Thursday, September 30, 2010

National Alliance Member Peter Brauneis Defends The White Community In Letter To The Editor Of The Everett Herald

On September 27th, 2010, the Everett Herald published a letter to the editor from Peter Brauneis, who identifies himself as a member of the National Alliance. The letter, entitled "Laud whiteness with like-minded", defends the right of the White community to its own civil rights without fear of harassment. The letter is replicated below:

The struggle for civil rights has taken many forms and is almost always pictured in the mind as the struggle for the rights of blacks beginning in the 1950s, and is applauded as one of the better moves this country has made. But let us not forget that each ethnicity is entitled to their own civil rights, without fear of harassment!

Too many times in this day and age, when those of white European ancestry band together for their own betterment, we are labeled with every dirty name under the sun, and reviled. Myself and the group I am a proud member of notwithstanding. I speak of the National Alliance, America’s best hope for white unity and ethnic preservation.

Every ethnic minority in this country has their own special interest group and holiday celebrating their heroes, why shouldn’t we? Visit for more information.

Peter Brauneis

A hat tip to the Herald for being willing to publish the letter and not censor it. So far, the LTE attracted only one response, from John A. LaPlante of Lake Stevens. In his letter of September 30th, entitled "Alliance another supremacist group", he identifies himself as a retired former security threat group trainer for a state public safety organization, denounces the National Alliance as a "white supremacist" group, and urges people to visit the Southern Poverty Law Center website to learn more about them. Of course, what LaPlante doesn't mention is that the SPLC has been indoctrinating law enforcement officials and "security group threat trainers" for years. He further exposes his own ignorance by referring to the National Alliance as "Glenn Beck-like losers"; anyone who spends any time on White nationalist websites knows there's no love lost or connection between the White nationalist community and Glenn Beck. Lefties have been smearing Glenn Beck with a "white supremacist" connection ever since Beck achieved national prominence.

There is no formal unit of the National Alliance organized in Washington, so this must be an independent member of the organization attempting to spread awareness.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the National Alliance with the snitch and paid informant Erich Gliebe in charge, what do they know about the white race other then how to rip it off