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Omar Thornton's Mass Murder Spree At Hartford Distributors After Being Caught Stealing Beer Allegedly Motivated By "Racism" Against Him

Mass Murderer Omar Thornton

On August 3rd, 2010, a Black man who resigned from his job after being presented with video evidence showing him stealing beer from the warehouse in Manchester, CT where he worked snapped, pulled out a gun, and started firing at fellow workers, killing eight of them and wounding two others before turning the gun on himself. Media stories from the Hartford Courant, CNN, CBS News, WFSB Channel 3 (see their index of all stories HERE), and an AP story via KSL Channel 5. Former Connecticut State Rep. Kevin Rennie also discussed this on his DailyRuctions blog.

Discussion on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Omar Thornton reported for work at the Hartford Distributors warehouse at 7 A.M. on August 3rd, 2010. He had worked there for two years. At a meeting with union representatives and his supervisors, he was confronted with several videos from security cameras which showed him stealing beer from the warehouse. Thornton offered no defense; he quietly signed a letter of resignation and was headed for the door when he pulled out a gun and started firing, "cold as ice," as one survivor described it. The fact that he had a weapon with him implies premeditation.

Thornton then walked through the building and parking lot for more than an hour, keeping police and medical teams from providing assistance to the wounded. As police responded and closed in, he called his mother, saying that he finally shot the five "racists" that were out to get him. He said they had pushed him over the edge. He also told his mother he was sorry and wanted to say goodbye. His mother tried to talk him out of capping himself, but to no avail. At 9 A.M., as SWAT teams closed in, Thornton shot himself.


The deceased victims (all 8 now identified):

-- Bryan Cirigliano: a fellow driver and union rep who fought to save Thornton's job
-- Victor James, another fellow driver and union rep who fought to save Thornton's job.
-- Craig Pepin, another longtime driver and a soccer coach in his hometown of South Windsor, was killed when he called out to warn co-workers.
-- Doug Scruton
-- William Ackerman
-- Edwin Kennison Jr.
-- Francis Fazio Jr.
-- Louis Felder Jr.

There are reports that Thornton said he found a picture of a noose and a racial epithet written on a bathroom wall, and that he was in a stall once and heard a co-worker say "they wanted that nigger out of there". But Brett Hollander, whose family owns the distributorship, denied any racial bias. And a union official said Thornton had not filed a complaint of racism with the union or any government agency. Teamsters official Christopher Roos said that Omar Thornton was merely a disgruntled employee who shot a bunch of people. Furthermore, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities said Hartford Distributors has never had any complaints filed against it.

Omar Thornton reportedly posed no disciplinary problems in the past.His girlfriend, Kristi Hannah, had been with him on Monday August 2nd and gave no indication he was planning anything violent. Kristi's mother Joanne Hannah described Thornton as an easygoing guy who liked to play sports and video games. She said he had a pistol permit and planned to teach her daughter how to use a gun. However, a New York Times article discloses that Thornton had financial problems in the past, and that creditors were starting to pursue him again.

Omar Thornton now becomes entry #60 on my unofficial list of Black Serial/Spree killers.


apollonian said...

Anti-White Racism Was Surely A Factor--But Probably NOT Primary--In This Putrid Imperial Prison We Now Inhabit
(Apollonian, 4 Aug 10)

Good coverage by WhiteReference. Well, here's a self-pitying black-guy who had no love lost for the whites who surrounded him at his work place. The lesson of the story is EVERYONE should be armed, and this guy Thornton then probably wouldn't have done such damage as he did. In a truly thriving economy, he would have known he'd be able to get a job somewhere else.

It's truly interesting sociologic question to consider all aspects of this incident.

Was it PRIMARILY a black who was out to do in whites?--perhaps not, as Mike Rivero (Jew) at merely notes that people in general are now pushed to the breaking pt.--which surely carries some truth to it.

So in conclusion, I'd say first, every work place should only employ people on basis of discrimination--we should work w. only people we WANT to work with, much as possible.

CONCLUSION: Thus people could be armed without everyone having to worry about it--after all, they're just fellow citizens who serve in "militia" along w. all other citizens. But this isn't the real situation is it?--in this ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies, busy out on the frontier, mass-murdering AAAAAA-rabs and musselmen. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Kristi Hannah was his ugly White trash girlfriend.
Can't say the dumbasses who got capped hadn't had enough warning about the dangers of Niggers, they go ballistic all the time, almost as often as they steal and lie. Sadly, it appears that most "American" Whites would rather be shot than defend themselves - so be it.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 9:54 - My mudshark radar tingled a bit when I saw Kristi Hannah's name; not surprised that there's confirmation.

Anonymous said...

That guy is propably one of jjeff Schoeps or Paul Mullets step-children.

Craig Cobb said...

Fox News' jew psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, states that racism DID NOT cause Thornton to mass murder, an affront to Thornton's own statement that that was his factual motive.

Stormfront thread fails, as of 4:44PM Mtn time, Aug. 4th, 2010, to point out that Ablow is a jew. Also note that Wikipedia jews have pre-sanitized the Ablow page so that there is zero mention of his jewishness!

(Bottom of post #125 on SF links Ablow story; zero mention Ablow is a jew, so I posted info and linked proof on my new blog)

Anonymous said...

Anybody checked out this "3rd Position" site ? They look like pissed off Republicunts who want to, but can't say "Goddamn Niggers" ?

jimbo! said... this a good argument for "nigger control"?

@ "Craig Cobb".....wotz doin', m8?!?

yeh..."SF" probably "censored out" all rfrncs to the yoo....i'm pretty convinced that "JackBoot" cunt is some kind of crypto-kike, eh?!?'s a good one....i got a "PM" from an SF "big-wig" ("Cybersaavy") imploring me to renew my "sustaining member-ship" when that germ "JackBoot" has blocked my account (no posts!)....go figure!....oy vey!?!

i wouldn't give those cunts "½-a-glass-of-piss" if they were dyin' of thirst!

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jimbo! said...

*join*......good stuff (Will Williams/"White Will" a prominent member there!)

Harry Spencer said...

I do not see that Chain's blogspot link got posted of stormfront.

Anonymous said...

Starts 9pm eastern, 8pm central

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Craig Cobb said...

Jewish psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow of Fox News gets violently attacked by former Podblanc surfer Keith Luke:

Anonymous said...

Stormfront SUCKS. Don Black is a traitor sucking up fools' money. No Swastikas allowed on Stormfront! Real White Racists need to avoid that neo-con forum.

Anonymous said...

You hypocrites. You say that this was most definitely a case of anti-white racism, but then call his girlfriend white trash? Does anyone know how sad this is? If you guys aren't racists, then I'M going to shoot myself. And while we're on the subject, why don't I bring down eight people with me, just to make you guys feel better?