Monday, August 16, 2010

Murder Of Chrissie Harmzen In Limpopo Province Brings South African Farm Murder Count Up To 3,690 Since 1987

The running total of South African White farmers murdered since 1987 has now reached 3,690, according to Censorbugbear who's been keeping a running total. The latest addition is 70-year-old Chrissie Hamzen, who was murdered at her farm by intruders on August 6th, 2010.

Harmzen was attacked and assaulted at about 11:00 A.M., barely five steps from the back door of the house she and her husband rent on a farm outside Burgersfort in Limpopo province in the northern part of South Africa. They have been living on the farm for the past ten years. During the attack, Mrs Harmzen was able to press the security company’s panic button she always carried with her. Her husband Johan and the security company responded within 20 minutes, and found Mrs Harmzen lying down with her three Jack Terrier dogs sitting on her in a protective posture. Mrs. Harmzen was still alive at that point, but when she was asked to describe her attackers, her eyes rolled back in her head. She was transported to Midmed hospital in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, where she died shortly thereafter. She had been beaten so hard that her lungs burst, and was also repeatedly beaten in the face and hit over the head with an unknown object.

Only Harmzen’s cellphone, the back door keys and the security company’s panic button were stolen. Nothing was taken from the house itself. The sheer savagery of these thugs is appalling and has been played out constantly, particularly since the transition to Black majority rule in South Africa. It is quite similar to the savagery displayed by Lemaricus Davidson towards Channon Christian in Knoxville, TN.

Hendrik Pitzer, a neighbour, said there have been plenty of cases of theft on the farm. In addition, another neighbour was attacked on the same farm, where there are a few houses, at the end of 2009. The perpetrators are still at large, but it doesn't require a PhD to figure out their race.

The Farmitracker website provides a geographical representation of the attack locations. Click on Attacks On Whites, Farms and you will find the bulk of the attacks are in the interior of South Africa. Western South Africa, which has fewer Blacks, is noticeably safer (except for Cape Town).


Anonymous said...

You know what is sick on our level of things? There are zero posts on this murder. Oh, you can read about how much the ANP hates Jeff Schoep, the NSM and white nationalism in general. Where is the outrage for things like this? The best you can hope for is fat fucking Taylor Bowles coming on here and telling us how the murder victim is in the wrong somehow.

I know how it is in South Africa. It is a hell you just can't walk away from. Imagine having family there, trying to carve out a life. You don't even hear about the murders over the cries about jews who may or may not have been killed over 60 years ago.

jimbo! said...

will continue unless & until the remaining whites in Sth Afrc take up arms and claim their own, unique white home-land;

failing's a "chance" for some of the more "loud-mouthed" WNs to "take a stand"....make on-the-ground arrangements with more radical groups of white farmers, acquire money, guns & explosives and "parachute" in to Sth Afreaka....a couple of thousand heavily armed, able-bodied white men (preferably, with mil' experience) just might give the psychopathic goblin nogz there "cause for pause"!

Anonymous said...

To 8:08 AM

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Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion for
WN groups. Sponsor some white S. African families to come to the US. Form a lobby for refugee status for white S. Africans and organize some protests against the incremental genocide going on there. If nothing else, it would bring these murders some much needed attention.

Anonymous said...

Why are White people in America so fucking concerned about SA? The Whites there raised the flag of surrender without ONE SHOT being fired - literally! They HANDED OVER POWER to the nigs - what in hell did they expect, nigs being nigs? American Whites had better awaken and get-involved in a serious political manner SOON, or they are facing the SAME. I agree with Rocky and the American Nazi Party that all this street-theater nonsense has to go, and we need to build WHITE political POWER! Seig Heil! 88!