Sunday, December 05, 2010

Defending The West: American Renaissance Announces Their 2011 Conference To Be Held February 4-6 In Charlotte, North Carolina

Note: All previous posts on the 2011 American Renaissance Conference available HERE, with the most recent post displaying first.

On November 16th, 2010, American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor announced that there will be an AR Conference in 2011. Normally, the AR Conference is held every two years, but the 2010 Conference was undermined by anti-racist activism, although a rump version was finally held. So they're going back to the well again in 2011 just to show that they cannot be intimidated. The theme for the 2011 Conference is "Defending The West"; Taylor provides background information HERE.

The 2011 Conference will be held in Charlotte, NC from February 4-6. A total amount of $307 will reserve a place at the conference, as well as two nights accommodation, providing you register by January 18th. There is a separate charge of $45 for the banquet on Saturday evening; attendance at the banquet is not mandatory. To ensure security, the exact location of the conference venue will not be disclosed until 48 hours before the conference begins, so it is essential that they have your e-mail address and telephone number.

Update January 24th 2011: If you cannot attend in person, National Policy Institute plans to livestream the conference proceedings on Feb. 5-6 and make videos available for download afterwards. The cost is $10; details HERE.

The following speakers will attend:

-- Jonathan Bowden“Does the United States Have a Future?” A spell-binding speaker, Mr. Bowden has a tremendous following in Britain but has rarely spoken in the United States. Bowden's personal website is available HERE.

-- Dan Roodt“The White Man’s Burden: How the Colonial Mentality Brought Down European Civilization.” Mr. Roodt is a prominent Afrikaner novelist and commentator, and one of the leaders of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG). Recent American Renaissance articles published in full in May 2004 and June 2004.

-- Raymond Wolters“Closing the Gaps: Education Reform Since the 1950s.” Dr. Wolters is Thomas Muncy Keith Professor of History at the University of Delaware. In addition, Dr. Wolters is undoubtedly qualified to speak out about the infamous anti-White diversity program briefly launched at the university in 2007, which taught that all Whites were inherently racist. Not only was the university forced to suspend the program after a firestorm of public criticism, but one of its architects, Director of Residence Life Kathleen Kerr, was targeted for "activism" by former ANSWP Commander Bill White (unfortunately, a jury decided that White committed a crime).

-- David A. Yeagley“A Comanche View of White America.” Dr. Yeagley, the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle, calls himself “the sole voice of conservatism among Indian Intellectuals.” Yeagley also recognizes the right of Whites to organize racially. His writing can be found at

-- Jared Taylor — “Unilateral Disarmament: The Current State of Race Relations.”

-- Hugh Kennedy — “No More ‘Freedom for the Thought We Hate:’ How Censorship Could Come to the US.” Mr. Kennedy is an attorney who specializes in regulation of speech on the Internet.

-- Donald Thomas — “How Are They Getting In? The Refugee Resettlement Racket.” Mr. Thomas is one of the few people who really understand how refugees are brought in and settled.

-- Sam G. Dickson, Esq.“Knowing Who You Are.” Mr. Dickson is an attorney and long-time racial advocate with the Council of Conservative Citizens.

-- Mystery Guest 1 — “Ethnicity, Demography, Politics, and Culture in Europe.” This speaker is one of the most dynamic leaders of the one of the most dynamic nationalist parties in Europe.

-- Mystery Guest 2 — “Helping Blacks by Lying to Them.” A distinguished American academic who now has emeritus status and is therefore free to speak his mind.

A reminder: Jared Taylor views the Jewish Question differently than most of the White Nationalist community. Taylor considers pro-White Jews to be White; one of his leading supporters is the editor of the JewAmongYou blog. Despite repeated criticism from within the WN community, Jared Taylor defends his position, so repeated criticism of him will not be fruitful and can only be unproductive. We simply let people know about the caveat, and let them make their own decisions on whether or not to support Taylor's activism.


jewamongyou said...

Gosh! I do support Mr. Taylor and his efforts, but really - "one of his leading supporters"?

I'm just an insignificant blogger. I hold no titles, have published no books and have modest traffic. So, while I'm flattered that you hold me to be a person of importance, in reality, it just ain't so!

Anonymous said...

"Jared Taylor views the Jewish Question differently than most of the White Nationalist community. Taylor considers pro-White Jews to be White;"

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

What view does Taylor have on a White Comanche Indian among you?

You can keep this lone white Indian with you Mr. Taylor. Indians don't claim should know this. He is a washed out old white man good for nothing but white nations work against anyone not white enough. Its embarassing to all Indian Nations that he keeps introducing himself an an American Indian. Damn it all!