Monday, February 21, 2011

American Renaissance 2011 "Shadow" Conference Held In Charlotte; Andrew Yeoman And Paul Fromm Speak

Although the official American Renaissance 2011 Conference was cancelled, at least 20 activists who showed up decided not to take No for an answer. They staged their own "shadow" conference while the primary speakers from the original conference retired to another location to record their speeches on video. These speeches will be made available through the auspices of the National Policy Institute via NPITV.

Although Gerald Dubose Martin posted a summary of this "shadow" conference on American Renaissance back on February 11th, more complete details weren't available until February 20th on Hoosier Nation and Voice Of Reason, and on February 21st on Occidental Dissent. The primary organizers of this rump conference were Matt Parrott and Jaenelle Antas; Antas operates Lighthouse Literature, an online bookstore of pro-white reading material. Also present in the spacious, well-appointed conference room was Andrew Yeoman, the leader of Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA), veteran Canadian White activist Paul Fromm, Richard Smith, author of The Religion of Macho: Racial Integration, the World Wide Crime Wave and the Left, and Reuben Hayat, better known online as JewAmongYou. Hayat delivered a thought-provoking speech on the distinction between hate and resentment. After the four speakers concluded their remarks, the group adjourned to a local bar and grill.

The following day, several of the activists demonstrated outside the Sheraton, which had evicted the AR Conference after pressure was applied by Charlotte pro tem mayor Patrick Cannon. They displayed placards reading, “CANNON: RACIST HYPOCRITE,” and “DO WHITES HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH? After getting harassed by the immigrant foreigner staff of the Sheraton, who threatened them and even faked a phone call to police, they took their signs and stood along a major road near the hotel.

Videos of Andrew Yeoman's speech are available below. Yeoman described BANA's outreach program to White youth and the White poor in the San Francisco area. He also recounted some physical confrontations that occurred when his group was attacked by the same kinds of violent radical leftist thugs who have threatened the AR conferences in recent years (account of May 1st, 2010 attack HERE). Videos and remaining commentary after the jump:

Number 1 of 4:

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Paul Fromm's speech is loaded on four videos and is available on the Hoosier Nation Network YouTube Channel. Fromm spoke about the relationship between higher IQs and democracy, asserting that the first is necessary for the second to work and predicting that the average Egyptian IQ of around 67 will leave that country with the same type government it has today: authoritarian and corrupt, after the smoke clears.

Richard Smith noted that black pathologies, including violent criminal behavior, drug addiction, illegitimacy, and welfare dependency, have had little-discussed but disastrous effects on white behavior around the world, causing whites to increase their participation in the same destructive behaviors.


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I gave an account of the conference on Feb. 6th:

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