Wednesday, February 09, 2011

American Third Position Party Shows Jared Taylor How It's Done, Hosts Its Largest Conference Yet In Southern California

The American Third Position Party gave a lesson to Jared Taylor on how to stage a conference on February 5th, 2011. It was their largest conference ever -- and NO disruptions! Read the full story on the A3P website or on Stormfront.

On Saturday, February 5th the A3P’s flagship Southern California unit held the party’s largest meeting to date, providing food, drink, and inspiration for better than 60 local nationalists ranging from "punks" to professionals. Guests were treated to an assortment of inspiring and edifying remarks from key A3P members:

-- Bill Johnson, A3P Chairman: Discussed his latest lobbying efforts (on Jan. 5, he visited Washington D.C. and lobbied several U.S. Senators) and noted that people are more receptive to the pro-White message now than in the past. Those who earlier rejected the message outright are now at least allowing our perspective a chance to be heard on terms nearing mainstream discourse.

-- Mitch Stevens, an activist from the A3P’s Southern California chapter: Noted the increase in the popularity of alternative media, and urged guests to exploit internet broadcasting and other alternative media to circumvent the controlled mainstream media.

-- Brian Alexander, another local A3P activist and an expert on third party politics: Listed the various state parties with ballot access in California and contrasted their policies with those of the A3P. Zeroed in on the Libertarians and the Constitution Party. Dismissed the Libertarians as clueless on immigration; in contrast, admitted that while the Constitution Party proposes many of the same policies as the A3P, they are too much of a reformist party and their solutions are all paper-based. This, of course, explains why nearly all Constitution Party candidates turn out to be "one-percenters" in elections.

-- An unidentified local historian rounded out the event. He noted that the failures of multiculturalism are leaving Americans with a sense of anxiety for the future. Many people do not trust the establishment but have nowhere else to turn. He stressed the importance of A3P style grassroots activism as being necessary to forming effective political opposition movements.

You can decide for yourself the A3P's level of effectiveness. Here's the video of Bill Johnson's address:

But while the West Coast may be getting the glory, the East Coast isn't exactly idle. Steve Smith, the A3P State Chair of Pennsylvania, showed up at an anti-racist forum where Whites were the only race not represented on the panel, and challenged the omission. Smith also challenged the promotion of the doctrine of "white privilege", saying “White privilege? That seems like a hateful term. Just because we’re white we’re privileged? The point I’m trying to make is that you say you teach white kids they’re privileged to be white. That’s instilling white guilt.” His interlocutor had no effective comeback.


Anonymous said...

This event was not held at a Hotel. It was held at a private Office building. That is easy to do for a single evening event. You cannot compare this to what Jered taylor was doing that required people to travel and stay at a hotel for 2 or 3 days.

Anonymous said...

it was at a warehouse. you can see in the background behind Johnson if you look closely, so these guys did not show anyone anything.

Anonymous said...

Why would this Smith guy go to a ANTI-RACIST forum? Was he trying to RECRUIT them, or simply likes wasting his time? This is a bad as that sap who went to DC, is he really that stupid or just naive to think that ANY zogling wants to hear a pro-white message? These people have a lot of old hang-ups to discard...

Anonymous said...

Because they ARE a bunch of soft-core reactionaries.

Anonymous said...

A3P are Tea Party types. Johnson went to Washington and tried act like a White Nationalist Lobbyist, but merely crashed a swearing in and interruped new members and their families and looked like a fool. Note, he does not go to any Republican or Tea Party event and use thiet micro phones to challenge them race, culture, and black on white crime.