Saturday, August 14, 2010

National Socialist Movement Holds "Stand In The South" Rally In Knoxville; An Estimated 60 Patriots Participate

Note: Because of excessive flaming, I have closed this post to new comments as of August 17th.

As advertised, the National Socialist Movement held their "Stand In The South" rally in Knoxville, TN on August 14th, 2010, and an estimated 60 patriots showed up to proclaim their pro-White allegiance. This is considerably lower than the 200 expected, but apparently some of the people who bragged on Stormfront about attending were long on talk and short on action. Kudos to those who actually showed up. The NSM will publish an official after-action report in the next couple of days.

-- View Knoxville News-Sentinel gallery of 19 photos HERE. Among the recognizable personalities were NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, NSM Chairman Cliff Herrington, and Charles Wilson.

-- View more photos at the Stuck Inside Of Knoxville blog (an anti-racist source). News-Sentinel video embedded below:

Offsetting the 60 patriots who showed up were around 100 anti-racist counterprotesters. Approximately 500 law enforcement officers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Knox County Sheriffs, City of Knoxville Police, Knoxville Fire Department, and the FBI were on hand to keep the peace; three arrests were reported. One of the three arrested was an anti-racist counterprotester who tried to claim he was an NSM supporter; after causing a disturbance, he was charged with disorderly conduct. The other two individuals were arrested by the Highway Patrol on weapons charges before the rally began; Thomas Fasula, 23, of Wausau, Wis., and Matthew Heironimus, 23, of Mosinee, Wis., were arrested on charges of carrying weapons with intent to go armed before the rally started. Fasula had a .45-caliber pistol, and Heironimus had a .357-caliber pistol.

Most of the 60 patriots were reportedly from eastern Tennessee. The NSM received parade and noise permits from the city for its demonstration. The permits’ applicant, Brian Culpepper, described it as an “anti-amnesty” rally in support of efforts to pass a Tennessee law similar to, if not tougher than Arizona’s new immigration law. Beginning at 3 P.M., the patriots marched from Market Square to the Knox County Courthouse, where a variety of speeches were delivered. Immigration was at the top of the list. Metal barricades and cops separated the patriots from the antis. The rally wound down at 5 P.M.

But while the main focus of the rally was on illegal immigration, the NSM says immigration is just one of the issues they address nationwide and they weren't suprised by the opposition. NSM Commander Jeff Schoep explained, "Agitators that make all kinds of noise and things like that. We feel like if you don't like what we're saying or you have an issue with what we're saying that you should stay home. We're not here to speak to the antis and the communists we're here to speak to the White people of the community." Schoep denied there was anything hateful in what they do, stating that the NSM is a White civil rights organization here for White interests and as American patriots first and foremost. When asked about the swastika, Schoep explained that it is an ancient symbol of the White race, a symbol of the sun. It does not stand for hate.

This was the third pro-White rally held in Knoxville during the past three years. The first two, on May 26th, 2007 and June 16th, 2007, were in response to the Christian-Newsom atrocity.


Anonymous said...

Now, let's compare the latest NSM Rally in Knoxville and the phony "aryan nations" failure in Pulaski! "Director" Mullet, a liar and a thief, could only bring three or four losers with him, including an assadore Jenkins, an incest loving child molester Young, and a pedo teach from CA Schruender!! With "officers" like that the "aryan nations" are going places... NSM is the ONLY real WN organization! Join us today!


[We were waiting to see two former NSM members expelled for dishonorable conduct, a fat conman Bowles and an assadore Jenkins, to confront us after the rally, but they never showed up... Well, maybe next time!]

Anonymous said...

To all the people that showed up:

Do you think you were doing a service to your race by standing next to a guy who is married to a race mixer? For heaven's sake she was married to Raymond nigger smith for nine years. Jeff Schoep is a step father to her mixed raced daughter Amber.

If this behavior is acceptable to you, then your not a true White Nationalist.

If Jeff really cared about his race he would have stayed behind to raise his children. Instead he married a woman who was married to a nigger for nine years. The rallies are only a front to draw customers to his record business.

Plain and simple Jeff is an enemy to our cause.

Anonymous said...

"Do you think you were doing a service to your race by standing next to a guy who is married to a race mixer? For heaven's sake she was married to Raymond nigger smith for nine years. Jeff Schoep is a step father to her mixed raced daughter Amber."

What PROOF do you have? No, crazy statements from a madman "Jim Ramm" (allegedly a mother fucker, a real one!!) do not count. Jeff is a Man of Honor, and he deserves respect that he gets. And please, stop bringing up the fact that he allegedly was raped as a teenager. Even IF it was true, it happened long time ago, and everyone knows that he is not a homosexual today, he always has a woman by his side, so stop saying this shit, OK?

NSM Supporter

Anonymous said...

I would like to try to disprove this blog. Any idiot can see Jeff's current wife was married a nigger for nine years. In that nine years her and Raymond had a child together named Amber.

Anonymous said...

I see plenty of proof that Joanna Schoep is a nigger fucker. But I see no proof that proves her innocence. They have posted proof now I suggest you prove otherwise. Attacking former NSM members whom are inactive isn't proof, but what you have none, you try to cloud the issue.

These people have proven that Jeff Schoep's wife was married to a nigger for nine years, nothing you say will make any difference.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Paul Mullet's Aryan Nations is that he isn't affiliated with a Satanic group like Herrington's Joy of Satan. Herrington was at the rally.

If Paul want's bigger numbers at his rallies he needs to attract the satantic crowd, like the NSM does. They have much bigger numbers than the Nazi's. Free sex satanic orgies really build a groups membership!

Anonymous said...

Your right, if all Nazi groups pulled on membership from a satan cult like the NSM does, our rallies would have much bigger attendance.y

NSM = Joy of Satan

Puzzled Person said...

I'm an NSM member and can't figure out why we didn't have more members at this rally in Knoxville.

1.) We had satanist Herrington there to draw the satantist numbers.

2.) We had Jeff Schoep to draw the race-mixers.

3.) We had Charles Wilson to draw the fat people so they wouldn't feel bad.

4.) We picked an area to speak where very little White people were at.

5.) The weather was only near 100 degrees and unemployment isn't as high as a yeat ago (I think).

I still can't figure it out?

Anonymous said...

Jeff always finds some devil worshiping morons to come out for his freak shows.

The entire NSM crew at the rally consisted of 8 or so people: Jeffie and his nigger-fucking wife, old devilman Herrington, Randy from Wisconsin, Fed Nark Charles Wilson, Our next "president"(HAHA) Brian Holland, some senior citizen from Michigan, and their area contact.

Everyone else were Fill ins. Extra's Pulled from the local Joy of Satan Group and a nearby Satanism Grotto. I bet the satantic orgys afterwards was, simply put, mind-blowning.

I hope the NSM Chairman Herrington has refrained from doing sex magic with little boys.

Such behavior is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

No decent KKK would want to associate with the satantist NSM.

mike said...

How dare you!

Chairman Herrington isn't a devil worshipper!

He's a sold, stand up Christian man who deeply loves god.

Your will burn in hell for such lies!

Anonymous said...

Everyone that leaves the NSM has something wrong with them. Didn't you know that? They are either a fag, informer, dishonorable conduct, communist, ARA agent, jew, race-mixer. The only ones that stay in the NSM are normal honorable people that don't have tattooes or listen to any crazy skinhead music and have all their teeth. Yea, right!

Anonymous said...

Everyone please stop picking on Jeff Schoep. He never did nothing wrong. He never burglarized that house, or got all those DUI tickets while driving, or took from the NSM Scholarship Fund to move, or gave all his candidates plenty of money to campaign from his profits from NSM** Records, or married a race-mixing wife, or authorized NukeIsarel website to be stolen, or abandone his children in MN, or travelled to Mexico for a vacation. All those things were made up by the Jewish conspiracy :)

Anonymous said...

The lies about Herrington were created by Jim Ramm and Taylor Bowles. Jim Ramm photoshopped the entire Joy Of Satan Website. I know for a fact Chairman Herrington attends a catholic church daily and confesses his sins to a black priest.

Chairman is going to heaven, praise god for such men of high moral caliber.

Anonymous said...

It seems "The South Took A Stand Against the NSM" yesterday by the low turnout. Hey NSM, you got a big middle finger from the South. Hint! Hint!

Anonymous said...


Hell yes. Everything Schoep did wrong was photoshopped. He is Mr. Innocent and never did anything wrong. Remember, he is the NEW FUHRER and the NEW FUHRER never does anything wrong or should be questioned. His EVA BRAUN is now EVA BROWN. lol

Anonymous said...

Whats with this disrespecting the Swastika banner by wearing them as capes?! This so-called neo-nazi group has no sense of honorable tradition at all!

Anonymous said...

500 zogbots! - man, they really go out of their way to protect their own! Jeffy must be worth a lot to hid Masters. All in all, WHERE were the WHITE CROWD? I saw Devilman Herrington and pals, the anti's, but NO normal White folks. Whats the use of doing this if our own people don't come? At least AN had a small crowd to speak to. I suggest that Jeffy simply goes into his backyard and shouts at the tree and saves all the hassle next time...

Anonymous said...

Jeffie is the most respectable race mixer in the entire
Movement. Working together with the devilers, pedophiles and federal informants, they will save Israel. Heil Satan and heil his children the Jews.

Anonymous said...

How can you call a estimated 60 "patriots"???? Are Patriots people whom go to a rally sponsored by a known race-mixing liar and convicted thief? Are Patriots aligned with satanists?

Anonymous said...

Check out the nice S/M shoot the Oregon NSM woman's leader Corri Lou did. This bitch is into the hardcore:

The devil worshipers, who make up most of Jeff's NSM membership, aren't offended!

Anonymous said...


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Age: 31 Type: Bad Girl
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A bodybuilder chick. It showed too. She'd just had a competition the previous week so she was still quite buff. I asked her if she was nervous and she stated as much. I asked her why and she told me she was worried about looking good enough. Clearly, that wasn't a problem. She told me she was a big fan of anal sex. I've never had an ass hook go into a girl with the ease I had putting one in her. A very, very good cock sucker. She was a bit mystified by the DSM portion of BDSM.
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Naturally, we stuck an ass hook and an electrical anal plug in her butt.

Larry Flint said...

Now that's a fine example of Womanhood from the NSM! Herrington and his devillers would praise her on such a excellent display for satan! I wonder if the other NSM women members like anal so much???

Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't do sex magic with teens, unlike Herrington.

Anonymous said...

The NSM is disgusting for looking sloppy, flags tied around their necks like capes, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that all the organized groups in the movement ignored 'standing with Schoep', and except for nsm devil-worshiping creeps, and a bunch of unorganized 'independents' schambling along in an undiciplined manner. Not the best example of 'white power'.

Anonymous said...

White movement show tonight at 9 eastern

Anonymous said...

What a flop for the nsm! They boasted that there would be numerous groups, and 200-300 participants. Turns out that there was only 40-50, of the usual motley crew. Can't they afford flagpoles, it looked pretty stupid wearing our sacred banners as capes, of course very few of them are really sincere National Socialists. It was pretty disgusting to see NSM Chairman Clifford Herringtons SATANIC FACE right up front alongside Jeff all the way. I guess Jeff IS a fucking LIAR, as he told me that a long time ago that the satanists were gone. I talked to a friend who went and he was really disappointed, the crowd was so loud the speaches couldn't be heard even by attendee's. Hopefully, he'll stay away from NSM events in the future, before he's arrested for something stupid like the two NSM'ers from Wisconson who got busted for bringing guns. What were THEY thinking? Someone within had to have narced them out, or how would the pigs have known the guns were in their car? Glad I didn't attend! WPWW!

Anonymous said...

The most important thing to remember is that the ANP was not able to rally any other nationalist to any confrontation with other white nationalists. Taylor Bowles tells Rocky all the time that he has Klan allies but this is paper thin. For every rally the NSM does, the ANP loses more ground. Their tireless lies and BS are buried under real world activism.

Something needs to be said to Rocky and Taylor that hasn't been said yet. You both are boring as hell. Nobody cares to hear two losers talk on and on about what everbody else is doing wrong. If someone wanted to hear that, they can just go listen to the old men hanging around the barber shop for free.

Anonymous said...

The ANP outshines the NSM any day. All Schoep does is the same ole tactics that don't accomplish anything but negative publicity for the White Nationalism. The jews love the NSM for that.

Anonymous said...

The NSM cunts are running scared from the blog comments. Just a couple of freaks, one whom spells "October" as "OCTOBAR". This twisted fool is obviously a mental giant among the current NSM membership!

Anonymous said...

At least ANP members at their rally rally won't have to rely and have police protection like the NSM does every rally. That's the only reason Schoep appears at NSM rallies because he is a chicken shit without the police to protect them. Let one rally happen of the NSM and they get the shit kicked out of them and you will see NSM rallies stop for lack of people. lol

Anonymous said...

My favorite ANP line is "they are just after the media attention!" or the more general "they are just doing it for attention!" No shit, moron. You are supposed to be activists and that's what they do. It's like accusing a bank of being "in it for the money."

Does anybody else think it's funny that the NSM has a rally with sixty people and that is about four times as many members as the ANP has total? Now according to common sense, the "phase two" group ought to have at least twice as many members as the phase one street holligans. So let me get this straight...the idea is to scale down and do less?

Great generals through history have done the same thing. Alexander the Great is a good example. His strategy was to all but totally quit fighting after the first engagement. Don't even look like an army. Just talk about being an army. Show up once a year for those interested and say how the army needs more money or how other armies don't know what they are doing. The enemy will fold like wheat before the sickle. Rocky knows this and employs this same tactic. The best way to make the enemy think you aren't doing a fucking thing is to do just that: absolutely nothing! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

They should have called it a JOS or Joy Of Satan Rally. THe Majority of the people at the event were Joy of Satan members promoting the NSM!

Anonymous said...

Why not walk around naked with a flaming stick up their ass? THAT would generate a LOT of attention! LOL Its funny, the Reds infiltrated American society without all this attention pretty darn successfully, now they ARE in control. I wonder what might have happened if they would have been publicity whores like the nsm?