn't just divorce Cyndi, Edgar expressed concern that Cyndi might take too much in a settlement, and he didn't want to part with all his possessions and money. Fairfax also testified that Steele said he had hired a private investigator to follow his wife around and that she was having an affair with an old high school flame in Portland. Fairfax also said Steele was planning a 30-day trip to Europe.

But under cross-examination by defense lawyer Robert McAlliser, Fairfax revealed his more opportunistic side. Fairfax admitted that he is writing a book he says is fiction and may have even said he hopes to be on the Oprah show. Fairfax allegedly asked a fellow Bonner County Jail inmate, Daryl Hollingsworth, if he could design the cover for Fairfax's book. However, Fairfax said Hollingsworth, who is in jail for stabbing someone in Sandpoint, has a reputation as a liar. However, Fairfax himself admitted lying to Steele at least twice, so the pot is calling the kettle "black".

Fairfax also said he was paid $10,000 in silver coins as a down payment for the murders, explaining that he gathered the coins from a desk drawer in Steele's garage, but McAllister implied that Fairfax actually stole it. Cyndi Steele had filed a theft report regarding $45,000 in silver from their home. Fairfax was listed as the suspect, but he denied taking the coins during his testimony. Under questioning from Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan, Fairfax said the theft report was not filed until after Steele was arrested. Fairfax also claimed that Steele had a list of about 12 others he wanted killed.

Then an Idaho State Trooper, Jess Spike, took the stand. Spike has notified families of about two dozen deaths in his career, and said that he's never seen a reaction as stoic as that of Edgar Steele when he told Steele, in cooperation with the FBI ruse, that his wife Cyndi had died in a car crash after being run off the road near Portland, OR. Two minor witnesses not identified by name who testified today included an FBI agent in Portland who notified Cyndi Steele of the alleged plot, and a Coeur d'Alene FBI agent who led the search of Steele's Talache Road home the day of his arrest.

Cyndi Steele capped the day's testimony by taking the stand. While she stood by her husband, she did not present a sanitized, fairy-tale version of their marriage; she owned up to the bad patches. But she said they had successfully worked through the bad patch in 2000. Cyndi Steele testified today that she knew her husband was talking to European women online, but explained that the communication was part of his research into Russian mail order brides. She even knew Edgar told the women he wanted to have babies with them but said she didn't know he'd sent them pictures of their Talache Road home. The rest of Cyndi's testimony focused primarily upon the couple's past marriage problems; she's expected to continue testifying on Friday April 29th.

Analysis: By admitting in open court that he lied at least twice, and that he took $10,000 in silver from Edgar Steele, and that he's contemplating writing a book and appearing on the Oprah show, Larry Fairfax has established himself as an inherently dishonest opportunist who cannot be trusted and who's clearly trying to "sing for his supper", so to speak. Any intelligent, fair-minded juror should conclude that Larry Fairfax's testimony actually introduces MORE DOUBT into the Federal story about Edgar Steele, decreasing the chances of his conviction. However, all members of the jury are women, except for one, so ultimately Edgar Steele's fate may lie in the hands of Cyndi Steele. Her testimony will either convict or acquit her husband.

Cyndi Steele was much more credible, owning up to past marital problems, but solidly defending her husband's more recent behavior. Her defense of her husband will undoubtedly score some points with the female-dominated jury.

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