Thursday, December 16, 2010

Council Of Conservative Citizens Decries Marvel Studio's Choice Of Black Hip Hop DJ Idris Elba To Play Heimdall In Upcoming Thor Movie

Does this look like a freaking Norse mythological god to you?
The Council of Conservative Citizens informs us that an upcoming movie based on the comic book Thor, to be produced by Marvel Studios, will give the Aesir an insulting multicultural make-over. One of the Gods will be played by Hip Hop DJ Idris Elba, even though there are no records of any Blacks in Norse mythology.

A website has been organized to promote a boycott campaign against the movie:

There's also a Boycott Thor Facebook page HERE.

More information about the Thor movie HERE. Although the movie doesn't officially open until May 2011, Boycott-Thor wants to get the word out now, in case activists might be inclined to picket theatres where it will play.

According to the Guardian, Elba, a British national who was born in Hackney, north-east London to a Ghanaian mother and Sierra Leonean father, was tapped for the Heimdall role back in April 2010. The mere announcement triggered considerable protest. One person wrote, "This PC crap has gone too far! Norse deities are not of an African ethnicity!...It's the principle of the matter. It's about respecting the integrity of the source material, both comics and Norse mythologies." Another unhappy fan wrote, "At the risk of sounding like a bigot, I think this is nuts! Asgard is home to the Norse Gods!!! Not too many un-fair complexion types roaming the frigid waste lands up there. I wouldn't expect to see many Brad Pitt types walking around in the [first mainstream black superhero] Black Panther's Wakanda Palace!"

Meanwhile, Elba himself defends the selection, saying that Thor was a mythical figure and that what he calls "multi-level casting" is the wave of the future. But Elba did not disclose how he would react if someone released a movie about Martin Luther King starring Nicholas Cage or Bruce Willis in the title role. I seriously doubt the NAACP would blow off such a development as mere "multi-level casting".

Boycott-Thor also reveals that Marvel Comics has a history of publishing extremist Black Power comics, many prominently emphasizing black man-white woman pairings. Today Marvel co-produces an animated version of Black Panther on the Black Entertainment Channel. The Black Panther character is explicit pro-black and the comics are viciously anti-white. Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of a secret African nation known as Wakanda. The inhabitants of this nation keep their lands hidden from the white man so it is not “exploited” for it’s mineral wealth. T’Challa’s father is murdered by a white man who becomes Black Panther’s main enemy. You can probably guess the rest.

Boycott-Thor also reveals that a number of entertainment sites picked up on their posts and have counterattacked. One story was published by Death & Taxes, another by Spinoff Online and a third by the Moviefone blog. As expected, all three articles are full of childish name-calling like “racist.” Boycott-Thor also reports receiving a considerable amount of profanity-laced hate mail. I discovered another website critical of the Council of Conservative Citizens, Digital Spy; they regurgitate the old SPLC smear about the C of C being "white supremacist.

Some hypocrisy is noted on Moviefone. While Monika Bartyzel has no problem with a black actor playing a Norse god on Thor, back in April 2010, she couldn't reconcile herself to Mickey Rourke playing the lead role in Genghis Khan.

But another pro-White blog, The 14 Percent, has also taken a stand against the movie. Criticism of the movie was also earlier posted on Stormfront and New Saxon.


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