Friday, October 15, 2010

Black Neighbors To Picket Annie Chambers Caddell's Home In Summerville, South Carolina For Flying The Confederate Battle Flag

Annie Chambers Caddell, a White woman, moved into a "historically black" neighborhood, aptly named "Brownsville", in Summerville, South Carolina in June 2010, and now she's about the pay the price. The Blaze reports that her Black neighbors plan to picket her home on Saturday October 16th, 2010 in protest against the Confederate battle flag she flies on her own property. Additional stories from the Washington Post, TheSunNews, and ABCNews4 in Charleston (with video)

Background news video from September 30th provided by the Post and Courier

In Caddell's case, it's about heritage. Her ancestors fought in the War Between The States, and she insists the Confederate flag flying over her home is an important reminder of her heritage. She also flies the American flag, and her yard has various ornaments including a gnome, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, and a sign on her fence reading, "Confederate Boulevard." Caddell explained, "That flag means a lot more to me than anything I can describe to you...It's my heritage and it's my right. I'm not trying to slam anybody, and I wish I wouldn't be slammed either." She even appeared before the town council on Wednesday October 13th and "tearfully" told them that she's not racist.

However, her neighbors have been objecting, and 270 of them signed a protest petition. Now some of them plan to march and rally in front of her home on Ocotber 16th. These are not young militants, either; James Patterson, a 43-year-old crane operator who lives in a mobile home next door, said displaying the flag is insensitive. "I know she has a legal right to do that on her property. But just because it's legally right, doesn't make it morally right," said Patterson, who is black. "You can put up what you want, but if this was a Jewish community and someone moved in and started flying swastika flags, there would be a lot of hell raised about that as well." A 74-year-old Black Woman complained that it reminded her of slavery, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan. And while the Town of Summerville defends Caddell's has the right to fly the flag, they also affirm that neighbors also have the right to march, even though picketing in residential neighborhoods creates a public nuisance and can have a terroristic effect. Will there be sufficient police supervision on hand to prevent the neighbors from trashing Caddell's yard, or even invading her home while she's gone?

For her part, Caddell, who plans to be on nearby James Island on Saturday for the wedding of a Black friend, intends to stand firm for the time being. "Yes, I could take it down, but what message does that send?" she asked. "If you don't stand for something, you'll never be anything." But in the mind of 31-year-old Dexter Mack, the Black head of the Brownsville neighborhood civic association, there is only one acceptable outcome; take down the flag.

Summerville is about 20 miles northwest of Charleston. It is 73.7 percent White and 20.3 percent Black. Perhaps income limitations forced Caddell to move into a Black neighborhood. The reaction she's received from Black neighbors shows why this is not a good idea. It has not been disclosed whether or not any White activists have offered her assistance.


Anonymous said...

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General Dan S. OberCommando ANSP

Anonymous said...

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American National Socialist Party said...


There will be three Panzer Divisions ordered to protect this womans house even though she flies the flag of the crazy Confederacy.

Reichfuhrer will personally review the front lines around her house and make sure all Panzer tanks are operational and ready to blitzkrieg.

Anonymous said...

The bitch isn't even a racist, fuck her and her cowardly 'heritage' crap...WPWW!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if she had attended the ANPs recent Rally in SC Oct 9th, she could have found some FRIENDS to help, but "OH NO!"...SHE'S NOT A RACIST! Boo Hoo! 88!

Brownsville Resident said...

The people marching in majority are "living history" and don't need a flag to fly for all to see. These elders have witnessed first hand cross burning in this very neighborhood with this flag as a symbol of hatred flying high. They lived in segregation and knew what it was like having to go to an all "negro" or "colored" school because their white counterparts thought them to be lesser creatures.

Me personally, I don't feel she's a racist; I do however believe she enjoys the attention being that she has been married & divorced 7 times in her short 50yrs on this earth. She has taken numerous opportunities to speak to the media. I have watched/read several of her interviews and found her to make a few conflicting statements. One claim was that she didn't know before she moved that it was a predominately black neighborhood but yet she visited the home 8 times before buying it? I can count on ONE hand how many white people live on this street and they are married to blacks.

There are many analogies to use as example as to why we are offended. I could live across the street, be grossly overweight, and insist on walking around my house NAKED as the day I was born with no blinds or drapes to draw. I have a right don't I? It's my house but morally is it right. Am I offending my neighbors or passersby? What impression are children taking away from it? You may even become physically ill by the sight. It's all about respecting each other. When approached kindly by her neighbors initially she was very rude & disrespectful in her response. Had she purely had a heart of love she could have at least tried to discuss the issue with her neighbors with out it having to go this far.

As for the question of if she had any outside help; the Sons of the Confederacy were out in full force IN her front yard, guess she was expecting them because her electric fence was turned off. The even brought more flags accompanied with cookies & cupcakes for the protesters. Such gentleman they were...