Monday, January 10, 2011

Weld County School Board Member Brett Reese Gets Death Threats For Criticizing Martin Luther King On Radio Show In Greeley, Colorado

Update January 13th: Brett Reese standing firm, refuses to cave in to political correctness. Updated post HERE.

On January 10th, 2010, the Greeley Tribune reported that a Greeley School Board member who has been criticizing Dr. Martin Luther King on his twice-daily radio show said he has received several death threats since the Tribune first reported on the broadcasts on Friday January 7th. Other media stories published by the Greeley Gazette, the Denver Post, and KUSA Channel 9. This post combines and summarizes the highlights of the stories.

Brett Reese was elected to the Greeley-Evans Weld County School District 6 Board of Education back in 2009; his term expires in 2013. He tends to be a critic of fellow board members and District 6 in general. Reese also owns KELS 104.7 FM Pirate Radio, and during two five-minute segments daily, he's been reading a letter critical of Dr. King that he received three years ago. Some sample excerpts from the letter:

“Let it be known that the author has no personal grudge against King the man, but only the deliberate deceitfulness that has followed the man to this day.”

“King has even had the honor of a national holiday declared in his name. An honor afforded to no other American. Not Washington, Jefferson, not Lincoln. Washington and Lincoln no longer have holidays. They share the generic sounding President's Day.”

“According to (FBI) assistant director (William C.) Sullivan, who had direct access to the surveillance files on King, which are denied the American people and sealed by a liberal judge until the year 2027, King had embezzled or misapplied substantial amounts of money contributed to the civil rights movement. He used SCLC funds to pay for liquor, numerous prostitutes, both black and white, who were brought to his hotel rooms, often two at a time for drunken sex parties which sometimes lasted for several days.”

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent his last night on Earth having sex with two women at the motel and physically beating and abusing a third.”

“According to Sullivan … King was one of only seven people he had ever encountered who was such a degenerate.”

It's unclear exactly how the media caught wind of it, but the Anti-Defamation League's Mountain States office started raising hell. ADL Regional Director Scott L. Levin issued a statement calling upon Reese to desist from his public broadcasts because they supposedly heighten divisions within the community. Some board members also piled on; Robert Stack said it was inappropriate for Reese, as a board member, to continually broadcast such a message, although he wouldn't have objected to a one-time broadcast. School Board President Linda Trimberger said it was sad that Reese was doing this, and took pains to dissociate the board from Reese's actions. Reese may end up being censured by the school board. What's interesting is that Brett Reese is the only member of the school board not currently being targeted with a recall; the other six are being targeted because they denied an application from Union Colony Charter School to expand its existing charter.

During the school board meeting on January 10th, Reese did get censured by a 6-1 vote. Only it wasn't called a "censure"; instead, the board read a Statement of Principles and Belief which stated that the board found his actions and expressions to be inflammatory and detrimental to the district and the community.

Clayborne Carson, founding director of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute at Stanford University and the editor of King's papers, said that people shouldn't focus on what Reese is saying. Instead, they should focus on the good that King did. But Reese said in response that if unfavorable facts are out there, then we should be able to talk about them; there should not be a taboo on an honest discussion of history. Reese also believes his position on the school board shouldn't matter. “Just because I am on the school board does not mean I have to accept Martin Luther King Jr. or any figure of history as above reproach or question...Asking a school board member to take an oath of blind allegiance and then check his brain at the door, may be the root of the problems in our district today.”

Reese was also criticized for directing listeners towards a website controlled by, considered a "white supremacist" resource by the establishment elite. Though not mentioned, that website is, with provides a true historical examination of Dr. King's life. It provides a useful contrast to the faith-promoting sanitized drivel presented on other websites about Dr. King. When Reese was informed he was promoting a site operated by Stormfront, he removed those references from the broadcast and also removed any links from his station's website, because he does not support "white supremacy". Reese said that although he has issues with Dr. King as a man, he admires what Dr. King did for the civil rights movement.

Nevertheless, Brett Reese intends to continue with the twice-daily broadcasts until January 17th, which is observed as King Day. He received several death threats over the weekend, but has not filed a complaint with law enforcement authorities. Greeley Police and the Weld County Sheriff's office confirmed that no report has been filed.

Since this post was published, the Greeley Tribune just issued an opinion column in which they say that broadcasting this letter was simply wrong. They believe it degrades not only King as a man, but the great work he accomplished for civil rights in this country before being assassinated. In particular, the Tribune condemn his decision to broadcast the letter daily. They also condemn the death threats directed against Reese.

The Greeley Gazette is more sympathetic to Reese. They wonder why people are suddenly raising hell about it now when Reese has been broadcasting this letter for three years? They consider it sensationalist hype. The pro-White media has since picked up on this story, with accounts published by American Renaissance, National Vanguard, Stormfront, and the Vanguard News Network Forum.


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