Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Former Neo-Nazi Activist Bill White Convicted On One Count Of Solicitation Against Former Matt Hale Juror Mark Hoffman In Chicago

Update January 18th: Bill White to remain in custody past the expiration date of his previous sentence; new sentencing date set for April 6th.

On January 5th 2011, after a three-day trial, former national socialist activist Bill White, who was once the commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), has been convicted on one count of solicitation by an anonymous jury in Chicago. White was accused of threatening the former foreman of the Matt Hale jury, Mark Hoffman; Hoffman had earned special attention from White because he is a gay Jew who was involved in a full-blown homosexual relationship with a Negro male at the time.

Initially, no sentencing date was set. White's attorney, Nishay Sanan, said his next move will be to petition a judge to have a bond hearing on either January 18th or a few days afterward, although it could be as early as January 11th. Although White could receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, Sanan expects federal prosecutors to ask for at least three years. Sanan said he will argue at sentencing that White's time served should count toward his Chicago punishment. With the exception of a few days when White was released on bond in the late summer of 2009, White has been in prison since October 2008, some of it in relation to his previous Federal conviction. Update January 18th: Although Bill White's previous sentence has now expired, he will remain in custody; sentencing date now set for April 6th.

WSLS Channel 10 has published the full press release by the U.S. Attorney's Office. The Roanoke Times also has a current story. Other sources of information not already linked in the body of this post:

-- Bill White Trial Update blog: Note that the webmaster of this blog may take it down in the future.
-- Vanguard News Network Forum thread beginning December 2009.
-- Stormfront discussion thread.

White was accused of soliciting violence against Hoffman, the foreman of the federal jury in Chicago that convicted another pro-White activist, Matthew Hale, in 2004. Judge Lynn Adelman initially had dismissed the indictment against White in July 2009, but a federal appeals court in Chicago reinstated the solicitation charge in the summer of 2010.

During the trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney William Hogan detailed how White reacted exultantly in 2005 when he heard U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow found her husband and mother murdered. After reading the entry from, Hogan pointed at White in orchestrated disgust and melodramatically proclaimed “This ghoul sitting over here is washing his hands in Lefkow family blood”.

Prosecutors also called two former ANSWP members to testify about their involvement in the ANSWP. Each allegedly received letters from White after he was arrested with instructions on how they should testify before a grand jury, asserting that the website did not encourage criminal activity. One of them, identified as former Midwest Region Leader Michael S. Burks, testified he interpreted some of White’s postings as invitations to do harm to others. “I don’t know any other definition of ‘kill,’” Burks said, referring to one of White’s postings. “When you give out his address and tell ‘em: ‘Kill this bastard,’ I don’t know what else it could mean.” Burks never had much stroke within the White nationalist community, being banned multiple times from the Vanguard News Network Forum for harassing and flaming proven activists and exposing VNN Forum webmaster Alex Linder to potential criminal liability.

The second former member giving testimony was not identified in the media, but has been identified as Phil Anderson by the Bill White Trial blog. This revelation is quite disappointing because Anderson has a reputation as being a standup proven activist who started the Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF) after the arrest of Bill White. Note that the INSF website has been scrubbed down and reduced to "placeholder" status only.

But the prosecution's "superstar" was Mark Hoffman himself. Hoffman said he was sitting in his office at Northwestern University when he got the first call. The man on the other end of the line already had his cell phone number. He then recited Hoffman’s home address and birth date. But it was the last question that struck fear in him, Hoffman said.

“Did you serve on the Matt Hale jury?”

“I don’t remember,” was the best Hoffman said he could reply.

“That’s all I need to know,” the man said, then abruptly hung up, according to Hoffman. Hoffman then claimed he was deluged with text messages afterward, although he ultimately admitted he had not been threatened with physical harm. Nevertheless, Hoffman said he changed his phone number after someone left a phone message saying: “F---ing Jew bastard, are you too busy f---ing your n----- buddy? Pick up the phone.”

Nevertheless, the prosecution contended that Bill White, even if he didn't want to personally harm Mark Hoffman, was trying to incite someone else to do it, and the jury swallowed it after less than one day's deliberations. The First Amendment implications of this case are chilling. There's also inconsistency in enforcement; the Bill White Trial blog notes some interesting contradictions:

-- The anti-racist Lady Liberty's Lamp had a bank president's home address posted on their site, and were not prosecuted for "soliciting".

-- When Bill White posted the home addresses of the Jena Six thugs on his website, no action was taken.

Update January 6th: The Anti-Defamation League issued a press release in which they virtually jizzed all over themselves with delight over the outcome. Of course, they did not issue a celebratory press release when Hal Turner was convicted. The difference: White's "victim", Mark Hoffman, is a Jew.


Anonymous said...

"National Socialist Activist..."?! LMAO!!! He was nothing more than a egotistical nut - Bill Weiss

Anonymous said...

Bill (weiss) White's obsessive rants and attacks are identical to the ANP. Intersting, it was White who caught several ANP big shots on gay message boards and exposed the rank faggots in the ANP from Rocky's "Axel" on down. Interesting that on another post, someone complained about gay bashers getting their way when it was reported that Taylor had been kicked out of the ANP. Why would someone say "gaybashers got their way regarding a ANP membership issue??? Listen to the Fem voice on all the ANP videos and audios.

Anonymous said...

Bill White deserves what he got. He was Jeff Schoep's buddy. The ANP has nothing to do with Bill White asshole.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is just the ANSWP minus the activism and double the bullshit. Show me one way they are different other than the way the brag about doing essentially nothing. Oh right! You'll never see them attack the enemy.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is the enemy. Just look in their closet, besides seeing a lot of butt sex, you will see puppet strings. The ANP never attacks the system, nor proposes anything new. They merely attack other White Nationalists while turning names of their supporters over to the "authorities". I sent in a inquiry to ANP to be a "supporter", within a couple of weeks, I got a "visit" by "authorities. I then looked the ANP up on the various "Hate Watch Lists", like on the ADL and SPLC, guess what, they are NOT mentioned, nor is "Rocky Suhuyda".

Anonymous said...

Any minute Taylor Bowles is going to post something about high school kids. Maybe Rocky will tell us about some party they had where ten lousy people showed up. The rest will be attacking white nationalists! Name one politician or anti racist that any of them ever so much as wrote about.

Anonymous said...

and we all know why Taylor went to the High School don't we....

Anonymous said...

4:41PM. Name one time you don't come into this BLOG in every comment section and smear the ANP and its people with lies?

Anonymous said...

Just another disgruntled asshole. Sexual orientation used to never be a problem in the ANP. Rocky took a firm stand on not taking a firm stand. It was your business and yours alone. Now look at it. Taylor Bowles is a good guy but the old queen still has a foot in the closet. So now everybody has to go back in it or leave the party! That isn't fair. We've been at Rocky's side from the start. A lot of us are getting damn tired of Rocky trying to hide who we are.

Anonymous said...

"Wierd Dan" Schruender said this on his latest blog post,

"We've all heard the jokes that the one good thing the Nazis did was make the trains run on time..."

Now, this may shows a possible second reason why "Wierd Dan" is no longer teaching. He has his history WRONG. This was never said about Nazis, it was said about Mussolini and the facists in Italy. "Wierd Dan' and the Homos in the ANP have no knowledge of what Nazism is, they are Ass-Clowns and given the homos in their ranks, emphasis on Ass in Ass-Clown.

"Wierd Dan" needs to rename his Blog: "Sense & Stupidity"

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the head of the Nazi Movement has a nigger kid? Im basically new and when I heard this I thought it must be a fucking joke?

Anonymous said...

Thats NOT the ANP, you must mean Jeff Scheop of the NSM, also their NSM Chairman Herrington is involved in the JOY of SATAN cult. Some Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep uses the term ass-clown alot. Hmm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. Sad to say, I made my website private today in advance of taking it down completely. Why? Because this country is police state, that's why! -americafarm

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ANSWP members - I don't want to mention any names, but before the trial one was said to be "co-operating" and one was said to be a "hostile" witness.

My new website for further trial updates:
Bill White Trial Update, 2011


Anonymous said...

Taylor Bowles is fraud
Taylor talks character and family, yet he failed at keeping his wife and there has been credible reports of homosexuality conduct, his desire to mentor young men, is disturbing.
Taylor presents himself as a 'elder statesman" of the movement, yet he has been a wash out in no less than 4 to 5 Organizations, leaving each on bad terms, and failing in organizing his own, so much for his leadership.

Taylor never takes on the enemies of the Movement, nor is he lkisted on any SPLC or ADL list, why?

Taylor attacks others so no one focuses on him and his "closet".

Taylor left Baltimore under less than positive circumstances.

All of the attacks Taylor uses on others applies to him, and more.

Anonymous said...

If that guy Taylor is such as bad person how come no one else besides your sick mind has witnessed his bad behavior? Or have pressed charges? Maybe because its all your lies and your dysfunctional personality 7:27PM.

Seems the ANP has no problems with him. That is what is driving you crazy.