Friday, December 24, 2010

More Shoah Business: Yad Vashem Now Claims To Have Identified Four Million Jewish Victims Of The Holocaust, Still Hopes To Reach Six Million

Yad Vashem reports that they have now officially identified the names of 4 million Jews who died during the Holocaust. But many of the sources are still not budging from that sacred "six million" figure.

For example, the official Yad Vashem website states "Yad Vashem has identified two-thirds of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust". NPR states "The names...represent two-thirds of the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust". The Washington Post headline reads "Two-thirds of Jews killed in Holocaust identified". Nearly every media outlet seems to hold out hope that it will reach six million.

Shouldn't at least somebody be relieved at the possibility that it might be less than six million? If, for example, an initial estimate of an earthquake death toll was 5,000, and it turned out only 3,000 were lost, rational people would be relieved that the death toll was less. Why is the Holocaust so much different?

Here's your answer

Shekels. Lots of shekels. In his book entitled "The Holocaust Industry", Norman Finkelstein, himself the son of two Holocaust survivors, deplores the Holocaust industry’s corruption of history and memory in the service of an extortion racket. Although leftist critics claim that he has made common cause with the Right, they seem not to have noticed the company they’re keeping, which he describes as "a repellent gang of plutocrats, hoodlums and hucksters as well as egregious apologists for American and Israeli power".

Yad Vashem states that during the past decade (2001-2010), they succeeded in adding about 1.5 million victims' names to the Names Database, increasing by some 60% the information they had. In 2004, Yad Vashem launched the Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names onto its website, with 3 million names. At the same time, a new 11th hour project to recover unknown names was initiated. Names are recovered via Pages of Testimony, special forms filled out in memory of the victims by people who remember them, and by combing archival lists and documentation for names. Of the 4 million names currently known, some 2.2 million (about 55%) come from Pages of Testimony and the remainder from various archival sources and postwar commemoration projects.

Of course, they could get the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help find the missing names; the LDS Church has experience in that sort of thing. But wait a minute! I almost forgot; the Holocaust lobby cut off that option. You see, when the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors found out in 1995 that the LDS Church was performing vicarious baptism ceremonies for dead Holocaust Jews, they blew a gasket. They launched a 15-year persecution campaign against the Church. Finally, the LDS Church agreed to allow members to perform vicarious baptisms only for Holocaust Jews in their immediate family lines. Then in April 2010, Abe Foxman of the ADL visited Utah and snuggled up with six members of the LDS Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Sound familiar? One Jewish group creates a problem, then at the "right time", another Jewish group just happens to appear to become the "honest broker" to resolve the problem. Control both ends of the debate.

Nevertheless, four million is a realistic number. To claim much less would subject us to charges of "Holocaust denial". We don't deny that a Holocaust occurred; instead, we maintain that it was the most exaggerated event of the twentieth century. There is a fine line between Holocaust revisionism and Holocaust denial; we marginalize ourselves with the greater public if we cross it.

Besides, when Black girls are beating up on White girls aboard city buses, a 65-year-old Holocaust quickly becomes a secondary concern.


Anonymous said...

This is like Dan Schruender, Rocky ASuhuyda, and taylor Bowles always panhandling people to send in pledges, pay for poorly photo copied crap propaganda ($5 info packs, and charging for the ANP Newsletter, jews make everything a business, they are even in the Nazi business.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is like the NSM using people and then Jeff Schoep betraying them and treating them like shit for no reason at all. It's also like the NSM and White Revolution and David Duke and Don Black and Tom Metzger collecting membership dues for decades and not having a building to have rallies in like the American Nazi Party does and they have to have their rallies on the streets screaming at protesters like a bunch of niggers in the inner city. Oppss. I shouldn't have wrote that because it might hurt their feelings and its true.

Dr. Gunthrie said...

12:41Pm makes some sense. The ANP does have something to show for its membership dues: They have several events in a building in SC, they publish a monthly magazine for their members, they run candidates under the radar of the System while the other pro-White groups have nothing but shit to show from membership dues. Seems 7:48AM is talking out of his ass and doesn't know a thing.

PS. I'm not an ANP member; but thinking about joining it since they have more to show than the other asshole groups.

Anonymous said...

"running under the radar", means you say you are running or ran candidates, but they are never idetified, but of course collections are taken up for these stealth candidates that are really bogus.

The indoor shin dig is always in SC cuz it is in the back room of a Klan gight shop and no more than 12 people ever show up and those are mostly local Klan. According to the ANP's own web site, after 20 years of existance they still do not yet have 50 quality members, so NO they do not have anything to show, this plus the fact that the ANP Fuhrer Rocky uses the dues to pay his personal expenses as a "salary" for being the "Chairman" shows just how kikish this whole fraud is. Lets not even get into the reports of homosexuality that have been reported on this blog and others as well as criminals in their little mix and perverts.

Anonymous said...

Look at the NSM thats been in existence for 40 years. They can't hardly get 50 qualified members to their rallies either and have to depend on other groups to shimmy up their lack of numbers. Not too many people want to associated with Schoep since they found out he married a race mixing whore with a niggerette child. I'd take the ANP anyday over that race mixer.

The NSM doesn't have shit to show from its membership dues. The ANP does. There is no dispute there.

Anonymous said...

The NSM will at least get out and take the fight to the front lines and has events all over the Country.

The ANP will only have events in the back room of a gift shop in Laurens, SC, (a closet), which is where Taylor Bowles is most comfortable with Wierd Dan Schruender on his knees. Notice that old Bowles took down yet another Blog, bet he has it up under a dubious title. Bet the authorities in Baltimore found out he was dressing as Santa and interacting with children. Old Taylor just can't help himself, he just wants to Ramm.

Anonymous said...

The NSM has idoitic tactics that don't work. They need to join the 21st century and stop doing old shit like herington taught Schoep. Perhaps they need to run canidates for the parole board since that's where most of there members will eventually end up.