Monday, February 07, 2011

Censorship In South Africa: South Africa Sucks Blog Taken Down Once Again, South African Anti-Racist Rendier Gouws Believed Responsible

Update February 20th: More troubles for South Africa Sucks; updated post HERE.

Update February 9th: South Africa Sucks back online: (corrected link)

If any one tells you that Wordpress doesn't engage in political censorship, don't you believe it. The incisive and popular South Africa Sucks blog has been taken down once again, most likely sometime during the day on February 7th, 2011. There is a South Africa Sucks backup blog on which are archived some old posts; the most recent is from October 2008.

The blog's cache reveals that this was the last post before it went down:

They have an issue with some whigger clown named Rendier Gouws, who launched an anti-racist diatribe against South Africa Sucks on a recent edition of The Rendier Show. Rendier claims SAS promotes "hate speech", and he doesn't recognize "hate speech" as free speech. On the YouTube channel, Rendier, who also has a personal website, specifically urges viewers to report the blog, which means it's likely he's responsible for the demise of SAS. The diatribe begins at the 2:34 point of the video embedded below:

An examination of the SAS cache also shows that there were some risque graphics and images posted recently; none of them pornographic, but probably risque enough to give Wordpress another excuse to pull the plug.

Another South African pro-White blog, Censorbugbear, provides some details:

The rageblog South Africa Sucks has been taken down once again by its internet host. I guess the truth dished out in outrageously rude dollops is just too hard to take for some people.


The latest reason for censoring them off the internet probably is the determined rage they maintained this past week with their typical boerboel-like tenacity against internet hero, Rendier Gouws. They believed that Rendier was in denial of the genocide targetting his own Boer nation and provided several examples of why they believed this – including his apparently ignoring the horrific murder of boer child Willemien Potgieter, (right) picked up by her red hair by a ‘black youth’ who then fired a bullet through her skull and dumped her on top of her mother’s body, who was executed just before. Baby Willemien’s father was hacked to death with pangas on their farm. Some people believe executing the baby was directly related to the antiwhite hatespeech chant coined by two ANC supporters in Port Elizabeth in May 2010: “One Bullet – One White Infant’.

The SAS cache also reveals that SAS sensed there was a threat to their blog. On February 7th, they said that if they got ToS'd, they would resurrect SAS once again and leave their new website address on buddy blogs like Tia-Mysoa, Why We Are White Refugees, I Luv South Africa, African Crisis, PRAAG, ozziesaffa, etc. One of SAS's editors, Mike Smith, confirms his intent to resurrect SAS on Mike Smith's Political Commentary.


Anonymous said...

I have been on SAS for atleast 3 years. Then I left due to it losing its way. It went from a great blog who reported on the crime against whites and how we were under attack. Then it changed to calling all blacks "kaffers" and "niggers" and showing pictures of dead black people and so on. I decided to leave as soon as that started happening as I cannot be associated with that kind of thing in my line of work.

I also use to follow R3ndi3r and followed his posts until he lost the track aswell, but I have to say that I heard about all of this and decided to go and check out what was going on. What I found was that SAS posted 5 articles in a row about him calling him a "kaffer lover" a "steroid Bunny" and so on.

Above that I read a couple of threats of violence aswell as saw a death threat from the man himself Mike Smith.

What I want to know is why aren't you mentioning that in your article? Why are you standing up for SAS without even knowing what went on. How can you be taken seriously as a blogger that reports on white people and crimes against them when you don't even consider the other side of the story.

If you were on the receiving end of those attacks you would have done the same, imagine receiving a death threat by someone and then you considering your wife and children in the house.

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

A.A., screaming about censorship is a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black, no pun intended, given your censoring based on posts that made you uncomfortable, i.e. posts exposing corrupt practices by your friend Taylor Bowles. Your attempt to mask it "for the good of the "Movement" is as about as credible as a Jew saying they dont control the major media or banks.

Anonymous said...

AA has left most of the posts exposing Taylor Bowles. The death threats posted by the ANP got deleted along with some of their homosexual and pedo rantings. I doubt AA is actually friends with Bowles. Everybody gets hopeful when they hear about new tactics and strategies. People got excited about Taylor Bowles until they learned his background.

Anonymous said...


Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:11 A.M. - Appreciate your input; I was not aware that SAS had changed the tone of their blog so noticeably. I hadn't checked it for a couple of weeks because of preoccupation with other issues.

I would suggest that embedding the video created by Rendier in this post is a sufficient representation of the other side of the story.

Anonymous said...

A political Party charging for information?? Oh ya, that's right the ANP is not legally a Political Party, it cannot run nor endorse a candidate, it is a education entity. So its BS about candidates is nothing but a vehicle to fleace people for the almighty dollar. Does any other Party charge for its propaganda? NO

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:40 A.M. - There's a difference between selective censorship and total censorship. What I went after were primarily flame comments such as "Jeff Schoep's wife is a nigger-lover" and "Bowles had sex with Chappell" type nonsense. Those were disgusting Nimbuster-style remarks which have no place here.

What I did was to prune a few dead branches from the tree. In contrast, what Rendier did was to arrange to have the whole freaking tree cut down. Big difference. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have a problem paying $5 or even $10 for an NS magazine. I won't give dime to anything associated with Taylor Bowles.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:41 A.M. - Fund-raising is part and parcel of all political parties, whether or not they're granted "official" status in various states.

The ANP isn't merely a political party; it's also an advocacy group like the National Alliance. The National Alliance also charges money for its propaganda. I see no particular problem as long as they're up front about this.

And for the record, I have no official ties with either the NSM, ANP, ANSP, or the NSALP.

Anonymous said...

A.A. It seems the anti-ANPer commenter on here doesn't hide his resentment of you. Don't let your BLOG become a cesspool of mudslinging. Rocky Suhayda told his ANPers not to come in here and post stuff negative. I'm sure they are obeying his request and all the riff-Raff remarks in here against the ANP is made by anti-ANPers who do nothing but spread lies.

Anonymous said...

"How can you be taken seriously as a blogger that reports on white people and crimes against them when you don't even consider the other side of the story"

Now you're making attacks without having followed what happened. I did actually follow what happened, and this thing was started by Rendier .. Rendier initially said he wanted to have the SAS blog censored and shut down because people had made negative comments about Mandela on the blog, and that that was affecting his 'image' as a 'white south african' and would 'cause uhuru'.

Anonymous said...

"I was not aware that SAS had changed the tone of their blog so noticeably. I hadn't checked it for a couple of weeks because of preoccupation with other issues"

They hadn't really; unlike Anonymous@7:11 I've followed the blog more closely and he is talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

any ideas about how i counter an anti (white) new zealand blog?


Dunedin, NZ

Anonymous said...

Unless and until White people start joining and supporting a real political effort like the American Nazi Party, America will end up like southern Africa, which was achieved not through the efforts of the blacks so much as the pathetic response of the White population - who SURRENDERED. WWW.ANP14.COM

Anonymous said...

Mark from NZ,
You could start by starting your own pro-White New Zealand blog. Also, doesnt NZ have a National Front?

New Zealand is a wonderful country, so sorry to see it get ruined like every other White nation.

Anonymous said...

It was shut down again will they start a new one?

Anonymous said...

The problem is Mike Smith is a jew trying to play R to L L to R to speed up the white genocide.