Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Political Correctness: Virginia Beach GOP Chair Dave Bartholomew Stampeded Into Resigning After Inadvertent Dissemination Of Racist E-Mail Disclosed

Another official has been witch-hunted and stampeded into resigning after his authorship of a "racist" e-mail was disclosed. Virginia Beach GOP Chairman Dave Bartholomew resigned under pressure after a racist e-mail he forwarded became public. Sources include the Virginian-Pilot, TPMDC, and the Communist blog Blue Virginia. [Ed. Note: I no longer mince words. When I see "progressive", I substitute "Communist"; the two are one and the same.]

According to Second District GOP chair Gary Byler, the e-mail was dated March 15th, 2010, and sent from the address that Bartholomew uses as party chairman. Bartholomew forwarded it without reading the contents when he was first getting familiar with the Internet. Byler assured the public that Bartholomew is not a racist.

But the fact that Bartholomew was not completely familiar with the Internet was not taken into consideration. Bartholomew had sinned against the religion of Political Correctness. And in the religion of Political Correctness, the presumption of guilt prevails. The unidentified recipient of the e-mail ritualistically and dutifully called the message "disgusting" and "repulsive", all the while hastily assuring the public that it was immediately deleted upon arriving in the recipient's inbox.

Virginia's Legislative Black Caucus said that the e-mail promotes ignorance and hostility towards racial and ethnic minorities and those who have been left unemployed by the recession. Eight black Republican leaders sent an open letter requesting Bartholomew's resignation within 48 hours. U.S. Rep. Glenn Nye, the 2nd District Democrat, said that this type of racist behavior has no place in politics, and called on his Republican opponent to condemn the e-mail. And of course, Scott Rigell did exactly that. Rigell, the owner of Freedom Automotive, called the e-mail reprehensible, and said Bartholomew should step down from his leadership role. Some Republikwans did question the opportunistic timing of the disclosure a mere two weeks before the election; nevertheless, the Soviet-style purge was on, and Bartholomew resigned on Monday October 18th.

The text of the e-mail:


I went down this morning to sign up my Dog for welfare.

At first the lady said, "Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare".

So I explained to her that my Dog is black, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and has no frigging clue who his Daddy is.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify...

My Dog gets his first check Friday.

Is this a great country or what?

Dave Bartholomew really doesn't deserve much sympathy from us. He could have stood firm like Carl Palladino has done in New York. But Bartholomew ran away. This type of behavior further perpetuates and enshrines the tyranny of Political Correctness. It also undermines the courageous efforts of several pro-White candidates who are running for various offices around the country, all exposing themselves under their own names. If Jeff Hall, Dan Schruender, Billy Roper, et. al. can stand firm, why not Dave Bartholomew?

In the final analysis, maybe the Virginia GOP is better off without weak sisters like Dave Bartholomew.


Anonymous said...

What a pussy!

Anonymous said...

Check out the ANSP's Florida State leaders blog - UN-FUCKING BELIEVEABLE - he has picture of himself holding a huge turd from his toilet bowl! You can't make this shit up, no pun intended - and this is the best "representative" of his club that Mullet has...LMAO Looks like Dan-the-Handyman is gone from the ANSP website too. The "Reichsfuhrer" is such a fucking loser! BE A MAN JOIN THE AN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG! It is an actual turd! This is disgusting and shows what retards they have=Sean. Maybe Sean dished it out of the toilet and thought it was Mullet since Mullet is up to his neck in shit since the split and he has nobody left! hehe

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I just looked on the ANSP website and they removed Dans name from their leadership in California. Where did he go? Is the ANSP going to call him a traitor to? They are worse than Krebs NSALP. lol

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Funny as hell, a symbolic instance of the bowl-movement! And these turds are supposed to be National Socialists? The ANP is OBVIOUSLY the ONLY real NS org out there. Heil Hitler!

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You should disable the anonymous comments on your site. The makeup of this False "NS" movement has done nothing but use, and make you and your website a mockery. Keep up the good work!