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Preliminary Report On Dr. David Duke's Appearance In Sandpoint, Idaho; The Start Of A Multi-State Tour

As previously announced, White civil rights advocate Dr. David Duke has launched a tour to determine the level of support he can expect for a prospective 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The first stop on this tour was an appearance at America’s Promise Ministry at 10:30 am on September 4th, 2010 in Sandpoint, Idaho to speak on the critical issues facing America and the world and the possibility of running for President. According to one unofficial report, at least 25 people showed up, but this event did not receive much advance publicity despite news reports in both the Bonner County Daily Bee and the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

No official reports have been posted by Dr. Duke yet. However, some preliminary information has been posted on this Stormfront discussion thread, beginning on page 3.

KG Peiper posted the following:

I was also able to attend, and Mark Glenn (of the Ugly Truth) introduced Dr. Duke with a short story about non-Zionist jews. Basically, he said some were trying to curry favour with the goyim by standing against the Zionist wing but that they are basically all the same (i.e. the enemy) , Zionist or not. He specifically excluded Brother Kapner though, and said that Nathaniel had spoke at the same church previously.

I was very impressed, Dr. Duke is a truly gifted speaker and he speaks from the heart (so he doesn't need a teleprompter like the magic negro). They had a video recorder set up so hopefully everyone who wants will be able to hear his message when he gets it put up online. He spoke on a myriad of issues, including his recent "kosher slavery" video and how the jews use this has a wedge against the whites, when they were for the most part the actual perpetrators of the trading. And, they are still at he said with trading in white women from the former Soviet republics. He mentioned that Russian mafia is just a code name for the kosher criminals who run these enterprises.

He also spoke about the how the jews use their control over the western media to promote their anti-muslim campaign and foment wars in the Middle East to promote Greater Israel. He said the reason the muslims (and mexicans) have such a high birthrate is because they don't buy into the kosher abortion racket. He mentioned that he has visited many of these muslim countries himself and they mostly want to be left alone , and that their religion is not the hateful one portrayed in the kosher west. He mentioned Jesus as an example of the hate the jew espouses. Jesus is honoured by the muslims as a prophet and man of God, while the jews have him boiling in excrement (true hate).

He touched on many issues, including how Glenn Beck's job was to focus the Tea Party animus away from the government and on to the muzzies. (I see a lot of that around here) How Ron Paul could have run a better campaign by not trying to curry favour with the minorities and concentrating on his white supporters. He also mentioned that although he agreed with a lot of Ron Paul's platform but Paul's "Ayn Rand" brand of libertarianism was a bad fit for government and that some controls were needed to stop unbridled kosher capitalism. Also, the Civil War was not a civil war but just the South trying to break free of the economic controls put on by the yankees( jews). The South did not try to take over the north or foment a coup against Washington DC, they just wanted out of the Union. It was always about freedom and states rights, and the rights of the states to control their own destiny and had little to do with the slavery issue. There was so much content, hard to list it all.

Latebloomer posted the following:

Whadda think others, around 25? FWIW, Allen Banks, present when Edgar Steele was arrested in June, was in attendance. I met a guy who said he frequented (or webmastered ?, geeze, my memory is declining) New Saxon - A Social Networking Site for People of European Descent

Regarding Mr. Steele, nothing was mentioned about he or his case.

Also FWIW, prior to the start of the event, two men were video taping in the direction of the church from an adjacent driveway. They had parked their nondescript van close to the road and had their cameras on tripods.

A few of us walked towards them, but did so 8 minutes before the scheduled event start, so we returned inside only after a few minutes.

I concur that the presentation was enlightening and worth the trip from Spokealoo. My friend providing transportation and I were lucky to get 2 of his books and give a donation.

The Daily Bee reported that the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force had taken an interest in Dr. Duke's appearance, so the two men videotaping may have been operating at the direction of the Task Force.

And Dr. Duke himself posted a short report:

It was very warm meeting and hopefully we will have a video or audio tape of the event out fairly soon. I am now on the road through MT, SD, IA, MO, AR, LA and on to MS, AL GA, and FL and then up to DC.

So many stops it is great to have a loyal and generous supporter provide a full size Tour bus where I can work between stops and take some sleep. It has been a while since my last campaign days and I have conveniently forgotten how exhausting this kind of tour can be. But, we are meeting many wonderful people and the mood of the people is certainly revolutionary.

What I fear the most is the Zionist control of the Republican Party and the misdirection of shills like Glenn Beck who lead the anger of the people away from the true perpetrators of the destruction of America.

best to all,

David Duke

The proposed stop in Arkansas is intriguing. It would be a great opportunity for Dr. Duke to link up with Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Billy Roper. Imagine the public interest if the two of them were to appear together at one of Roper's campaign stops.

Dr. David Duke's continuing dedication to and enthusiasm for the Cause after all these years is particularly noteworthy. Hopefully he'll be able to publish a rough itinerary of his proposed stops so that people can set aside time to show up. Kudos to the 25 people who showed up in Sandpoint, but we need more. Many more.

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