Saturday, February 19, 2011

Central Council Of Jews Show Their True Colors, Condemn Germany's Efforts To Memorialize Ethnic Germans Expelled From Lost Homelands

The German government is taking tentative steps to show that 65 years of war guilt is enough. The governing political coalition parties -- the conservative Christian Democratic Union, its sister party the Christian Social Union, and the center-right Free Democratic Party -- have proposed an annual memorial day on August 5th to commemorate the memory of 12 million ethnic Germans expelled from Eastern Europe after World War II. The politicians have attempted to forestall Jewish criticism by arguing that the memorial day would not dissociate the expulsion of ethnic Germans from German responsibility for the war and for war crimes, but merely serve to end the stigmatization of expellees and their descendants in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel has been personally pushing this issue since 2009.

However, two Jewish groups are raising hell. Stephan Kramer, general secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, objected, telling reporters that the proposal could almost be considered a kind of retaliation against remembrance of the victims of German war crimes. And Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, called the proposal a disgraceful distortion of history and an abuse of truth and memory. Steinberg also noted that ethnic Germans who colonized Eastern Europe during World War II were the "unbridled instruments of the brutal Nazi plans for the conquest and plunder of Europe". The British media is also reacting in a hostile fashion to this idea, as evidenced in this Daily Mail article.

However, what Steinberg failed to note is that many of those ethnic Germans did NOT live on colonized lands. A large number were residents of territory which was an integral part of the German Reich before World War II, to include the eastern German states of Pomerania and Silesia, now under Polish administration. When the Soviets overran Eastern Europe, they stole one-third of Poland in the east, then compensated the new Soviet-installed Polish puppet government for the theft by amputating Pomerania and Silesia from Germany and giving it to Poland. In addition, some of those expellees were Volga Germans who had lived in the Volga region of Russia for two centuries, having originally been invited to settle there by the Imperial Russian government. The Institute for Research of Expelled Germans contains much more information about this issue and a breakdown of where the Germans lived, by country.

But the Central Council of Jews makes no distinctions between legitimate German expellees and those who were colonizers of non-Germanic territories. The Central Council of Jews believes all Germans are potentially evil and must be smothered in guilt to be kept under control. Thus the Central Council of Jews are more loyal to international Jewry than they are to their host country.

And this is why there have been one thousand years of difficulties and disputes between Jews and Gentiles in Europe. Additional discussion of this story also available on Stormfront.


Anonymous said...

In the early and mid 1990's as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union, many Nation's border's were adjusted, except Germany. this is an injustice. When East germany collapsed and german unification was all but certain, Germany was blackmailed in to signing an agreement that the Allies would agree to unification IF IT WOULD ACCEPT forever the eastern border as decided in 1945 and thus forever give up claim to East Prussia, Pomerania, and Silesia. This was the greatest extortion. Interestingly, this was pushed not by the Soviets but by England, France and America. The Soviets under Gorbachev took the position that Germans should decided themselve on unification. BUT the Western powers still wanted their boot via NATO on Germany's neck. Chancellor Kohl should have said no and just waited.

Virgil said...

The"Central Council of Jews" is such an arrogant and conceited title; one more reason to fire up the ovens!

Anonymous said...

Virgils' just upset because these jews are more willing to GET INVOLVED in THEIR peoples best interests, than the lazy, cowardly, penny-pinching "white" people. We White people OUTNUMBER the "jews" by such a large percentage, that IF we ever got committed to what we supposedly believe in, we could steam-roll all opposition. But instead we make "cute" statements about "firing up ovens", which only confirms to the White masses what the enemy claims that we really stand for, and did - which as an NS I don't for a moment accept! 88!