Monday, August 09, 2010

Former Order Member Richard Kemp Writes To Harold Covington, Says White Nationalism Is Germinating And Taking Root At His Location

On August 9th, 2010, Harold Covington posted a copy of a letter he received from former Order member Richard Kemp on Thoughtcrime. Kemp not only states that he is adjusting successfully to freedom once again, but, most gratifyingly, after 25 years in a ZOGpen, remains faithful to the Cause. For obvious and prudent reasons, Kemp's location has been redacted.

Kemp also discloses that he has found pockets of comrades in various locales, to include entire businesses staffed by like-minded folk. He insists that the seeds that have been planted, presumably by Covington, are germinating and taking root, and that Covington's work is not in vain. He advises Covington to stay the course. Some within the White nationalist community are contemptuous of Covington, but Richard Kemp's apparent endorsement of Covington and his methods sends a powerful message that ought not be ignored. Covington emphasizes gathering, community, and self-defense.

Richard Kemp first met up with Robert Mathews when he was only a year out of high school. Sentenced to 60 years in a Federal prison for his role in armored car robberies and racketeering, he stood strong and made productive use of his time. In prison, he taught Adult Continuing Education classes in geography, history, classical literature, German & French language classes. He taught finished woodworking for 4 ½ years where the wooden toys and furniture were donated to Children’s Hospitals and organizations that benefited children. Each year he assisted in a program where prisoners buy Yuletide gifts for local children that would have had to do without. He was recently released after serving 25 years of his sentence. More details can also be found in this lengthy Stormfront thread.

The other members of the Order who remained solid include Robert J. Mathews, David Lane, Gary Yarbrough, Bruce Pierce, Richard Scutari, David Tate, Randy Duey and Randy Evans. Denver Parmenter and Tom Martinez sold out. According to Women for Aryan Unity (WAU), Yarborough, Pierce, Scutari, Tate, and Duey are still incarcerated, and WAU is soliciting sponsors to "Adopt A Bruder".

WAU also informs us that the Federal Bureau of Prisons plans to tighten its methods for those placed in Federal penitentiaries. Specifically, the proposed new regulations would take most of the morale-raising rights away from the inmates of high security units. This will affect Richard Scutari; in May 2010, he wrote WAU a letter in which he said, “If Congress passes these rules, I will be limited to writing and receiving one 3-page letter per week, one 15 minute phone call per month, and one 1-hour non-contact visit per month. And all that will only be allowed with an immediate family member. This is probably a bit more stringent than what Rudolf Hess had put on him. [...] You can not find any mention of me because left-wing liberals prefer to not acknowledge my existence and our side would care less about those of us in captivity.”

Scutari was sentenced to a 60 year prison sentence, and his mandatory release date is in 2026, at which time he would be 79 years old. After serving almost 23 years, despite having a record of good behavior, Scutari was given “DT” classification (Domestic Terrorist) and was sent to the Communications Management Unit (CMU). Right now, Richard Scutari is the only White prisoner of the 12 other inmates placed in the CMU of USP Marion in Illinois.


jimbo! said...

Scutari was sentenced to a 60 year prison sentence, and his mandatory release date is in 2026, at which time he would be 79 years old. After serving almost 23 years, despite having a record of good behavior, Scutari was given “DT” classification (Domestic Terrorist) and was sent to the Communications Management Unit (CMU). Right now, Richard Scutari is the only White prisoner of the 12 other inmates placed in the CMU of USP Marion in Illinois

it's "a morality tale".....if yr a WN, then, don't be taken ALIVE by ZOG...because, you'll receive NO justice and, most certainly, NO "mercy"!

Bob Matthews obviously had the right idea!

it's nuthin' short of "a miracle" that Kemp was released (?) for the other "Bruder" members....the only way they'll get out is via a White Revolution...the ONLY solution!

Anonymous said...

Harold Glass Covington is a jew, not sure I believe that letter to him is real.
But AA: please do post info when you find Kemp's info so we can write/contact him. Thanks. He deserves the BEST we all can do for him.

apollonian said...

"Creators" Need To Figure Out WHO IS BOSS Among Patriots And Whites
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 10)

Hey "Jimbo!"--I followed ur advice and got into the Creator Alliance forum (briefly)--this specifically in accord w. ur posting a few days ago. So I found out how things are there among those blokes.

Their (creator) forum seems to be reasonably active with quite a few members, but they are poorly led in certain respects, and grossly ignorant upon certain pt.s, esp. regarding Christianity.

The "pontifex" there kicked me out when I made it clear creators need to respect Christian people if they knew what was good for them. "Pontifex" told me, I was "warned about preaching Christianity."

But I never actually preached any Christianity, really; rather, I found I only replied to the stupid cracks those presumptuous and ignorant morons (some of them, anyway) would make against Christianity.

I found, w. few exceptions, those "creator" scum DON'T CARE ABOUT WHITE FOLKS OR WHITE PEOPLE--they're just into their own little, brainless, self-righteous, self-pitying trolling for mal-contents and those who think they've something against Christianity.

For if u care about white people, u'd care about their culture which is so heavily Christian. And u'd make a decent effort to understand what Christianity really is about.

A couple of those creatures would say stupid crap like, "Jesus never existed," or "there is no God."

So I reminded them of basic law of logic which states simply u CANNOT PROVE A NEGATIVE--like "there is no God." All u can say is u have no evidence.

Like Jews they'd never or seldom acknowledge the pt.s I made and just keep on repeating their stupid balderdash.

As u might know, one of the creators' main pt.s is Christianity is mere version/variation of Judaism--to which I pt.d out Christianity EXPLICITLY repudiates Talmud--as at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9. Like Jews, they most often would just ignore my info.

So anyway "Jimbo!"--I'd say u need to let those "creator" people know we real Christians WILL NOT TOLERATE scum who fail to sympathize w. Christian white folks--WE ARE "THE PEOPLE"--and we're not going to submit to those ignorant pieces-of-shit who disparage Christianity. They--at least many of them--need to get a serious clue.

CONCLUSION: On the contrary, "creators" better get it firmly within their little minds they can be NON-Christian, BUT they CANNOT BE ANTI-CHRIST--upon pain of ULTIMATE PENALTY, same as that for TREASON. We Christian soldiers are serious--and don't forget what low-life scum we can be when we get mad. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Covingstein probably wrote it to himself. He's known for doing shit like that.

Sunny said...

Creativity Religion, the pseudo Christian racial cargo cult with the Volkswagon sign, founded by a Ukrainian J-E-W. In the real world, the groups completely irrelevant, almost feel sorry for bringing them up.

Anonymous said...

Now Taylor is against the Creators. Someone at the FBI or whoever he works for needs to reign him in. He isn't very believeable.

Anonymous said...

Now Taylor is against the Creators. Someone at the FBI or whoever he works for needs to reign him in. He isn't very believeable.

David Drury said...

I read the article on the Bowles Blog website and he reposted a letter from former NSM member Cynthia (also posted in New Saxon by her) attacking the NSM for being anti-Creativity. 12:26PM, Geez, you can't even tell a lie right. Why don't you get Bill White to teach you to lie since you love doing it.

Anonymous said...

This proves it. Here is your wise advice masters from the ANP. They have officially confused the Church of the Creator with Christianity. That's a summation of the great baston of white nationalism that can't even tell you the basic ideology of a group that has been around over 30 years. Nice.

Anonymous said...

It seems from the article posted in the Bowles Blog it is the NSM the one having problems with religious ideologies in it. The ANP doesn't have that problem because it has better leadership according to Rocky.

Also, the article in question has nothing to do with the ANP but is from a disgruntled (there are a lot of them) member who said the NSM was biased against Creativity and Christianity. All Bowles did was repost it asshole-1:21PM.

Anonymous said...

No damage control can be done there. I noticed it too. The fakes in the ANP think Creators are Christians. Bwaaaahhhahahaha.

I read the article btw.

Anonymous said...

No damage control can be done there. I noticed it too. The fakes in the ANP think Creators are Christians. Bwaaaahhhahahaha.

I read the article btw.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what they think or don't think? Have you read some of the stuff they've written about people? They have no right to say anything about anybody.

Anonymous said...

Creators are mostly all just formerly quondam protestants looking for a shovel

jimbo! said...

@ "Apollonian": if the over-whelming majority of xtians weren't such blatant "kike-kissers", then, there wouldn't be so much of a problem.....they could, quite easily, be absorbed into CI or some-thing similar!

"creators" have their own set of beliefs and, in a White Homeland, would prefer to live in their own separate enclaves...probably some-thing like "the Amish" do now!

we would be fools not to acknowledge that most WNs are xtians of one sort or t'other....NSM, KKK, Aryan Nations, CI &, it would be foolish to be "at war" with them!....all WN "groups" need to work together to achieve that common goal....a white home-land!

(Covington's ideas on this seem to be "the best bet"....i say nothing about his character....because i have not met him nor do i know him personally!)

that said: this still doesn't pre-clude us from advocating our own beliefs....may the best "set of ideas" win!

*join the Creativity Alliance forum!..."White Will" now a prominent member!*

Kyle said...

don't miss out on the fun!

Hal Turner trial just began!

Anonymous said...

I'm a former NSM member and can tell you for a fact that everyone in the NSM lies and is a fake.

Anonymous said...

Subscribe to The White Worker, the American Nazi Partys 20-page, monthly magazine, for only a $20 donation. It is mailed in a plain, brown security envelope each informative issue. No other organization can state the same. Check out - 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Everybody hold on to your seats - talk about TRUE BELIEFS - the "AN" has a link on their "AFFILIATES" page on their website, to the "CREATOR MOVEMENT"!? WTF The creators are the most ANTI CHRISTIAN group ever created! They literally HATE Christians and want to eliminate them and their creed, and that includes CI. So much for the 'deeply held beliefs' of the so-called AN people. I knew it was all a ruse and a fake posturing all along. Kevin Brannan PS - I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you mean I can pay $20 for a crappy fanzine mailed to my house pornography style? I'm in coward paradise!

Ever notice how Rocky treats white nationalism like it's some sort of perverted pleasure? I swear he operates just like you'd expect NAMBLA to. Rocky, let me offer you some advice. If people see you sneaking around like you are doing something wrong, they are going to think what you are doing is wrong. And don't hand me your bullshit about how you are protecting your membership. The FBI and CIA are well aware of the moves of known terrorists who know they are being watched and are trained on how to operate in secret. Do you really tell your members with a straight face that their identidy is safe with you? Give me a break! You are afraid of the general public!

And besides that, if security was such a huge concern of the ANP, then why would you work with people who have criminal records, histories of working with anti-racists and long records of shady behavior. Let's forget all the "professional ANP" horse crap and talk seriously for a minute.

Why not come clean and just say that you and obviously your membership, are afraid of confrontation? It comes out in every ANP report you write. You have done a piss poor job of protecting your membership when you let in any scam artist and scum bag who will offer to fill another seat for you. From everyone's vantage point, you are the king at pointing the finger at someone else while doing worse yourself.

The ANP could still straighten out. They'd have to change their tactics and maybe put in a new acting leader at least for a while. They would also need to clean house and dump those who are just using the group to try and cover up crimes or regain credibility. Rocky has let anyone come along and push their own grudges to the front of the party's agenda. Got a bone to pick with white nationalism? Join the ANP and Rocky will stop everything the party is doing to focus on helping you attack white activists. I think if two or three guys, half of the ANP's membership, were to stop paying dues and have a sort of strike, it might get Rocky back on track (some say he was never on track to start with). Good luck ANP members!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think the fool above me posted the most idiotic post I've EVER seen on WhiteReference! Congrats moron, you lie more than a presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

You mean like Taylor Bowles?

apollonian said...

Christianity Is Necessary, Traditional Rallying Symbol For Anti-Semitic Forces
(Apollonian, 11 Aug 10)

"Jimbo!"--thanks for ur comments. But note when u talk about "most Christians," u're only talking about MOST PEOPLE--as far as the West is concerned.

Note Christians are NO MORE "kike-kissers" than anyone else--what actually is the attraction? Answer: the "kike-kissers" are really just gross ADDICTS to Mammonist (false) "prosperity" which now they associate w. Jews--that's what they're "kissing" and why.

For the people of our land (USA and the West--including Australian, N. Zealand, and other white-inhabited lands) are Christian for the necessary cultural background--there's nothing else.

Hence u need to get it firmly in mind ANTI-CHRIST WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, PERIOD. Creators better figure it out--OR WE CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS WILL RUTHLESSLY EXTERMINATE THEM, without mercy. Treason will NOT be tolerated.

Presently, the way it is, Creators are just an instrument for the Jews sowing discord and dis-unity within ranks of anti-semitic patriots.

So u see, the whole problem/task for winning present cultural struggle depends upon identification for the "us" vs. "them." Thus it's best to understand the Jews and their allies as the enemy, all other gentiles as "the people" who are being oppressed by these Judaic CRIMINALS and cohorts who dominate by means of their heretofore invincible COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) which they've put over as "banking."

So u see, Christianity holds the struggle is all about TRUTH vs. lies, Jews the ultimate frauds, criminals, murderers--all this built upon lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

But then "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists twist things around for Christianity, insisting Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist, which Talmud Christ repudiated at Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), confusing "Jew" with Judean, and insisting Christians must support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

So u see "Jimbo!"--Jews just pay with COUNTERFEITED funds the JCs to confusing things Christian--that's basic problem.

CONCLUSION: For otherwise, Christianity is the means of organizing the ANTI-SEMITIC forces against Jews--that's what we have to resurge and revive, anti-semitism needing something (like Christianity) to unify the host-people, Christianity standing for TRUTH, once again. The only next step for understanding is mere technicality, Christian TRUTH necessarily implying Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY as obligatory STANDARD and criterion for such truth, naturally, Jew lies founded upon subjectivity. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

The ANP is a false flag. There is no way anyone can be that anti-white, counter productive and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I think the ANP is on the right track even though I am not a member. They don't play the idotic game like the rest of the pro-White organizations do. I might join them in their good fight soon when I turn 18.

Anonymous said...

Got a trust fund or some sort of inheritance coming to you? Talk to Taylor Bowles immediately.

Anonymous said...

@ Apollonian

"we real Christians WILL NOT TOLERATE scum who fail to sympathize w. Christian white folks--WE ARE "THE PEOPLE"--and we're not going to submit to those ignorant pieces-of-shit who disparage Christianity. They--at least many of them--need to get a serious clue."


Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep and especially Paul Mullet will steal you blind in a minute.

Anonymous said...

How can CI people associate with these idiot creators who hate us? Thats unbelievable. AN should be ashamed of themselves!

Anonymous said...

Thats because this current "AN" offshoot is a scam. They don't really believe in CI, or they wouldn't live the lifestyles that they do, or hang out with ANTI-CHRISTIAN creators.

Anonymous said...

Why would real Creators want to associate with Xians? I guess its the case of two insignificant clubs holding hands. lol

Anonymous said...

I wish Richard Kemp much luck in his endeavors now that he is released. He is going to need it. Unfortunately for him, he too is labeled a DT and just wait until the first time he has to take a commercial flight. He'd be better off learning to fly a plane himself and getting his license.

He, like others needs to understand the animal they're dealing with. The ZOG, the man, the government, whatever you choose to call it doesn't care about what race you are, they only care about their power. They aim to keep ahold of that power too.

Before Richard came into the system, the BOP had a number of control problems with inmates. There was a point of unity by inmates when it came to dealing with the zookeepers. Now, the BOP likes the current divide and conquer schema. They cater to groups by giving certain ones priviliges and others none. The theory is that they keep the races and groups divided. I know many of you might disdain from ever unifying in a general cause, but that is the truth of it. Like it or not.

I guess the point of my post is that we all need to be wary of what we're dealing with. I have been out for 20 years now. I am under the radar as it were. But never for one moment do I let myself fall into a sense of false security.

Everyone needs to have two plans, a fall back and a stand and hold plan. Quiet determination will get you far for what's coming down the pipe. Keep yourselves quiet, play the innocent, and never show your cards to ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point these days. The issues at hand have transcended race and religion. What you call ZOG is nothing more than a tactic of illusion by the groups really in control.

Do you all not realize that race against race is how they control you? It is all fine and dandy that each race should be proud of their heritage. No one can argue that. But you are ignoring the larger issue at hand. That issue is the governments of the world that seek to control the people and they do not care what color you are. The only thing they care about is regulating your lives to the most minute detail. White Nationalism is not going to solve a damned thing, it is in fact going to force the hand of the government at act and react quicker than ever.

Over 30,000 police departments have received federal funding for the militarization of their departments. Some of them are in fact better armed than many units of our military. The military is no longer completely trusted by the Federal government. Which is why DHS and FEMA have ramped up their efforts in arming themselves with the latest technologies and weaponry. Some of what they are doing is beyond insane and well beyond just simply subverting and circumventing our so-called Constitutional rights. The Patriot Act is perhaps the single-most devastating legislation ever to have been signed into law. They renew it every year. They expand its powers every year, while you all sit around and preach white power. Their power is colorblind and the sooner you realize it, the better off you will be, because then you will have made the first step in working towards thinking about a real solution instead of a final solution.

There is a coming storm and it will be brutal and awful, the likes of which humanity has never seen. They will come knocking on your doors. They will tell you how to think, what to think, what to speak, and when to speak it. You will have no choices in life, you will eat the food they give you. You will labor at the work they order you to do. Failure to do so will mean you are not a productive citizen and you will be removed.

On the religious side of this, it is not Jews or Christians or whatever that are the enemy. It is Islam that is the enemy. Islam fits into the mold of the one world order of things. Islam seeks to enable the global caliphate. Islam seeks to be the order of all things: political, spiritual, educational, et al. Islam is playing itself right into the hands of those who want to control us. It is by no accident that we are at war with Islam, and they with us.

Anyway, flame away at me and call me a traitor or whatever.

P.S. I knew Richard, Andrew and many others during my time inside.