Thursday, January 06, 2011

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Issue Nationwide Hate Crime Arrest Warrant On Pro-White Activist Craig Cobb Six Months After He Leaves Canada

Nothing like closing the barn door long after the horse has left. Six months after renowned White nationalist activist Craig Cobb left Canada and moved to Kalispell, Montana, the "illustrious" Royal Canadian Mounted Police decided to issue a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest on a charge of "willful promotion of hatred", a violation of Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada. The charge stems from his operation of the now-defunct Podblanc pro-White video hosting site, upon which users uploaded videos depicting non-Whites and gays in an unfavorable but truthful manner. Because Cobb holds both Canadian and U.S. citizenship, the Canadians are discussing the possibility of extraditing him from the United States.

The most detailed media story to date has been published by The Province, but other significant media sources include the Vancouver Sun, on, and on

Discussion threads available on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum. Also chiming in is Anti Racist Canada.

After being expelled from Estonia for engaging in pro-White activism, Craig Cobb resurfaced in Vancouver around August 2009. He continued to operate the Podblanc website from there. Beginning in January 2010, the RCMP caught wind of his activities and the B.C. Hate Crime Team launched a six-month investigation. Cobb showed up at an anti-racist rally at the Braid SkyTrain station in New Westminster on March 21st and videotaped the participants. This attracted the attention of the anti-racist hooligans, who began applying pressure to his employer and neighbors. On Friday April 23rd, Cobb's employer, telemarketing firm Xentel DM, caved in under anti-racist pressure and fired him from his job.

He was arrested while using a computer terminal at the Vancouver Public Library on June 17th, 2010, at which time police also executed several search warrants in connection to the case. However, police were not able to hold Cobb in custody because a criminal charge could not be filed straightaway, and so he was released 10 hours later with a promise to appear in court at a later date.

Threatened with criminal action, harassed by anti-racist thugs, and with little prospects of gainful employment, Cobb did the only thing he could and returned to the United States shortly thereafter, surfacing in Kalispell, Montana. He resumed his activism in Kalispell, effectively and independently complementing the efforts by others in the community to promote White racial consciousness. Then, shortly after the New Year began, Cobb received this e-mail from the RCMP, which he posted on his Facebook site and which was also posted on VNN Forum:

This is to inform you that on Dec 31, 2010 a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant was issued for your arrest on the Charge of Willful Promotion of Hatred contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

I am also advising you to turn yourself in to any Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment or Canadian Police Department.

If you have any questions please contact me at this e-mail address or by calling me at 604-543-4903


Detective Constable Terry WILSON
B.C. Hate Crime Team

Cobb's response? "Get An Extradition Order, Chump Terry Wilson Of RCMP Mod Hate Squad". On his new personal blog, Cobb also writes, "You can catch me in the orange easy chair near the elevator at Flathead County Library, Kalispell, MT, 10-8 M-Th, or 11-5 Fridays and Saturdays, Terry. Just don't spirit me out of the country as you did Ernst Zundel without the permission of the the Friendly Black Jewish-Created Frankenstein, my ole blood homie Bama Boo, who personally told me when I was 30 and he was 21 that he wasn't born in Hawaii, but came there as a baby.

Cobb also has a new YouTube channel:

You got to admire that spunky optimistic defiance. Craig Cobb gives the Royal Canadian Mounted Pansies a big middle finger. But he's also optimistic that an extradition attempt will fail, because the U.S. doesn't extradite citizens for political crimes. Unlike Ernst Zundel, who was not an American citizen, and who was spirited back into Canada as a result, Cobb is a U.S. citizen, and cannot be treated so presumptiously.

Canadian taxpayers ought to be asking themselves and their elected representatives why their tax dollars are being used to pursue this absolutely pointless witch hunt. Craig Cobb poses no threat to anyone's person or property. There are still real criminals committing real crimes in Canada. And for heaven's sake, get cops who are smart enough not to take six months just to gin up a simple arrest warrant; that's totally inefficient.

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RCMP Hate Squad luminaries Terry Wilson and Timmy Shields are true 100% Kwanadians LMAO !