Sunday, September 05, 2010

More Jewish "Tolerance": So-Called "Museum Of Tolerance" In Jerusalem Being Constructed On Top Of A Muslim Cemetery

One set of standards for the "Chosen", another set for us "goyim". The Simon Wiesenthal Center is constructing a Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. However, that tolerance does not extend to the remains of Muslims still interred beneath the site; an estimated tens of thousands of Muslim soldiers are believed interred. Grab yourself a delicious ham sandwich or BBQ pork sandwich and listen to Rabbi Marvin Hier talk about the project in this video:

The story comes from the San Francisco Chronicle, which has published an article by George Bisharat, a professor of law at Hastings College of the Law, calling for California's celebrity governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to disavow support for the Museum and to persuade the Simon Wiesenthal Center to halt construction of this ill-situated building. In 2004 after taking office as governor, Schwarzenegger attended the groundbreaking ceremony, which conferred instant credibility and celebrity upon the project.

But archaeologists believe the Mamilla (Faithful of God) Cemetery holds the remains of tens of thousands of Muslim soldiers of Salah ed-Din (aka Saladin), the 12th century leader who reconquered Jerusalem from the Crusaders. The cemetery was actively used by prominent Palestinian families through 1948, when West Jerusalem fell to Israeli troops. Hence the site is immensely significant archaeologically, but is also culturally sensitive to Palestinians.

An initial petition by Palestinian families and Islamic groups to the Israeli high court delayed but did not halt museum construction. Speed took precedence over preservation and respect for the dead. The Israeli high court denied a second petition, ignoring evidence that the Israel Antiquities Authority had suppressed the opinion of its own expert in originally permitting the museum's construction. Some Jewish sources are even accusing Muslims of planting "fake graves" on the site. [Ed. Note: Of course, many Jews go ballistic when accused of faking details of their Holocaust; that's considered off limits.]

In fact, chief excavator Gideon Suleimani advised his Antiquities Authority superiors against construction on the site and has since characterized building there as "an archaeological crime." Palestinian families have taken their case to the United Nations, petitioning a variety of bodies there for relief. Represented by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, the families have also dispatched letters to members of the board of the Wiesenthal Center appealing to them to press for a halt to construction. Israel's support for the museum project despite Palestinian and Muslim sensibilities is emblematic of its intolerant treatment of its own 1.3 million Palestinian citizens as well as of its efforts to erase Palestinian history in Jerusalem and thereby reinforce exclusive Jewish claims to the city. Palestinian residents of Jerusalem face especially virulent discrimination in the provision of municipal services and access to land for residential building.

Of course, the moment a swastika appears on a single headstone in a Jewish cemetery, Jewish reaction is completely different. In such cases, Jewish supremacists will say that the vandals desecrated the memory of the dead, and want to fire up the gas chambers and ovens all over again. Likewise, this selective Jewish reaction extends to religious symbols as well; a Christian Nativity scene is hauled down by court order because it violates the so-called "separation of church and state", but a Jewish menorah is sustained in the name of "diversity".

Some Jews have united with Muslims to slow down the project. One rabbi proposed to declare the site "ritually impure" to deter Jewish visits to the museum after it is constructed. A series of Haaretz reports on the controversy dating back to May 2010 are accessible HERE. But those Jews who want to co-exist with Muslims and show moderation are not the ones in charge. Jewish supremacism rules Israel.


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