Monday, November 22, 2010

Cyndi Steele Takes To The Airwaves To Plead Edgar Steele's Case On Voice Of Reason


By now, most readers are aware that star Federal snitch Larry Fairfax has rolled over on Edgar Steele. Meanwhile, Edgar Steele's trial has been postponed for no apparent reason until March 7th. Harold Covington speculates that the Feds are hoping the aging Steele will kick the bucket before then and solve their problem for them. Or perhaps the Feds know they made a huge mistake and are deliberately delaying his release from jail to wear him down psychologically, so if they offer a plea deal in exchange for time served, he would jump at it. These are the same tactics the Feds used against Kevin Alfred Strom, and, unfortunately, in Strom's case, they worked, because Strom was a weak sister who was beaten down by Elisha Strom, the witch to whom he was married.

However, Edgar Steele is NOT a weak sister. And instead of being married to a witch like Elisha Strom, he's married to a real woman who cares about him. Initially distraught and disoriented over the charges levied against Edgar Steele, Cyndi Steele was extremely vulnerable. With a little tact and subtlety, the Feds could have co-opted her. But the Feds overplayed their hand -- they immediately banned all contact between Edgar and Cyndi. This raised Cyndi's suspicions, and it wasn't long before she realized that her husband was the victim of a monumental Federal scam to silence her husband because of his political activism. Now she's taken to the airwaves to plead Edgar Steele's case. She appeared on three different segments of Voice Of Reason, accompanied by attorney Wesley W. Hoyt and hosted by Jamie Kelso, the webmaster of White News Now. Audios embedded below:

-- November 9th, 2010 Broadcast on Voice Of Reason, 57 minutes

-- November 11th, 2010 Broadcast on Voice Of Reason, 57 minutes

-- November 15th, 2010 Broadcast on Voice Of Reason, 57 minutes

The lies and intimidation did not work on Cyndi Steele. She is fighting back. She knows her husband, who has been in solitary confinement in Spokane for five months is innocent. She is dedicated to protecting his innocence by igniting public outrage in order to find out just who really DID try to kill her, and whether federal and state agents are now protecting those persons from investigation and prosecution, and are now threatening us all by destroying our system of justice. Patriots are rallying to the defense of us all by helping to defend Edgar Steele with financial help and help in getting out the message at Patriots on Kelso’s forums and welcome your posts in support of Mr. Steele’s cause.

Here's a great supportive letter for Edgar Steele published November 19th in the Idaho Statesman (scroll to the bottom):

Something is wrong with this picture

I don’t know if North Idaho attorney Edgar Steele is guilty of murder-for-hire or not, but something smells about the way this case has unfolded.

Mr. Steele is held without bail, without access to his resources, which he needs to mount a proper defense. He is vilified as an “Aryan Nations attorney”; a “racist”; a “white supremacist.” His wife Cyndi is bullied and intimidated by the FBI; is derided by the prosecutor; and has her concerns ignored.

On the other hand, the case started with federal informant Larry Fairfax’s convoluted and improbable stories and actions. He is inexplicably undercharged and then allowed to cop a “sweetheart” plea-bargain deal. Fairfax’s known and named accomplice(s) and co-conspirator(s) are mysteriously not even arrested or charged.

What’s wrong with this picture? We all want our legal/justice system to operate effectively and even-handedly. We pay good money to these federal employees; we have the right to demand that they do their jobs properly and competently. Let’s start in this case by: (1) returning all purloined assets to the Steeles’ account; (2) lifting the no-contact order as Mrs. Steele has requested; and (3) arresting and prosecuting Fairfax’s accomplice(s).

GARY OJALA, Garden City


Anonymous said...

Steele Imprisoned For His Virtue
(Apollonian, 23 Nov 10)

Good post AA; this is very serious case--apparently someone is playing very loose w. genuinely lethal weapons--and it isn't our hero Ed Steele.

And now Feds have used this excuse, which they've contrived, to seriously remove Steele, locking him away so tightly.

CONCLUSION: I cannot forget Steele's classic masterpiece, "It Wasn't Arabs...," to understand just how intensively Jews hate our poor Edgar, a true hero suffering for having so incisively expressed the truth. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Here is a dirty self-hating jew "apollonian" again talking out of his ass... Ed Steele is a worthless piece of shit, who was a profiteer wanna be jew lawyer all his adult life. How do I know? I was with the ORIGINAL Aryan Nations and I witnessed late Pastor Butler, may He rest in Piece, giving his life savings of $50,000 to this shyster. Eddy boy wanted another $50,000 for an appeal, which we did not have! His defense was very poor, we all were under the impression that he never even intended to win that case! There were others as well... Also, if you look at the facts of the case, you will see that this degenerate probably is as guilty as hell, he was always very greedy for the money, and he would stop at nothing to get more and more and more! In memory of our beloved Pastor Butler I suggest that all sincere White Nationalists boycott this piece of human excrement, let him get what he deserves!