Thursday, January 13, 2011

Embattled Weld County School Board Member Brett Reese Stands Firm, Publishes Defense On The Greeley Gazette

Despite the fact that Weld County School Board Member Brett Reese has come under fire from the usual suspects for reading a letter critical of Dr. Martin Luther King on his twice-daily radio show, he's standing firm and not backing down. Reese not only was unofficially "censured" by a 6-1 vote of the board during their meeting on January 10th, but he's received death threats which he has yet to report to law enforcement. In response, Reese announced that he would begin bringing a gun to school board meetings for personal protection, which is legal since the meetings are held in an administrative building rather than on a campus. District policy only prohibits Reese from carrying his .45-caliber Kimber on school sites. KDVR Channel 31 news video from January 12th embedded below:


On January 12th, the Greeley Gazette published a response from Brett Reese. He states that the real issues aren't first amendment rights or race; he notes that he has more close friends who are non-White than White. Furthermore, when the political storm first broke, he deleted the references to the website which was criticized because of its links to Stormfront. Instead, the real issue is political correctness, cowardice and life choices. He is determined to take a stand against political correctness, and all the arguments of the left will have no effect upon him.

And there's good reason for him to take this no-compromise stand. Clayborne Carson, founding director of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute at Stanford University and the editor of King's papers, openly promotes censorship of Dr. King's history. Carson said that people shouldn't focus on Dr. King's weaknesses and imperfections, but only upon his virtues. In other words, we should canonize him as a secular saint. This is the type of nonsense that Brett Reese takes issue with; a one-dimensional approach presents a distorted perspective of Dr. King. Reese maintains that if there are unfavorable facts out there, then we should be able to talk about them; there should not be a taboo on an honest discussion of history.

Reese effectively sums up his motives in this paragraph from the Gazette:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is upcoming, so it’s relevant. But our lives are short. And we all are searching for meaning. There is a tired routine most of us follow in our lives. Get educated, pile up debt in college or by buying a house and/or car, and spend our lives paying it all off. Then die. There is a country tune with the words, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” I refuse to live a life of mediocrity. I don’t read any of those motivational books. Well I do read one, but it’s called Ecclesiastes and it’s in the Bible. But I believe a life of routine, of following the easiest, well-trodden path is not only selfish to your fellow man, but also pretty cowardly. Business owners? Stand. Whether you lose a few customers (like Pirate Radio has!) or not! People? Stand! Stand up for the little guy, for the abused child next door that would be much easier to believe it’s not your business and somebody else will surely do the right thing. They won’t. We are all cowards by nature. Self-preservation. That’s not the identity we were created for. We all live our lives best with excitement, with challenge, with knowing we “didn’t have to but we did”.

Brett Reese is getting considerable local support as well. Mike Bauman published a supportive piece entitled "An Open Letter to the Free Thinking Teachers and Parents of School District 6" in the Gazette on January 12th. Bauman noted that Dr. King is the only American with a national holiday named after him. Because of this, we have chosen to set the man before the movement. The only other individual with a national holiday named after him is Christopher Columbus. Yet there is a gross disparity on how these two are officially treated. While Dr. King is considered sacrosanct and holy, beyond criticism, there are widespread protests against the celebration of Columbus Day. And these protests are generally aided and abetted by self-hating progressive whites. The Greeley Report is also supportive of Reese.

But while the Greeley Gazette is allowing Reese and his supporters a full opportunity to express themselves, the Greeley Tribune is suppressing dialog on Reese. They've disabled comments to all the news stories they've published on this issue. Tribune editor Randy Bangert claims the discourse probably would have gotten out of hand, and that they didn't have the time to moderate as closely as might have been warranted. But the Tribune already stacked their deck against Reese by publishing a critical editorial on January 10th. The Colorado Independent also published a nasty little hit piece on Reese ("independent" is often a code word for "progressive").

Additional support for Brett Reese continues to be expressed on American Renaissance, Stormfront (HERE and HERE), and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

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