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Stormfront "List" Of Influential Italian Jews Decried By Italian Leaders; Italian Lawmaker Enrico Gasbarra Calls For Internet Censorship

Update January 19th: Post updated in green with more information.

JTA reports that some Italian leaders are upset over an alleged list of influential Italian Jews published by Stormfront. Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno expressed shame and anger, and called those who posted the list "ignorant and racist cowards." Most disturbingly, Italian lawmaker Enrico Gasbarra has called for urgent action by the European Union to implement legislation that would "put an end, once and for all, to the possibility of using the Net as a tool of violence and persecution." This, of course, is a call for censorship.

So where is this "list of influential Italian Jews"? The only list I could find on Stormfront is in this post; only four Italian Jews are listed:

-- Carlo de Benedetti, shareholder of Olivetti
-- Antony Bernheim, chairman of Generali
-- John Elcann, Vice chairman and Vice president of Fiat, (Jewish father)
-- Camilio Olivetti, founder of Olivetti

There may be another more detailed list somewhere else on Stormfront. Discussion on this Stormfront news thread provides no answers. Additional Stormfront discussion thread in Italian HERE. It's possible more names may be individually embedded throughout this entire thread. If I find it, I'll cross-post it as a public service, because I'm sure many people are curious about it.

Update January 19th: I've found what looks like an expanded list of influential Italian Jews in this Stormfront thread, located in this specific post (English translation posted below). This list is current as of November 13th, 2009:

* Vittorio Orefice, parliamentary reporter for years, Rai Uno,
* Alain Elkann, a former son of Gianni Agnelli, Telemontecarlo journalist, columnist Capital, a professor of Italian literature at Columbia University and adviser to former Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage on. Vittorio Sgarbi,
* Silvia Kramar, a reporter for Channel 5,
* Fiamma Nirenstein, a member of the Zionist right and contributor to La Stampa, The Independent, and The European Panorama and head of the Institute of Italian Culture in Israel
* Gad Eitan Lerner, who was born in Beirut, former leader of Lotta Continua, a reporter for Rai Tre and, since 1993 deputy director of La Stampa. Director for a very short period of time, the news on Rai Uno then passed to the Seven
* Clemente J. Mimun, journalist and director of Channel 5 news of the past to the present direction Rai Due Rai Uno,
* Enrico Mentana, former journalist, Rai Due and then director of news for Channel 5 and testimonials of some spots to 8 per thousand to be donated to Jewish communities,
* Robert Amen, popular host of the television news of RAI Due,
* Monica Setta, La 7 journalist and contributor to the Corriere della Sera,
* Sara Cuneo, a reporter for Channel 5,
* Claudia Della Seta, a reporter for Channel 5
* Gustavo Rosenfelf, news editor at radio,
* Umbero Ottolenghi, a journalist for RAI Due,
* Lidia Sacerdoti, Deputy Director, Rai Due (network address book that contains the Source of Life)
* Alice Luzzatto Fegiz, editorial secretary of the TG Rai Tre
* Georgio Saba, a reporter for Rai Tre
* Emanuele Milano, Deputy Director of TMC,
* Carlo Momigliano, deputy director of Publitalia, the advertising group Fininvest
* Emanuele Ascarelli and Daniel Toaff, Heading Source of Life.
* Paolo Mieli, the former director of Corriere della Sera, now president of RCS Libri.
* Corrado Augias, journalist of La Repubblica, Rai Tre conductor MEP with the PDS 1994-1999.
* Loris Gai, posted the news on Rai Uno
* Pierpaolo Luzzato Fegiz, Doxa
* Giorgio Calò, Directa
* Enrico Finzi, Demoskopea-Astra
* Renato Mannheimer, Institute for Studies on Public Opinion

Here is an Italian media story which might provide more insight. Cut and paste the text into Google Translate to change it to the language of your choice:


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