Friday, August 13, 2010

Three Strikes, Yer Out: Former FBI Informant Hal Turner Finally Convicted After FBI Agent Steven Haug Throws Him Under The Bus

Update August 20th: Hal Turner will be sentenced on December 3rd.

One could not blame Hal Turner at this point for believing that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. On August 13th, 2010, after just two hours deliberations, a Federal jury of four men and eight women ended a four-day trial by convicting former Internet radio host and FBI informant Hal Turner on a single count of threatening to assault or murder judges. Judge Donald Walter ordered Turner held without bail as a danger to the community; a sentencing date has not been set. Two previous trials on December 7th, 2009 and on March 10th, 2010 ended in mistrials. To better insure a conviction this time, the Feds dumped William Hogan from the case and brought in a new prosecutor, Diane McArthur.

Additional stories other than those linked in this post were published by the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, and the New York Law Journal. You can also read the FamilyOfHalTurner blog for their perspective.

Turner faced a single count of threatening to assault or murder three Chicago-based judges from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after writing on his blog in June 2009 that they "deserved to be killed" for upholding local gun-control ordinances. He also published their photos and courthouse addresses. The three judges, Richard Posner, William Bauer, and Frank Easterbrook gave testimony on August 11th, claiming that they felt threatened by Turner's Internet rants. But under cross-examination by Turner's lawyer, a public defender named Peter Kirchheimer, the judges conceded that photos of them, office addresses, phone numbers, a map of area where they work and photos of the building are available to anyone and also that Turner never contacted them in any way. Furthermore, they admitted that they never asked for increased security in response to the supposed "threat".

Turner himself also took the stand. Turner said his words were nothing more than harsh criticism fueled by his outrage over a decision that has since been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. He testified he had many discussions with Haug about the limits of free speech and whether he had broken any laws. He said he was told he hadn’t, but he often came too close for the FBI’s comfort.

Turner said he had temporarily resigned as an informant because the FBI had prodded him to remove postings of the names and addresses of judges even though it was not illegal to publish them. But within months, he was back, persuaded by the FBI’s view that his “celebrity” status as an ultra-right-wing radio host gave him unique access to white supremacist extremists. Turner claimed the information he provided was so valuable that it was sent up to a deputy assistant director of the FBI in Washington, saying that it actually impacted the national security of the country.

At this point, it seemed like a tie between the Feds and Turner. Another mistrial might have been in the offing; an outright acquittal could not be ruled out. But then prosecutor Diane McArthur delivered a two-fisted coup de grace. First, she called New Jersey State Police Detective Sgt. Leonard Nerbetski, a former Joint Terrorism Task Force member who helped recruit Turner as a confidential source in 2003, to the stand. Nerbetski’s testimony contradicted key elements of Turner’s account of his relationship with the FBI. On cross-examination, Nerbetski conceded he was not always present when Turner met with his principal handler, FBI agent Steven Haug, and he did not know everything that went on between them. But Turner's case had been weakened.

Then McArthur called FBI Special Agent Steven Haug, Turner’s principal handler during his time as an informant, to the stand. Haug did not testify in the previous trials, and McArthur thought his testimony might tilt the balance in the government's favor. Haug said Turner’s inflammatory web postings and trash talk made him a frequent “control” problem for the FBI, but his unique insider access to the white supremacist movement also made him a valuable asset. Haug contradicted key elements of Turner’s testimony, denying he gave him legal advice in the difference between protected and unprotected speech, or telling him to “ratchet up his rhetoric” to help the FBI find the killers of a Chicago judge’s family in 2005. On cross-examination, Haug said the FBI did warn Turner that he could be prosecuted if anything he said or wrote prompted others to commit crimes.

But the damage was done, and only two hours after the case was given to the jury, the jury returned a guilty verdict. Turner, who will now be kept in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. And there are still Connecticut state charges to deal with. In that case, Turner is accused of inciting injury to persons for urging blog readers to "take up arms" against state lawmakers there who proposed legislation to give Roman Catholic lay members more control over parish finances.

Afterwards, Turner's mother, Kathy Diamond, whose eyes were already welling with tears in the front row, said "I love you" and Turner turned to her and said "I love you, too." Two marshals stood at Turner's side at the defense table. His teen son said "Love you, Dad." Diamond then told reporters, "There goes the First Amendment for everyone...These judges, their job is to protect the Constitution, not shred it".

Lesson Learned: When you become an informant, you become merely another tool for the police agency, no different than a computer, a pencil, a vehicle, or a roll of toilet paper. When the police agency is done with you, they toss you away like a used condom.


Anonymous said...

His mothers name is "DIAMOND"? Isn't that a very common jewish name? Hal Turner was a snake in the grass, who did all he could to OUT, INFORM ON, and HARM White Nationalists who were naive or stupid enough to associate with him - a few names of such - were JEFF SCHOEP, WILLY WEISS, TOM METZGER, all of whom should have known better. Of course, the three mentioned above have "records" of not being able to keep their ass's out of the fire either. If you will bother to check the archived ANPReports on our website you will find that for years I called Turner a PROVOC, and warned people to stay away from him - long before he was OUTED as a narc. I guess that once again, Rock was correct in his assessment, eh. Of course, my "fans" will start hollaring, but FACTS are FACTS - and I was RIGHT. 40 years of EXPERIENCE are of some value, in any endevore - and screaming whiners who haven't the courage to even SIGN their pitiful posts, deserve no recognition or attention. Perhaps those readers who prefer someone with intelligence, instead of mindless bravado ( hell, any nut can garner 'attention', running around in public like a loon ) might consider associating with the ANP. We are always looking for SINCERE, INTELLIGENT, & DEDICATED men and women. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP

Anonymous said...

Thank God that informant bastard got what he deserves. I hope he never gets out of prison.

Yes Rocky, you were absolutely correct, props to you.

Anonymous said...

New WN procedure when dealing with new-comers:

"Are you or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party? If so, how long was the association, and what was your rank within the Republican Party?"

Kyle said...

Matt Damon's movie "The Informant!" was the same, people used him and then dumped him.

This is why it's important not to have family or kids, and not too much money, or you have a tail people get to pull, and you're "up for grabs".

Anonymous said...

And they will damp you too, "Kyle" as soon as your "services" are no longer needed. What an idiot you are!

Anonymous said...

Hal Turner's butthole is about to become much bigger. It couldn't have happened to a bigger shithead. Finally, a nark gets what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rocky. Once again your experience and insight was right. You lead by example and thats refreshing in an age of race-mixers like Schoep.

Kyle said...

contrary to a paranoid poster's suspicion, I don't work for anybody, but avoid contact with me anyway.

If I wanted to gather or spy on people I'd not be so stupid as to keep using the same name.

I was wondering who that young black haired guy was, thinking it was his young attorney, it's his son.

And Rocky? No thanks to your insight, it takes no brains to suspect everybody is an informant unless they're a person you know closely. Your organization gets nothing done, so that's why informants leave you alone.

Schoep doesn't need informants, as he's having enough trouble concealing rumors about his race mixer wife.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Rock is right, there are a lot of informants, narcs and provocatures in this movement. Unfortunately as well, there are a lot of stupid people who refuse to believe it.

Anonymous said...

His kid looks jewish, don't he?

Anonymous said...

That advertisement for Roper at the bottom of the front page is dumb - whats he FOR? You can't win on a 100% negative campaign, or is he too stupid to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, hey fucking idiot! You've got people who either are informants or outright conmen working with you. You have people working with you who have admitted to working with the feds. Being desperate for support of any kind makes for an interesting double standard! Hypocritical BS.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, hey fucking idiot! You've got people who either are informants or outright conmen working with you. You have people working with you who have admitted to working with the feds. Being desperate for support of any kind makes for an interesting double standard! Hypocritical BS.

wildbill said...

Half of the leadership in the movement is working for the feds and thats why we can't get anything done, Take Erich Gliebe for one example, he gets busted for messing with a seven year old and walks away, yeah right,

What about Chester Doles none of us find it odd that just after Erich Gliebe leaves Chester's house, Chester later resigns and wow all of a sudden he gets busted Wow did not see that one comming did you ?

What about Hendrick Mobus, Erich Blames Lawrence Myers, who just happens to be Erich's best friend, Erich set up the bust and Myers took the fall.

do you see what Im saying here, we have no good leadership, I wish more then anything that someone would step up who is not an informat like Gliebe or Turner (Gliebe also had ties to Turner)
who is strong of heart and join all the groups together as one, then and only then would we have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Talk about being fooled Director Mullet recently announced to us that he ran up a $1,200.00 phone bill last month! Yeah and now along with him wanting five grand to put as a down payment on a AN compound he wants more. Im gone I thought AN was a genuine group now I think I was fooled. AN doesn't have enough members to need a compound and who in hell could TALK $1,200.00 worth in ONE month? I call that being irresponsible and uncaring to those who send in their hard worked money. Maybe if Mr. Director had a job he might understand what it means to earn that money. One officer told me that Mullet would probably just walk away from it so not to worry hes done it before. Thats not the way a white man acts. A white man pays for services he uses. A nigger walks away. Well Im looking for a decent group now so if any body has personal experience with a group they like let me know. I like the activism of nsm but I dont like Jeff Scheop and his satanism so thats out. The way I figure it Dan could sure have made better use of that $1,200.00 for his campaign but the Director had to waste it on talking on the phone. Sader but wiser. Southern for Life!

Anonymous said...

Now money is the big topic since you've got the stolen NSOA money and the NSM theft on the table. Let me offer some advice here. If your group is so lacking in support that you take on someone whose shaddy dealings and outright crime is known by all, then it's time to fold.

Anonymous said...

Prove Bowles and Rocky took NSOA money and stuff from the NSM. Hmm. Where's the proof? There isn't any except your asshole words. Maybe you'll be the next to share a cell with White or Turner. Words without deeds mean nothing. Words without proof mean even less unless you you are Jeff Schoeps mouth-piece for his lie machine. Is Bowles or Ramm going to be blamed for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico next? Probably so because if you say it here it must be true.

Anonymous said...


Mullet isn't going to pay that $1,200 bill. He'll ignore it because that's just the way he is=con man.

apollonian said...

Hal Turner Episode Is Sad Chapter--But Still Instructive For Analysis
(Apollonian, 14 Aug 10)

My issue for this Hal Turner episode (thus present trial and latest verdict) has to do w. strict matter of Hal's freedom of speech--which then affects the general principle as it applies for us.

Hal said he thought these scummy, dirty traitors, called judges, ought to be killed--it was his opinion--it was what he personally thought, and he so spoke. So this issue of freedom-of-speech is what is MOST, salient, important, and germane for our attention, I submit.

So Hal Turner decided to push the "envelope" against Fed fascist puke, and they called his bluff, terrorizing the citizenry for freedom-of-speech and criticism of Fed judicial scum, Feds finding 12 brainless shits on a jury to go along w. them. So don't trust ur fellow cowardly citizens to back u up against ZOG-Mammon, comrades.

Poor Hal Turner, like Bill White, let himself get ISOLATED, cut-off, and now put-away (pretty much). Lesson is u GOTTA HAVE AN ORGANIZATION behind u--like an army. And Christianity is then that perfect anti-semitic thing which is made-to-order.

Stupid Bill White couldn't figure it out about dear Christianity, saying he didn't need anything by which to expiate "sins," which he didn't think he was guilty of. Hal Turner was less stupid on this Christian issue, but not sufficiently.

Regarding Hal Turner's association w. Feds, I still think Hal was sincere for much of what he said, esp. against Jews, and remember a lot of us were just celebrating for Hal's willingness to say what he thought and pleased. We then all had great fun commenting on Hal's magnificent blogs--I know I had greatest fun, getting lots of attn, and savaging stupid scum who would write in.

Hal went for the money in co-operating w. Feds, never doubt--I guess now he found out how reliable Feds are for their treachery. Question is DID HAL TURNER DAMAGE the patriot movement?--NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO--he couldn't have--how could he?

So dumb-ass, brainless morons and stupid idiots would gratuitously solicit Hal and volunteer compromising info?--WHO WOULD DO THIS?--answer: ONLY Jews and their agents trolling for suckers, that's all--that's who really objected and got Hal busted, I suggest.

So my take and appraisal for this Hal Turner episode is JEWS WANTED TO INTIMIDATE and terrorize patriots fm speaking out against Jew-controlled gov. and empire, AND THEY SUCCEEDED, didn't they? Hal Turner was surely doing MOST DAMAGE against Jews and their trolling agencies at SPLC and ADL.

And it's all (regarding Hal Turner) IRRELEVANT anyway, for patriots still must do basic work of organizing the people, the volk, BEGINNING w. basic principles of ANTI-SEMITISM, hence real, proper, TRUE Christianity, which is basically anti-semitism, first, last, and always. If u're NOT ANTI-SEMITIC, U AIN'T NO CHRISTIAN, comrade.

[---------see below for part two to above entry----------A.]

apollonian said...

[--------here's part two to above entry-----------A.]

* * * * *

For Christianity is properly, naturally, and logically built upon anti-semitism--it just then adds some common-sense items by way of positive pt.s for keeping the people TOGETHER and staying united against this infernal Jew monster:

(a) Thus Christianity is for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) against Jew lies.

(b) Thus Christianity orders the other virtues according to this primary value of truth, including then "love," "peace," and "faith" (loyalty).

For never forget: PEOPLE ONLY UNITE IN FIRST PLACE AGAINST NEGATIVE--and Jews w. their hook-noses are made-to-order for this negative. Musselmen don't cut it for too long--after all, USA/Israel has mass-murdered over a million in Iraq now--all for nothing they ever did against USA.

So Hal Turner COULD have done much more and better in way of uniting the volk--but hey, he did well enough, probably the best he could. Associating w. the FBI was probably un-avoidable in the long-term for Hal's abilities to stage the various propaganda shows he put on. I personally benefitted fm exposure and exercise (and sheer fun) of posting on his blogs, as I note again.

So consider comrades, this issue about associating w. FBI is rather blown-out of proportion, I submit. Hal Turner surely was greedy, and he wanted that money, so I guess there's lesson there.

But note how Feds have the money-COUNTERFEITING machine, the Fed (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud/scam), which can generate nearly INFINITE funds--NEVER FORGET this incredible power they have.

If they can't get u for the first sum they propose, they can always UP the "ante"--there's no necessary limit--and don't forget also, they can make things difficult for u too. WE shouldn't blame Hal Turner for going for that moooolah, like he did--it's common failing among humans, u know.

So again, remember this Hal Turner episode turned out BAD for freedom-of-speech--a successful terrorizing by the Feds against the people, without a doubt. And the issue of association w. Feds is highly problematical for the good pt.s and bad pt.s--it's largely "Judgment" issue, I'd say--a matter of tactics for what exactly one is trying to accomplish.

CONCLUSION: Patriots must STILL work to UNITE the people. Greatest problem, surely by far, is still those stinking, scummy "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist dumb-shits who suck-along w. Jew monsters, saying Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist) and supporting enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see for expo/ref. on 9-11). But JCs are YET ZOG-Mammon's GREATEST WEAK-PT. too, never doubt--it's where and upon what we must SET SIGHTS and concentrate efforts. ZOG-Mammon IS WEAK--if we only exert ourselves. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

CENTRAL WN said...

Episode #31 - ZOG will REALLY Fuck U Up

Time: 08/15/2010 09:00 PM Eastern

Episode Notes: Special Longer, Harder, & Uncut Episode. Hal Turner thought ZOG was his pal, and as a paytridiot 'thought' that he would spy on Whigger Nutsionalists. And so Hal Turner denied being a ZOGbot until the day that ZOG thought Hal Went too far and decided to fuck the Turdnerstein up. By the way, the baal-priests Sci-Fi Faber, jewromy Visser, and sundry ZOGbot pisser-possums are still running wild, eating shit & bothering pisspul. Edgar Steele, The Whigger-Whimperer, is supposedly facing trial, represented by a pub[l]ic pretender, like Halster Turdnerstein, to be held Monday. The Whigger-Whimperer better figure out quick, a way to derail the Railroad, or get jewst to living in a ZOG jewlag cage with the Halster & Tyrone & MuhDikkk X. Introducing a new parody song to the Lindstedt EIB Network (Erysipelas In Broadcasting) called "ZOG WILL Fuck U Up", which is a variant on a somewhat blasphemous little ditty. So if you are gonna get butt-fucked by ZOG, and it is because YOU begged for it, then might as well enjoy the ride, even if only third-'hand'. Hail Victory!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone threw his fat ass under the bus.

jimbo! said...

two lessons you can "draw" from this:

i/"working" for ZOG is "a no-brainer"!

ii/never issue threats against specific people apropos "general groups" like, for instance, "jews" & "niggers"!

Kyle said...

Tell Mullet, or whichever idiot runs up a phone bill, to get Vonage!

Joe White said...

Another case of Fitzgerald abusing the justice system. Why did the first 2 trials end in hung juries? Hmmmm.. could it be because the case was not strong enough? If you throw it in front of enough juries (especially if the judge stacks the jury), eventually you'll get what you want.

Anonymous said...

At first ZOG told Hal Turner that he would be held responsible IF anything happened to the judges. Nothing happened to them, but Turner was charged and locked up anyway.

Anonymous said...

WH CARES what happened to hal turdner - he WAS the ENEMY!!! It was poetic justice at work.