Friday, April 29, 2011

The Edgar Steele Trial, Day Four: Edgar Steele Sent 14,000 E-Mails To Ukrainian Dating Service, Bomb Expert Exposes Another Larry Fairfax Lie

On Day Four of the trial of Edgar Steele in Boise, Idaho, the defense was dealt a tangible blow when it was revealed that Edgar Steele sent more than 14,000 emails through a Ukrainian online dating website in the months before his arrest in June 2010. Nevertheless, in her testimony, Cyndi Steele determinedly soldiered on, saying that she knew of the correspondence, and that it was simply part of his research into the Russian mail order bride scam, differing from the same activity 10 years ago which temporarily triggered a divorce petition. But the credibility of Larry Fairfax was further damaged when a Spokane County bomb expert said the bomb planted under Cyndi Steele's SUV was capable of exploding, contrary to Fairfax's insistence that he disabled it.

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Summary: Jurors first saw emails Edgar Steele sent to a 25-year-old European woman, Tatyana Loginova, with whom prosecutors say he was seeking an intimate relationship. The messages were among more than 14,000 emails Steele sent through a Ukrainian online dating website in the months before his arrest in June 2010. But Cyndi Steele testified that she not only knew about the correspondence in advance, but described it as simply part of his research into the Russian mail order bride scam. She also stated that the activity differed from her husband's inquires into online dating more than 10 years ago, which led to a divorce petition by Cyndi Steele in 2000. The couple reconciled.

In addition, the audio tapes of phone calls played for jurors during Thursday's testimony came up for discussion again today as the prosecution presented phone records to rebut the defense claim that the audio tapes were tampered with, although the Spokesman-Review reporter doesn't offer many details about this segment. In any event, Cyndi Steele acknowledged the phone record but emphasized that she firmly believes her husband is innocent. Steele's lawyer Robert McAllister also mentioned his client's legal work with the Aryan Nations today while cross-examining Cyndi Steele, the purpose being to create more doubt in the minds of jurors as to the integrity of the prosecution and to plant the notion that Steele is really on trial for his politics. Cyndi Steele agreed with McAllister that her husband had represented unpopular causes, including Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations and said her family has had previous threats made on their lives. Cyndi believes her husband was framed by the federal government as a result. In addition, the gap between the time the silver was taken and the time it was reported is explained on this VNN Forum post; the FBI dragged their feet for months before providing a comprehensive inventory of all the property removed from the Steele household. One cannot file a report of theft if one can't tell the police what was taken.

Two minor witnesses then took the stand. Kevin Mitchell, who owns CoinNuts in Coeur d'Alene, testified briefly, told jurors how he'd cashed in a large amount of silver for Edgar Steele in April 2010, while Josh Young, who was working at the Quik Lube in Coeur d'Alene when he spotted the pipe bomb under Cyndi's car, also briefly testified. Young's testimony was a natural lead-in to that of Sgt. Mike Kittilstved of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office bomb squad.

When Sgt. Kittilstved took the stand, he inflicted even greater damage upon the credibility of FBI snitch Larry Fairfax, who basically admitted to being a congenital liar in open court on Thursday April 28th. In contrast to Fairfax's claims that he had disabled the bomb underneath Cyndi Steele's SUV after installing it, Sgt. Kittilstved testified that the device contained a significant amount of powder, enough to ignite the device. Then Agent Brennan Phillips, an explosives expert for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, took the stand and said it didn't matter that Fairfax had cut the fuse, because the black tape on the device would still burn in place of the fuse. Phillips showed jurors how two fuses ran back to the exhaust system, the device's source for ignition, providing redundancy. He also showed jurors the two lengths of fuse weren't severed, but were just damaged in spots. He said the fuses were strong and still would have done the job. He said he found discolored areas on the fuses where they had been in contact with the hot exhaust system, explaining they were nearly ignited.

When the trial resumes on Monday May 2nd, Tatyana Loginova is scheduled to take the stand, after which the prosecution will rest its case. By the way, if you think Spokesman-Review reporter Meghann Cuniff has been objective, guess what? In the interview with KHQ, she dropped the mask of objectivity, saying, "She [Cyndi Steele] was hostile up on the stand...She thinks this is all a conspiracy. She mentioned her husband told her about threats they've been getting over the years. She's always mentioned the anti-defamation league she thought were out to get them".

Analysis: After finding out that Edgar Steele sent a whopping 14,000 emails to this Ukrainian dating service, the average juror is going to question whether he was merely trying to engage in "research into the Russian mail order bride scam". On the other hand, the head of the Spokane bomb squad exposed yet another lie on the part of Larry Fairfax.

Consequently, while the jury has probably got Larry Fairfax pegged as a major league scoundrel by now, they also might be beginning to question whether or not Cyndi Steele is suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome". The emails and the audio tape of the phone calls are damaging to Edgar Steele's cause. So this means instead of an "either-or verdict", the jury could choose to return a split verdict. Remember, Steele is charged with possession of a destructive device in relation to a crime of violence, use of interstate commerce to commission murder for hire, use of explosive material to commit a federal felony, and tampering with a victim.

I don't believe Edgar Steele will be convicted of the first three charges -- there's simply no evidence that he ever possessed a bomb or explosive material. But I think there's now a chance he might be convicted of tampering, simply because there are so many women on the jury.


Anonymous said...

How could one person send out 14,000 emails?

It sounds like the emails weren't personal but more like he mass mailed all the women listed at the dating site. Until we know the content of the emails we don't really know anything.

I suspect that Edgar's investigation into the Ukrainian dating scam is the reason he was set up to shut down his investigation.

Quite possible the Ukrainian dating site is actually Russian Jewish MOSSAD operation.

Anchorage Activist said...

Considering that Israelis have been caught bringing Eastern European women to Israel to work in Israeli brothels, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ukrainian dating site might be an Israeli honeytrap. Good call.

apollonian said...

White Reference Keeps People Informed For Vital Info
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 11)

Story here for this blog is yet more excellent coverage by White Reference and AA. This is the ONLY site I've seen which is covering this extremely important story of obvious persecution of patriot hero, Ed Steele, by criminal US gov.

Further, it's also excellent additional commentary by anon, above, at 7:01 pm.

Only other thing I can think of to add regards the large context to this story--remember US gov. is so largely and plainly a criminal conspiracy fueled by the nearly INFINITE funding provided by the legalized COUNTERFEITING scam (literally) known as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for best expo/ref.

Thus oligarchal powers behind Fed, consisting of the CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see and for best expo/ref.) literally churn out floods of paper money by which they bribe and extort nearly all politicians, Fed, state, and local, judges, lawyers, bureaucrats, and practically everyone with only few exceptions.

For note there's NO LIMIT to amount of money they can legally COUNTERFEIT--except for practical eventuality they will create SO MUCH money there will be HYPER-INFLATION, and the currency will crash--which in fact is what's actually happening, US Dollar rapidly losing its "reserve currency" status throughout the world due to huge and incredible inflation and deficit spending of thoroughly corrupt US gov.

CONCLUSION: Once again, great yeoman's work on part of White Ref. for a truly suppressed story about horrific gov. corruption and persecution of patriot hero, Ed Steele. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - Appreciate your assessment of my coverage. What makes this case even more important is that some non-racialist patriots and libertarians have also spoke out in favor of Edgar Steele and against ZOG, although, like The New American, they don't call it ZOG.

Your remarks about The New American are of interest. TNA is one of those sources that appears to lead one towards the real problem, then at the last minute, leads their readers away from the real problem and down another political cul-de-sac. Their role is not to foment opposition, but to co-opt it.

apollonian said...

Birchers Do Well Regarding Fed COUNTERFEIT Fraud, Primary Practical NWO Weapon
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 11)

Thanks AA, and I take ur pt. regarding the Birchers of TNA ( I don't all the way cherish them (Birchers) too tremendously either, myself, BUT I make use of reference to them for the simple purpose of info and research upon the subject of New World Order (NWO) conspiracy, esp. then the CFR, Bilderbergers, and Tri-Lateralists. For the Birchers really seem to doing the best job for this info and research, everything considered.

AA, don't forget, Birchers do well for one thing, indubitably: they "lead" and point BRILLIANTLY to that foremost PRACTICAL WEAPON of the Jews--their Fed COUNTERFEITING scam which is the basic thing--it funds everything else, including then the mass-corporate "Jews-media" (see for expo/ref.) and Hollywood, among all their other stunts, tricks, deceptions, frauds, and measures.

Beyond the practical Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, there's only such abstract-type "intangibles" the gross HUBRIS of the corrupted gentile population w. their obsession w. guilt-complex and "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy upon which then Jews are soooooo adept for taking advantage as they do sooooo diabolically.

CONCLUSION: All then and now patriots can do is to, like u and I, try to provide and promote that necessary analysis and info. Keep up ur good work, by all means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Zog wins because WN is full of paranoid fools that lack discipline and who are truly libertarians rather than Nationalists or National Socialists and unlike revolutionaries in other Nations, Americans sell out their own children at first sight of the enemy. The Jew knows this and ruls not with an iron fist but with an iron bluff.

Anonymous said...

Why no news on Paul Mullet and the ANSP?? He has suspended his activity pending his latest "legal" run ins.

Anonymous said...


Dan Schruender runs a ANP Blog and is a Member of the ANP. His Blog is linked on THIS Site, there have been many questions raised about the ANP and Jews and some have demanded proof, well here it is, written by the ANP Ca Leader on the ANP blog itself, no way can the ANP be considered WN/or NS by these this statement.....

“On the other hand, a Jew can't help being born a Jew, and they are usually (but not always) easy to spot. Personally, I never hold a man accountable for his race, any more than I would allow them to hold me responsible for mine. A person, any person is responsible for his own actions, and no one else, and that is what I hold people accountable for…………the majority of those Jews are just average Joes - I mean average Shmoes, just trying to get along without offending anyone.”

Anonymous said...

I don't belong to the ANP but don't see that statement as that bad compared to the bullshit Schoep and Mullet say. What he means is he respects people. What's wrong with that? Unless one is a bigot and hater like you - 9:35AM and full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Well 9:35 is a full retard.... But anyways, back on topic:
9:10 makes good points and all accurate. White folks are cowards and have really fallen far from the mainliness and virtues of our ancestors.

It is also possible, though unlikely, that Steele is guilty - at least in part.

Anonymous said...

Steele was whoring around like david Duke and got caught. Once again, bad character. Hope he rots in jail for setting a bad example of White people-the slut.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 9:35: Dan Schruender has exposed himself publicly under his own name by running for elective office to promote White racialism and national socialism. And he's absolutely correct to distinguish between the virulent Jewish supremacists who take active measures against us vs. ordinary Jews who tend to leave us alone. David Duke does likewise.

The objective of any battle is to first engage those targets that are actually firing upon us.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Dan isn't stupid enough to let his kid have a gun to kill him like Hall's kid did. haha

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the ANP's fault?

Anonymous said...

Maybe its ding-dong Halls fault.

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, this blog has bcome very Kosher friendly, so we now say some Jews are OK, what next, some fags are OK?

get real, Jews hate us and by the way when was the last time you say a "working class" Kike?

Do you think that when it comes down to it, a Kike will choose a fellow working class non jew over his own tribesman?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lets all get back to some real kike-bashing! Six million more! Fuck the ANP! Heil the ANSP!