Friday, February 04, 2011

National Socialist Movement Planning A Rally In Trenton, New Jersey On April 16th, NSM Spokesman Jason Hiecke Denies The Group Is Racist

Ed Note: Because previous posts about the NSM, the ANP, and the ANSP have been plagued by trolls and flaming, I am disabling comments for this particular post. Most of the previous comments perpetuate negative biases and stereotypes about national socialism and inflict damage upon the Cause. This can no longer be permitted. While I don't like censorship, I don't intend to allow people to make us look like fools.

Although there's been no details yet posted on the NSM's website, the Times of Trenton reports that the National Socialist Movement is planning to hold a rally in Trenton, New Jersey on April 16th, 2011. The rally will occur at the same time that Thomas Edison State College will hold a commencement at the nearby War Memorial. Other media sources include the Star-Ledger; links from additional sources embedded throughout the post.

The original source of the information is the NSM's New Jersey leader, Jason Hiecke. Hiecke said the NSM will host a two-day conference in the area from April 15-16, to include a rally of up to 150 people on April 16th. The rally will take place in front of the Statehouse, and State Police have already issued the NSM a permit. NSM Presidential candidate Brian Holland may also show up.

Hiecke also took the opportunity to explain the NSM and debunk exaggerated and erroneous information spread about the group. Hiecke described the event as a political rally, and disputed the characterization of his group as racist. "We're all considered racists or white supremacists, but that's not what most of our members are about," he said. Hiecke also objected to the description of the group as neo-Nazi, saying the NSM is different from the German World War II NSDAP and does not deny the Holocaust. However, he expressed doubt about the number of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust and described himself as a white separatist.

Hiecke further outlined a host of other bread-and-butter issues of concern to everyday citizens, including outsourcing of jobs, overspending on foreign aid, illegal immigration, excessive legal immigration, a revolving-door criminal justice system, and the double standard on hate crime reporting in which White crimes against non-Whites are more likely to be considered hate crimes than the reverse. To make their program even more relevant to New Jersey residents, the NSM also plans to speak out against New Jersey political corruption, confiscatory New Jersey property taxes, and child molesters who are still allowed to go out in public despite wearing ankle bracelets. From experience, the NSM is obviously learning how to maximize the relevancy of their program to the general population; you can't be serving up liver and onions if the public clearly wants steak and potatoes.

The Star-Ledger also noted that the NSM's rallies have previously attracted counterprotesters from the organization Anti-Racist Action and other groups. An NSM rally and march in Phoenix on November 13th, 2010 reportedly turned into a riot after the counterprotesters tried to attack the marchers. “They always want to accuse us of being the violent ones, and all we are doing is exercising our freedom of speech and giving people an alternative to the Democrats and the Republicans,” Hiecke said. Hub City Anti-Racist Action, the New Brunswick chapter of the organization that has protested at previous NSM rallies, could not be reached for comment. Even one of the NSM's critics, Etzion Neuer, who is the director of the Anti-Defamation’s office in Teaneck, acknowledges that NSM members have not started the violence at past events.

In a separate story, the Times of Trenton also reports that the Jewish Defense Organization is now targeting the proposed NSM rally. Jeff Goldman, a member of the JDO's New Jersey chapter, said "We're calling on angry Jews all over New Jersey to call every hotel up and down New Jersey and demand the hotel cancel on them...If any hotel rents to them there will be angry demonstrations, and a boycott of whichever hotel dares to rent to them...We want to turn New Jersey into Charlotte, where they get banned, they can't rent a garbage can...We're calling it Operation Nazi Kicker." In response, Jason Hiecke notes that the JDO and affiliated Jewish organizations have themselves been called hate groups. "They want to intimidate hotels here in New Jersey that could really use the rentals of their rooms in this struggling economy," he said in an e-mail. "A hotel that would have a two-day conference could turn around and make a good pay for themselves and their workers."

Perhaps the JDO ought to take note of the fact that they're not dealing with some 60-year-old professor and a bunch of 40-something suits who want their "racism" served up in a five-star hotel with tea and crumpets. They're dealing with some tough working class folks who've proven they can give as well as take. Ask the Brown Berets in Riverside how that works.

Looks like Jeff Schoep has found himself a pretty good local leader in Jason Hiecke. He could rise to the same stature as Jeff Hall out on the West Coast. But I do question him claiming that the NSM is not racist. I understand what they are trying to do, but by claiming they're not racist, they are accepting and validating someone else's definition of racism. And that someone else is usually both anti-racist and anti-White; namely, the ADL and the SPLC. We should not give the appearance of allowing antis to define our values and our standards; instead, our objective should be to de-stigmatize the concept of racism.

Stormfront posters tend to agree; one person wrote "Any WN that denies they are racist are just giving power to our enemies' buzzwords". Another person agreed, saying "If you fall into the trap they will just broaden the meaning of the term until you are crowded right off the playing field". On VNN Forum, one person wrote " the hell are we supposed to rally our people to resist their destruction, when those who pretend to represent the White race, are afraid of being called a racist?" But in light of the fact that the NSM is consistently willing to get out in public and take risks, the issue about the "racist" label is a comparatively minor detail.