Friday, February 25, 2011

Congratulations To Occidental Dissent, Designated A "Hate Group" By The Southern Poverty Law Center For The First Time

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has just released its quarterly Spring 2011 Intelligence Report, and in accordance with its business model, which requires an endless escalation in the perceived threat in order to scare more prospective donors into their arms, now claims that the number of "hate groups" has topped 1,000 for the first time in its reporting history. The SPLC claims 1,002 hate groups are operating in 2010 – a 7.5 percent increase from the 932 groups active a year earlier and a 66 percent rise since 2000. It is the first time the number of hate groups has topped 1,000 since the SPLC began counting them in the 1980s.

But the SPLC continues to cast its net wider to magnify the illusion of a threat. They also target the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, claiming that it grew by 61 percent over the previous year, increasing their numbers to 824 groups in 2010, from 512 groups a year earlier. They also target "Nativist" groups who promote immigration restrictions, claiming their numbers increased by 3 percent, from 309 groups to 319 in 2010.

One venue earning the coveted distinction of "hate group" for the very first time is Occidental Dissent. Because of quality commentary by its various literary contributors, combined with timely and productive activism by its chief editor, Hunter Wallace, Occidental Dissent finally showed up on Mo Dees' radar screen, and thus they are now identified as one of 33 hate groups in the state of Alabama. In response, Hunter Wallace briefly notes in this post that "I thought this amusing little news item was worth sharing for anyone still browsing. After all that hard work, we have officially risen to “hate group” status, and in the 'White Nationalist' category no less". Ironically, this designation comes at a time in which Wallace has essentially declared his "retirement" from White nationalism; he has significantly curtailed his posting on Occidental Dissent.

Why is this occasion worthy of celebration? Two reasons:

(1). It's de facto recognition of Occidental Dissent's growing reach, prominence, and effectiveness. The SPLC now officially "fears" Occidental Dissent, primarily because of its potential effectiveness in reaching the White majority in Alabama and other states, which is already quasi-WN on many issues and has more in common with us than them.

(2). By lumping Occidental Dissent in the same category as the Aryan Brotherhood, the SPLC shows that there is no form of White racial activism acceptable to them. Thus the SPLC has demonstrated that it is fundamentally anti-White at its core. Interestingly enough, the SPLC defines hate groups as those who malign other groups because of common characteristics; under that definition, the SPLC could designate itself as a hate group as well since they malign all White nationalists merely for being White nationalists.

If I was Hunter Wallace, I'd celebrate this occasion by adding one of the following phrases to the Occidental Dissent blog description: "Officially hate-certified by the SPLC", or "Awarded the Golden Seal of Disapproval by the SPLC". When anti-racists call us racist, we should not only NOT deny it, but should actually co-opt and celebrate it. That way, the word will lose its oppressive power over the greater white community.

Why is Hunter Wallace "retiring" from White Nationalism? In this post, he notes that "White Nationalism is an albatross for anyone who is actively trying to advance a pro-White political perspective in the South. If you call yourself a 'White Nationalist', you will have unnecessarily larded yourself down with a label that is attached to decades of brainwashing, negative framing, and destructive stereotypes. You will spend most of your time being held accountable for the views of the 'vanguard' to ordinary people".

Wallace suggests that the label "conservative" will prevent such stereotypes from being raised in the first place. He further notes, "The typical White person in Alabama and Georgia agrees with us on the important issues – the 70 percent issues – like immigration, affirmative action, and multiculturalism. It is this package deal of 1 percent issues (and the negative framing surrounding them) that derails the WN message into irrelevancy. Fortunately, the substance of WN can be rescued from the umbrella that is the WN movement, repackaged in a different language under a different label, and sold to the public quite successfully".

So although Hunter Wallace may be retiring from White Nationalism, he's not retiring from racial activism. He simply wants to re-package it and present it in a fashion more palatable to the mainstream white population. By sacrificing the Vanguardists, perhaps Wallace seeks to induce enough criticism from Vanguardists to provide him more political cover in his new environment.

But what disturbs me about Hunter Wallace's new approach is his revised attitude towards the Jewish Question. It appears that he doesn't merely want to downgrade the severity of the Jewish Question, which is frequently overrated; instead, he wants to deny its existence altogether. In this comment, Wallace writes, "I don’t waste my time anymore on people who 'name the Jew'. I have seen them 'name the Jew' almost five million times now over ten years to absolutely no effect. People who don’t grasp the importance of racial identity and changing demographics are not going to get the Jewish Question. What’s more, people who shoot their mouth off about the problem in cyberspace aren’t doing anything about the matter anyway. What can you do about the Jewish Question in a movement that can’t even organize itself in the real world? Absolutely nothing".

Excuse me, but there STILL is a Jewish Question. Jews still disproportionately dominate the mass media and the entertainment business. The sexualization of our youth, as promoted by the Jewish-owned MTV, still shows that much of that dominance is still detrimental and destabilizing to our society. To focus on Jewish behavior rather than Jewish existence, as Dr. David Duke has done, makes sense and promotes credibility. But to deny the existence of a Jewish Question is unrealistic. To permanently eliminate symptoms, one must cure an underlying disease. The fact that Jews have disproportionately and repeatedly allied themselves with our racial and cultural adversaries cannot be viewed as "coincidence". And our enemies are not satisfied with mere "tolerance"; they want full obeisance, as SPLC President Richard Cohen points out in this article about homosexuality, in which he states that "neutrality is not enough".

Neutrality was not enough under Josef Stalin, either.

Still, Hunter Wallace deserves a full opportunity to show what he can do with his new approach. "Rahowa" doesn't work, and in reality, never did work.


Anonymous said...

So.......Wallace is gonna do a name change, call himself a con-servative, and ignore the jewish question. Well Hunter, they (SPLC,ADL etc) are still going to call you a racist/extremist/hater/neo-nazi etc.
I really dont see how watering down the message (or in the case of ignoring the jew issue, outright lying) and pussyfooting around with "conservative" nonsense is going to be a positive thing. Maybe Wallace can get a nice career going with GOP or the tea partiers.
Because that's the kind of people he's gonna attract. More useless right wing reactionaries who cant get past the flag, constitution, support the troops etc.

Good luck, but I dont see much good coming from this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This Eli James turd (his real name is Jozef ben David Kutz)is an informant, a pedophile, and a biological jew from Chicago! He has been expelled from each and every WP org he has been trying to infiltrate since the late 1970s. Stay away from him!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, this creep does look jewish!! How did he even get into the Klan to begin with??

Anonymous said...

8:45 PM

I remember this kike coming on here about six month ago with some crazy stories about that old Klansman Ray Larsen. All he talked about were "federal informants," "hit lists" and crap like that. This greasy hebe "Eli" is obviously crazy! LOL

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that all White Nationalists should be warned about this pervert. We will post all the info about him on Stormfront, VNN, and E-nationalist forums, our people need to know who the enemy is and what he looks like.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck you A.A., you dirty filthy wannabe jew.

Anonymous said...

All this shit talk about WN's becoming conservatives or hiding as republicans, should check this out, this guy kicks kike ass

Anonymous said...

The filthy jew bastard who runs this blog sucks Jeff schoep's rotten cock. Fuck you traitors! Go back to hell!

Eli James said...

Ray Larsen is a federal informant. I resigned from the CNKKKK because he hired a Jewess as a webmaster and he refused to discipline his Tennessee GD, who tried to set two of my men up in a murder for hire plot. He keeps posting crap about me because he is so guilty that he must invent lies to cover up his crimes. He event called the FBI on me. Would a real patriot call the FBI? The link below tells the whole sordid story. Ray Larsen is a federal informant. Ask him why he hired Tina Greco, a known Jewess, to run the website. Ask him why he refused to get rid of David Alexander/Shelmadine, the murder for hire expert.- Eli James, ex-IK.

The reason why half of the CNKKKK has quit in the last year is because of his treachery.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. James,

Let's try to resolve this controversy once and for all. I only have three questions for you that will help.

1) What is your real name?

2) Where does your family really come from?

3) You keep referring to yourself as "pastor." Would you tell us how you were ordained?

Thank you very much.

Clyde McBride, a Concerned White Nationalist

Anonymous said...

7:24 PM:

I met this individual back in 1996 or 97 at one of the Christian Identity conferences that I attended. Back then he called himself "Brother Joseph" or "Pastor November." However, when asked about how he obtained his ordainment, he dodged the question altogether. He was not one of the featured speakers, but wanted to speak anyway (he was not allowed to do so.) I am not sure about his family history, but he clearly looked and acted very different from everyone else in attendance. It seemed to me that he had his own agenda, which was not similar to ours. Mt wife later told me that she felt extremely uncomfortable around "pastor Joseph," and that he was giving her very strange looks when I was not around (I went to talk to a friend of mine, who was one of the Pastors who organized that event.) In any case, we never saw him again, and we do not miss him at all! I think it is a good idea for everybody just to avoid this fellow.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This turd "Eli James" November also organized "Illinois United" umbrella political group to spy on the White Nationalists, especially the NSM. His buddy Phil Anderson has recently testified against his former fuhrer Bill White in a federal trial. "Eli James" is a snitch trying to bring good Patriots like NSM Commander Jeff Schoep down. His instrument "Illinois United" was disbanded because everybody left! They apparently did not want to follow a jew! TRAITOR ELI, YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED! FUCK YOU!!

Eli James said...

dear anonymous, I have three questions for you

1: What is your real name.
2.: Where does your family really come from?
3. Who ordained you?

Pastor Eli James

ps. I have always been on good terms with Jeff Schoep. I am not Phil Anderson. I have not contacted ZOG. Ray Larsen admitted that he contacted ZOG about me. Who is the real traitor?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kutz, AKA "pastor Eli James"

It is a very well known jewish custom to rebattle uncomfortable questions with counter-questions in order to confuse your opponent. Did you learn this tactic in your jewish sunday school that you attended as a kid in Chicago? However, as your Scripture says, "The Truth Shall Set You Free!" And so it is:

1) My real name is Clyde McBride;

2) My family comes from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Poland;

3) Nobody ever ordained me, as I am not a pastor of any kind, and unlike you I DON'T CLAIM TO BE ONE!

Now, it's your turn. Would you please answer my questions now? Also, if you are able to produce a proof of your credentials as a "pastor," I will publicly apologize. ;)

P S You claim you were always on "good terms" with Jeff Schoep. At the same time, you were also on "good terms" with Taylor Bowles and Jimm Ramm, feeding them info which they used in their campaign against Jeff and his family (even though a lot of the facts they published were correct, and Jeff Schoep is a bad apple.) Any explanation here, Rabbi (oh, sorry, it is Pastor!!! my fault) Eli?

Anonymous said...

Clyde McBride?? Give me a break Taylor! Everybody knows its you, you fucking idiot. All you are trying to do is get something started between the NSM and their friends. You are worse than Rocky in the sense that you are 10% sucess and 90% failure. The only times you get close are the occassions that you fuck it all up worse than ever! Your little failed attempt at cointelpro might have been believeable but you couldn't resist patting yourself on the back for your cowardly attack's on Jeff Scheop's family.

People should pay attention to their children more otherwise they turn out like Taylor Bowles here. Want them to go through life like him? Making a complete fool of himself and everyone around him? He even resorts to criminal activity to sustain his quest for attention! Taylor Bowles sad homelife is reflected in his trail of failures in white nationalism which leads right to the doorstep of the ANP, the last stop for any disgraced or unwanted racialist. It would be very sad if Bowles wasn't so sneaky and mean spirited about it.

Bowles you have wasted your life. Let him serve as a lesson to all young people.

Anonymous said...

I see the nutcase thinks Taylor Bowles writes under alias names in here. What an asshole!

Anonymous said...

He is a nutcase, or a compulsive liar, or both. I personally know who Clyde McBride is. He is a disgruntled White activist who apparently has a problem with the NSM, ANP, White Revolution, lately also with Eli James, etc. Are you obsessed with Taylor Bowles, punk? Would you like him to mentor you?

Anonymous said...

Apparently he is so pissed that Taylor Bowles won't stoop down to his level and answer his filthy attacks that he believes Bowles is talking to him here under an alias. What's next? Through ESP. What a desperate bastard. And kudos to Bowles for bot answering these assholes.