Friday, October 01, 2010

Canadian Free Speech Activist Paul Fromm's Campaign For Mayor Of Mississauga, Ontario Continues To Heat Up

The mayoral campaign of Canadian White civil rights activist Paul Fromm, first discussed HERE, continues to heat up. Fromm has been appearing at a number of candidate forums and has posted signs on a number of Mississauga Transit buses. The signs read, FROMM, Mayor, Mississauga: ‘Fight gridlock: Freeze immigration. Fromm even has his own campaign Facebook page HERE, and has also been posting updates in this dedicated Stormfront Canada thread. The American Mercury published a balanced article on September 14th.

In his latest posting from September 30th, Paul Fromm renewed his call for a five year halt to all immigration to help deal with the growing problem of traffic gridlock. “Mississauga is part of the GTA [Greater Toronto Area] mess created by irresponsible politicians at the federal level who stuffed this area with more than 2.5-million immigrants in the past 20 years,” he charges. “However, they never built the infrastructure of roads to move these people. Result: growing traffic gridlock,” he says. “We have much the same network of roads we had 20 years ago.” Fromm cites the fact that traffic gridlock and transportation were the most important issues for the City of Mississauga, according to a survey of local residents in 2006. Mississauga’s gridlock woes are tied to those of the GTA and Toronto.

Here's a video of Fromm's appearance at the Churchill Meadows Residents' Association All Candidates Meeting on September 13th. He was one of 10 mayoral candidates who showed up; a total of 17 are running for office:

Paul Fromm was also interviewed by James Edwards for a half hour on The Political Cesspool on September 11th. The interview was recorded on the third segment, and is embedded below:

ON September 17th, Fromm had a encouraging experience with a Romanian immigrant. He writes:

I run into a Romanian lady. She likes my moratorium stand. She works with immigrants and is aware of the scams. She knows the system just isn’t working and we are full. She says she isn’t quite poor enough to get taxpayer subsidized daycare but illegals who are “refugee” claimants get childcare and transportation money to attend ESL classes. She tells me: “I came from a communist country. I see the same fear in people’s eyes over here. They are afraid to talk about immigration or to say what they feel.” I agree. People are scared witless. I mused to her. “I don’t understand. We’ve never had concentration camps or gulags. Yes. People have lost their jobs. After years of lobbying by Jewish groups I was fired after a 24 year career in education because of my criticism of immigration, expressed on my own time, off school property. But, till the fear is crippling.”

She had another interesting point. She felt she’d been misled. “I thought I was coming to a European country, not someplace so different and multicultural,” she said. Truly, images of Mounties, Niagara Falls, the Rockies or the Maple Leafs can hardly prepare one for the “diverse” GTA. And, of course, we Canadians have never had a say, have never been consulted as the founding/settler people are bring replaced by policy.

If you’re an Ontario resident, you can contribute by making your cheque payable to Paul Fromm Election Campaign, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3. Maximum donation $750

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