Saturday, January 01, 2011

Up To 100 Black Teens Mob-Assault Marine Veteran Federico Freire And Wife Outside Theater In Bradenton, Florida; Media Suppresses Race Of Attackers

From this Stormfront thread, I went to Western Voices World News and learned of an incident in Bradenton, Florida where a group of up to 60 teenagers mob-assaulted a U.S. Marine veteran, Federico Friere, and his wife Kaylin outside a movie theater in Bradenton, Florida.

The incident occurred on December 25th, 2010 at the Carmike Royal Palm 20 Movie Theater in Bradenton. It began when the Frieres asked a group of rowdy teenagers sitting in the row ahead of them to settle down. Federico Friere recalls saying, "Hey girls have some respect, we're trying to watch the movie". The girls immediately chimped out, and the Freiers reported them to the movie theater manager, who immediately kicked the teens out of the theater.

But they didn't leave the area, so when the Frieres emerged, the teens mobbed them. Ten teens jumped Federico, and one struck Kaylin in the face. Freire said he was kicked and punched as he and his wife tried to run from the group, and the mob swelled to anywhere from 60 to 100; reports vary. One bystander stepped forward and told the couple to follow him to his car, saying he could scare the crowd off with a gun. But before the two reached the man's vehicle, one of the teenagers said, "I'm going to knock your wife out," before punching Freire's wife to the ground. It was only after the bystander brandished his gun at the mob that they backed off.

By the time police responded, the crowd had swelled to an estimated 300. 16-year-old Ishmael Dunbar, 17-year-old Reginald Gardner and 20-year-old Destiny McNeil were arrested and charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer and trespassing. Two other unidentified brothers were also arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. Federico was uninjured; because of his Marine training, he was able to defend himself well. His wife’s face was all swollen up and she has cuts inside of her mouth, but did not require hospitalization. WWSB video below:

The three media sources reporting the story were the Fox News Channel, the Bradenton Herald, and WWSB Channel 7. None of the media outlets had the stones to mention the fact that the mob of teens was predominantly black. That fact only emerged in the comments section to the Herald story. Kaylin Friere herself revealed the information in this comment:

“It was def a riot and very sad. It was my husband and I at the movies. Our first night together without the kids in a long time.

These girls would not be quiet and after nicely asking them to be quiet, we got cussed at. I then had to ask the manager to remove them.

As my husband and I left, about 10 black girls surrounded us. All under age. They kept asking me to hit them and I said no. Then 6 black males hit my husband from behind and ran. None of them had the balls to go face to face with him, they just ran. Then Charlottes husband said he had a firearm and to follow him, as the black cloud defended on us. Literally about 60 of them.

A black boy took off his shirt and started walking towards my husband and I had seen enough. I walked up to the boy and put my hands up and said “stop it, just stop” before I knew it he punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious and I was on the ground. Apparently (of course) he hit and run due to him being a coward. My husband ran after him and the crowd then come towards me. Charlottes husband pulled out the gun to get them away from me.

About half an hour later, the boys mother showed up being just as trashy as he was, yelling and screaming. Then the cops started getting attacked. They held their own though and had dogs and tazered many people. And that is how it happened.

I am Kalyn Freire. My husband is Federico Freire in case anyone wonders….this is the truth of how it all happened. Not what the paper put up. Happy New year to everyone.”

It is absolutely inexcusable that not a single media outlet chose to report the race of the attackers, particularly the Faux News Channel, which everybody now knows is merely controlled opposition. When up to 100 blacks mob two whites, the race of the attackers is newsworthy. ConservativeNation notes, "Imagine this situation had been reversed - a large gang of white people attacking a lone black couple. This would be national headline news, if not international. But, since it’s only white people that are the victims, what the hell, bury the story. Nothing to see here. This is insanity".

And white liberals still can't figure out why there's "white flight", although I don't generally see white liberals volunteering to move to Camden, East St. Louis, or Detroit.


Anonymous said...

I blame this on the Marine veteran. If he was a White person with some character he should not have been in an integrated movie theatre to begin with. By attending a race-mixed theatre he put himself in harms way. If you can't find an all White theatre then stay home and watch Netflix and invite other people over. When you voluntarily attend a race-mixed public event you are a willing participant in race-mixing.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous. Blaming this assault on a person who attended a "mixed race" movie theater is idiotic. By your logic, a white man should never walk outside his home, never go to the grocery store or a sporting event without the fear of what another race may do to him. Obviously making an attempt to live peacefully in the presence of someone different is too much for you to handle. Therefore you close yourself into your home where you believe it to be safe. Sounds like a paranoid, fearful, weak philosophy to me.

Anonymous said...

7:19AM. Your comment is something I would expect from an asshole White person without a brain. No one is saying to stay inside your house to avoid non-Whites. That's your opinion and its stupid. There's a difference between having to work with non-Whites to survive. Going to the theatre is voluntarily and not MANDATORY in surviving you stupid ass. When you voluntarily go to an event like a theatre that isn't necessary with a race-mixed crowd you are only asking for trouble.

Which country are you living in? Duh! White people should know whats safe and what isn't.

Anonymous said...

That is just Taylor Bowles trying to sound wise and as usual, failing miserably. If a white nationalist's family was murdered by blacks, he'd call them traitors who deserved what they got since they had one black person living on their street. You can only count on him to defend his fellow queens like Richard Barret. He isn't relevant anymore.

Anonymous said...

8:24AM needs to have his head examined. Who is Taylor Bowles anyhow. Apparently, this mental case has a crush on him.

Anonymous said...

I don't kmow much about this Rocky character, but if Taylor Bowles is part of the ANP, it must be legit. 88!

Anonymous said...

Taylor Bowles is a fallen white activist and former ANP member. He spends his time attacking and hoodwinking people in the white seperatist movement.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you're ignorant but even more so for posting this on a WHITE REFERENCE page - Federico Freire is CUBAN not WHITE.

Bobby G said...

Anonynous comments are as cowardice as the ones attacking folks in gangs and running. IF you can't at least post your first name, shut up. A white person should be able to go anywhere he wants without incident, and if there is incident g=et the same respect form media as anyone else. I do blame the lame stream media for all the bias, anti white male bull going on today. Those same liberals would never go to those areas either, even though they pretend to be so caring. Those blacks are victims of the liberals in the first place, but Sharpton and Jackson tell them to keep voting for them anyway. Who is the real enemy? Liberals.