Sunday, February 27, 2011

North East White Pride Postpones Meeting At The Worcester, Massachusetts Public Library After Being Outed By One People's Project

North East White Pride (NEWP), an umbrella White civil rights organization active in New England, postponed a scheduled February 23rd, 2011 meeting at the Worcester Public Library under some pressure after the organization's meeting was outed by the antifa One People's Project. A Black pride event was scheduled at the library on the same night. NEWP has been meeting at the library at least monthly since November 2010; they typically draw between five and 25 people, some of who are are libertarians, and others who are national socialists. An act of unprovoked violence by a Black bouncer against a White patron at the Platinum Premier Club on May 25th, 2010, which has become an issue once again because the bouncer is just now being charged with assault, robbery and kidnapping, may have also influenced the decision. A video of that assault is embedded below:

The Worcester News-Telegram reported that Daryle Lamont Jenkins of OPP found out that NEWP had scheduled the meeting, and notified Head Librarian Mark J. Contois. When Contois found out that NEWP and the Black culture group, which was holding a Black Culture Movie Night, were to be in the same facility at the same time, he feared the potential of conflict, although NEWP has no record of causing trouble. After conferring with the city manager's office and the Police Department, Contois decided to ask one of the groups to reschedule. He asked NEWP to reschedule because the Black event had been scheduled first.

NEWP spokesman Russell James agreed to reschedule, but is skeptical about the possibility that the library will come up with another excuse to stop their meetings in the future, even though Contois assures them that the Worcester Public Library adheres to the American Library Association's Bill of Rights, which states that meeting rooms should be available to the public regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

Russell James said NEWP would not have been a security issue at the library. “We would never, ever have problems with blacks", he said. “It's Jews, homosexuals and radical feminists who are causing the problems.”

On Friday February 25th, the Telegram published an ambiguously-worded editorial entitled "Library rules: Schedule change was right move" in which they grudgingly conceded that NEWP has a right to meet, but that the schedule change to avoid any possibility of a clash was prudent. Russell James and another NEWP member posted comments to this editorial (after the jump):

Taliesen wrote on Saturday February 26, 2011 at 12:32 PM:
Yet another irresponsible article by the T & G, regarding the double standard that increasingly denies Whites the right to speak freely on behalf of issues that concern them. Whatever happened to journalistic standards?

As a co-organizer of NEWP's Worcester public library meetings, I can assure the author, of this piece (who didn't have the courage to attach his name to it), of two things: 1. we know we have the right to meet at the library and 2. we are going to meet there and exercise our right to free speech.

I can assure his/her readers that we are not the intolerant extremists the article attempts to mis-characterize as. Our views are well-reasoned and centrist. In fact, the over-whelming majority of those who give our views a fair hearing agree with us. It is groups like One People's Project, who are attempting to silence us that represent the dangerous, violent, extreme fringe in America. Just Google, Daragon Carson, the organizer of their attempt to silence us, to see what I mean. He is a cross-dressing, radical Marxist who has a long history of expressing anti-White views.

There is one sure way to determine whether or not our views are radical - come and listen to them. We are meeting today to determine the best time to hold our postponed Worcester library meeting. We will announce the rescheduled date on our website. You are welcome to join us.

Russell James

PRobertson wrote on Saturday February 26, 2011 at 9:17 AM:
As a NEWP supporter I can tell you I believe we are permitted to use the library, and think the decision to postpone the meeting was the correct one. We are a nonviolent group, which supports our local communities and do not have meetings simply to cause trouble, unlike those who oppose us based only on the name of our group.

As far as our "paltry membership" and "sparsely attended meetings" are concerned in the past year we have gone from one monthly meeting in the area to holding three, and have had meetings attended by more folks than showed up at the library to protest us.

Since the coward who wrote this piece, I didn't see any name attached, hasn't attended any of our meetings I find it curious how they would know so much about NEWP. Perhaps their opinion piece is written without any facts? no wonder it fits in nicely with the T&G!

I must concede that Mark Contois' caution may have been prudent, not because the Blacks or NEWP would have caused any problems, but because of the likelihood that antifa, perhaps even Jenkins himself, would have shown up to stir up trouble. Antifa are not known for protesting lawfully, as they proved at the recent NSM rally in Phoenix. They might have even attempted to invade the library and physically break up the event. As a matter of fact, even though the NEWP meeting was postponed, at least 40 local antifa showed up to protest anyway on February 23rd, as shown in the video below:

What a bunch of retards!

North East White Pride remains an active organization. Their website shows prospective involvement in a series of events during March.


Anonymous said...

The Nation of Islam recently held its big get together, where was the Antifa? No Anti-Racist Assholes, no One Primates Project, no Kike Defense Organization showed up to protest.

Kevin Strom said...

Sucks the event won't take place. I heard tons of young male teens would be there. Guess I will listen to Pruissan Blue and jack-off alone.

Orion said...

Kevin Strom said...
Sucks the event won't take place. I heard tons of young male teens would be there. Guess I will listen to Pruissan Blue and jack-off alone.

What's the point of letting jews comment here, AA? I just don't get it.

Benjamin said...

That video is a piece of propaganda. The dude specifically taped it to use it to demoralize whites. In my opinion it would be best not to even post that shit. It's just what the niggers want.

Anonymous said...

Bouncers name two adresses show up:

Easton Byfield
9 Potomska St
Worcester, MA

17 Oliver St
Worcester, MA