Monday, September 13, 2010

Grafton County HD8 Republican Candidate Ryan J. Murdough Launches Last-Minute Campaign Blitz Before September 14th New Hampshire Primary

Update September 14th: Ryan Murdough finishes a competitive fifth place in this primary race. Updated post HERE.

Despite having been sanctimoniously disavowed by New Hampshire's Republican nomenklatura because of his pro-White views, House District 8 Republican candidate Ryan J. Murdough has not been deterred in the least. On the final weekend before the Granite State's September 14th primary election, Murdough unleashed a last-minute campaign blitz which not only included Murdough and a number of activists going from door to door to spread his message, but also included a phone bank conducted by the Metro NY Chapter of the American Third Position (A3P) to reach as many voters of District 8 as possible. Read the A3P's account of their activities HERE.

When Murdough first announced his candidacy in July 2010, the New Hampshire Republican Party establishment reacted with orchestrated horror at his pro-White views and immediately declared him an anathema. This meant he would be denied access to any official Republican help or resources. To underscore how petty the Republican Party has behaved, the Grafton County Republican Committee won't even acknowledge Murdough's existence, although they list the names of the other four Republican candidates for District 8. Fortunately for Murdough, the A3P was in a position to offer assistance; Murdough gratefully accepted the offer.

Issues of particular concern to New Hampshire residents include Third World immigrant-related crime, the increasing burden of state and local taxation, the unconditional welfare system, and proposed legalized gambling to reduce the state deficit. In response to these concerns, Murdough's platform is spelled out on

-- Defending the Second Amendment: Murdough pledges never to vote for any measure which restricts the rights of law-abiding Americans to bear arms.
-- American Jobs for American Workers: Murdough will oppose efforts to ship American jobs and manufacturing base overseas.
-- Immigration Reform: Real immigration reform means stopping illegal immigration and curtailing legal immigration. Murdough will attack illegal immigration by addressing the actions of those who deliberately hire and rent to illegal immigrants.
-- Eliminate Affirmative Action: Affirmative action has become racist against Whites. It targets for special consideration minorities simply because they're minorities, without regard for merit. In extreme cases, it's resulted in non-Whites having less stringent testing and entrance standards than Whites (the New Haven firefighters, for example).

If you haven't heard Ryan J. Murdough in person, here's a 57-minute interview conducted on Voice Of Reason back on July 26th, 2010:

While many Republican candidates are concerned about outsourcing, illegal immigration, and the right to bear arms, few challenge the notion of mass legal immigration, and fewer still take an explicit stand against affirmative action. Too many Republicans are scared of being called "racist". Ryan Murdough is the exception. Because the other four Republicans are likely to merely replicate each other's platforms in varying shades of grey, Ryan Murdough is the ONLY Republican in District 8 likely to make a difference.

Ryan Murdough may not finish first in the race, but he WON'T finish last. A vote for Murdough is a vote well spent.

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