Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vancouver Sun Falsely Accuses White Activist Craig Cobb Of Calling On Supporters To Launch Violent Attacks On Jews And Goverment Installations

There is no doubt in my mind that if Craig Cobb was to be taken back into Canadian custody, he would not get a fair trial. Even the media has rendered a guilty verdict in advance -- and is reporting false information about him. As previously posted, Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a Canada-wide warrant for Cobb's arrest on a charge of "willful promotion of hatred", a violation of Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, six months after he left Canada. The charge stems from his operation of the now-defunct Podblanc pro-White video hosting site, upon which users uploaded videos depicting non-Whites and gays in an unfavorable but truthful manner. Cobb holds dual Canadian-American citizenship.

The Vancouver Sun, one of Canada's leading newspapers, reports on January 26th, 2011 that Craig Cobb has called on his supporters to launch violent attacks on Jews and U.S. government installations. They base their report on information obtained from the Washington-based SITE Intelligence Group (which now has a dedicated White Supremacist Page). They cited portions of a post published on his behalf on January 8th in this Vanguard News Network Forum thread as corroborative evidence. The Vancouver Sun writes:

"History may turn," Cobb wrote, if there were "just a few more" people such as Joe Stack, who in 2010 flew his Piper Dakota plane into a federal building in Austin, Texas, killing himself and an Internal Revenue Service manager, and injuring 13; James von Brunn, who perpetrated the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting in Washington, D.C., in 2009, killing a security guard; and Joseph Paul Franklin, a serial killer motivated by a pathological hatred of African Americans and Jews.

The Vancouver Sun has selectively quoted Craig Cobb out of context and mangled his statements to make it appear he's urging white nationalists to instigate attacks. This allegation is utterly false. Here's the full post in question from VNN Forum:

I have been reading the thread and the one on SF [Stormfront] too.

I very much appreciate that they guys want to help.

You know, I can't make vids in the library; I guess I could on a street bench or something, but the hole in the ground is my home--half through the 4 months of the winter now. There are lots of people in my type of situation. As well, it clearly demonstrates how jews will hound anyone who exposes their tricky, hateful culture.

There is some illustrative value in that, though, as Alex [Linder] says--we always lose and who wants to join losers? But you know, if we keep it up and there are just a few more Joe Stacks and James Von Brunns and Joseph Paul Franklins, history may turn.

Thanks to all the guys on VNNF and SF who have offered to help. When spring comes, I can get some work and I have shovelled some snow already. There is a small chance I might take up Joe Snuffy's offer of a basement room for a while; he is close to Kalispell. But please ask the guys not to send money.

I am not a cell phone kind of guy. My current number is 4062602233, but I have zero time on it and don't plan adding any soon. I am still at Box 641, Kalispell MT 59903. Anyone can Skype me at podblancdeprogram. Maybe just ask all to seriously internally take direct personal action upon furthering Our Cause...doing something they haven't yet done before, or repeating something that has been highly effective-- in the "stead" of helping me.

Rounder sent me $50 a couple of months ago and I got some 3mil plastic sheeting and some $2.60 propane canisters with that, so I'm set! I sometimes run heat for an hour or two in late evening or morning when I get up. They last 16hrs!

Note the highlighted statement, "But you know, if we keep it up and there are just a few more Joe Stacks and James Von Brunns and Joseph Paul Franklins, history may turn". That is NOT a call for people to launch violent attacks. What Cobb is saying is that if we keep up the legal political activism that we are currently engaging in, and if "lone wolves" continue to commit individual acts against society leading to destabilization and collapse of the infrastructure, many in the White community will become racially radicalized and may take action, with OR without White nationalist direction. Obviously the media and both national government are collaborating to create an unfavorable climate towards Craig Cobb.

Oh, and what about this SITE Intelligence Group? Its Executive Director and co-founder is Rita Katz, who has studied, tracked, and analyzed international terrorists, the global jihadist network and terrorism financing for more than a decade. Among her educational activities, Ms. Katz has been commissioned to provide training sessions on counterterrorism to law enforcement agents from a variety of U.S. government agencies, as well as teaching sessions in non-governmental organizations' meetings and academic conferences. Born in Iraq, Ms. Katz speaks both Arabic and Hebrew with native fluency.

And where did she obtain her higher education? Why, she just happens to be a graduate of the Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University. Bingo! I'm debating whether or not I should actually register at that site to read the full reports; I don't think it costs anything.

It appears Craig Cobb's days in that "hole in the ground" are numbered. According to this latest post, it looks like he's finding shelter in another state, where he will try to get Podblanc back on line. Cobb has his personal blog HERE, and a YouTube channel HERE.


Anonymous said...

The ANP talks quality control??? well lets see
Taylor Bowles steals money from Nick Chappel saying it was for his campaign, but used it for past child support, a federal crime, then he helped Howard sell a building to Nick Chappell, that Howard did not own, then threatened him and forced him to leave town out of fear. Taylor also has Homosexual issues.

Dan Schruender, dan has been in the ANP several times, was fired from his job as a teacher and was called 'Wierd Dan" by his students for lusting after and hittimg on minor spic girls. Lives in a spic neighborhood trailor park, has purported high education, but is unemployable, has child with with spic woman-Race Mixer.

Kevin Brannen: ANP used this crud and purpored pervert to join AN and other groups to lie and recruit from those groups that the ANP attacked-Rocky needed more dues

ANP "Meeting Hall" is really owned by a nigger Preacher

Chairman Rocky is not mentioned nor targeted by the SPLC, ADL or other antifas- strange Former ANP members have had their information turned over to the authorities by the ANP.

ANP attacks all other White Nationalists and Groups and calls for Race tolerance positions and attacks those who are racial as "hatemogers", sounds a lot like Morris Dees and Mark Potok.

Rocky Suhuyda is unemployed, has not had a real job in years and lists the ANP as his "employment", he lives off the dues, fees and cash he charges for his photocopied newsletter. This is why a majority of Rocky's ANP Report and his other Blogs are devoted to panhandling for money, Rocky needs those dues to support his lifestyles. he certainly has NEVER provided an accounting of what is taken in and what it is spent on. I bet he pays his rent with those dues and says his house is the Party HQ.
The ANP is a fraud and a false front and is full of Homos.

Anonymous said...

You are right on about Bowles and the ANP, not ripping people off, especially young kids and Bowles doesn't have a thing for mentoring the young lads, but Cobb, as rough as he looks, has a intelect that is far below above the professionals in the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the ANP supporter project a lot? Nobody said Craig Cobb was more intellectual than the ANP, but there he went and said it himself. Odd.

Craig is far more intellectual than anyone who has opened their mouths in the ANP so far. That isn't hard to do. Just think a few inches ahead of Hannity and Colms and you've got them beat. All anyone has seen out of the ANP so far is mainstream boiler plate conservatism with a slightly left wing slant on a few minor issues. Minus the Nazi outfits and the swaztica, they don't sound any different than anyone yapping away on Fox News. Wait, I take that back. I think Fox News mentions race more than the ANP.

Don't be mistaken people. There is a big difference between flying under the radar and sitting at a dead stop in the hanger.

Oh Rocky, I almost forgot. Somebody knocked the lock off a warehouse in downtown Detroit. Now the NSM has a 1000 seat stolen meeting hall instead of your 400 seat stolen meeting hall.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Schoep and the NSM works for the Jews but they obviously have some sort of arrangement. Never once do you see them mentioned anywhere by the enemy.

Schoep was already bragging about getting Pluss for a while until Pluss changed his mind. Going from nothing to the NSM was out of the frying pan and into the fryer the way he saw it. Schoep got angry, called Pluss a Jew, even though Pluss had called himself a Jew months before. He then tried to act like he had turned Pluss's application down as well as a "bribe."

Try something. Wait a week or two and call a Jew you know. Make sure he has a very Jewish soundling last name. Tell him to call Schoep and offer him some money if he can be a member. See what happens.

You can say what you will about either group but Schoep has never let race, sexuality or reputation get in the way of the NSM. Clifford Herrington wearing a chicken bone necklace with a $100 bill in his hand would be welcomed with open arms and is.

I'd say the NSM is about like the mail order doctorate you used to be able to get in the back of tabloids. If you wanted to call yourself a doctor just for the sake of calling yourself one, all you needed was about $20. If you want to just say you are a member of the "National Socialist Movement" then the NSM will make it happen. Schoep sells crap at 88NSM Records, you buy.

Anonymous said...

Google AMBER-NSM-JEFF SCHOEP-RACEMIXING and SEE "what" come up... Same thing with NSM-CLIFF HERRINGTON-JOY OF SATAN funny as HELL! (pun intended lol)

Anonymous said...

I remember when Jeff and Plussman stood shoulder to shoulder, in fact one picture had Jeff with his arm around Pluss. What a pair...

Anonymous said...

How much of Nick Chappell's money that Taylor Bowles ripped off did taylor uses to buy his way into the ANP? The ANP like Kikes are all about money.

The fact that the ANP will meet in a "Hall", that they know is legally owned by a nigger preacher speaks volumnes. But then again, the ANP doesn't care about race, only dues.

Anonymous said...

Rocky "Hungarian Jew" Suhuyda has finally come out of the closet. In his latest 'ANP Report" he made up a fake question from a fake Supporter", he and Dan Schruender were bitching that no one was writing in with any questions so he made one up.

In Rocky's latest yiddish chapter, he finally describes what he believes is National Socialism, but what he writes is Communism, sure he says he will kick out illegals, but then he adopts the exact same race policy that was adopted as law by the Soviet Union and talks about Nazi Germany having no race policy and how National Socialists have no issues with Jews. EXCUSE ME..... But Race is a fundemental Principal of National Socialism. and confronting Jews is a fundemental mission.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ANP = Another-False Nazi Party
ANP is a False Front

Plus they meet in a building that has been revealed on this Blog to be owned by a mud and their star member has Homo allagations and coned a young boy he molested out of a lot of money, then threatened him to keep silent, this is typical behevior of a sex preditor.

Anonymous said...

AA - get these NSM & ANP morons off you're blog !