Tuesday, January 11, 2011

American Third Position Party Chairman Bill Johnson Visits Washington To Lobby Senators On White Racial Issues, Gets A Cold Shoulder

On January 5th, 2011, American Third Position Party Chairman Bill Johnson visited Washington D.C. to lobby several U.S. Senators on issues of concern to the greater White community. The occasion was the Senate Oath of Office Receptions, held at the Capitol. Because public attendance was comparatively sparse, the Senators present were unusually accessible. Unfortunately, the Senators for the most part gave Johnson the cold shoulder. You can read the full details of Johnson's visit on the American Third Position Party website.

Senators lobbied included Richard Lugar (R-IN), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Al Franken (D-MN), Dan Coats (R-IN), John Thune (R-SD), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Mike Lee (R-UT). In response to a question posed by Johnson about the future of the White community and the prospect of the White race dying out, all the Senators brushed him off except for John Thune, who said "I hear you, man; thanks" before walking off, although Thune may simply have been acting diplomatically. Mike Lee's reaction was most disappointing; both he and his wife turned red-faced and looked at Johnson like he was a freak, but then recovered enough to say “Nice to meet you. Good day.” Mike Lee represents the new generation of Mormons who grew up after the 1978 revelation extending Priesthood membership to worthy black males, so he's been thoroughly steeped in multicultural propaganda, much more so than fellow Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch.

Johnson reports that his discussion with Al Franken was more substantive. He asked Franken, “I wonder Senator, will Congress ever take action that is pro-white in scope? Will it ever form any associations or organizations that will look out for white interests?” Franken said No, because he believes that since both the House and the Senate are majority White, there's no need for a White caucus. Franken also does not believe Whites will ever become a minority, despite demographic trends showing race replacement in full tilt.

Of course, Orange County Weekly blogger Gustavo Arellano learned of Bill Johnson's visit and decided to poke fun at it on his blog. He denigrated the A3P as being "convict-laden" (based on only one questionable personality), and described Johnson variably throughout his screed as being a "loon" and having a "twisted mind". Of course, name-calling is the forte of progressives since they generally are incapable of civil and intelligent discourse. Arellano is also the author of the ridiculous and stereotypical "Ask A Mexican" column that appears in a host of weekly hippie newspapers nationwide.

In the comments section to the A3P story, at least four people suggest that when Bill Johnson discusses racial issues with elected officials, he use the term "European-American" instead of "White". One person noted that the very second you mention White People in political terms, a lot of these politicians immediately short-circuit. This is a good point, and the term "European-American" is a more direct counterpart to "African-American" and "Asian-American" than the term White. The premise is that if we use Newspeak with elected officials, they might be more inclined to listen to us. Nonetheless, Bill Johnson is to be commended for his initiative and courage.


Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if we say "White" or "European American"?

Either way, the ZOG politicians don't give a shit about us. You really think if Johnson had approached those scumbag senators using the term "Euro-American" insted of White, it would have made a damn difference?

It doesn't matter how much "Newspeak" we use, once the politicians and media figure out you're pro-White, that's it, your condemned and you get that "cold shoulder" (at best) that Johnson did.

I like the A3P, and I do admire that Johnson made the effort, but is anyone surprised that he got nowhere with a bunch of jew-tool senators?

Anonymous said...

How either naive OR stupid is this guy to think that Zog political whores care two hoots about White people? He'd get a better reception from the naacp. Thats why these "nice" political activists will get no where, they are still infected with belief in the system.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 1:11 A.M.: I suspect you're right, but it gives A3P the moral high ground in pursuit of their "mainstreaming" strategy.

I don't know if you've been following the debate between "mainstreaming" vs. "vanguarding" on Occidental Dissent, but mainstreaming seems like a useful parallel strategy to follow in promoting our message. The IRA used similar multiple strategies on the other side of the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

I have not been following the debate between Mainstreaming v. Vanguarding on Occidental Dissent, but yes, I do agree that it is a useful strategy, worth trying.

However, I can't help shaking off my cold cynicism that tells me that it won't make much progress. Believe me, I want very badly to see something positive happen, but I think my problem is my lack of faith in significant numbers of Whites caring enough to get involved.

I wish the A3P all the best, but I don't have high hopes at the moment.