Saturday, August 28, 2010

Former Aryan Nations Leader Charles Juba Being Harassed By Police In Grain Valley, Missouri; Arrested And Then Released, Search Warrant Sealed

A former member of Aryan Nations was mysteriously arrested on Thusrsday August 26th, 2010, then just as mysteriously released on August 27th. Police are remaining quite close-mouthed about the circumstances. Media references include WDAF Channel 4, KCTV Channel 5 (Aug. 26), KMBC Channel 9, the Kansas City Star, and KCTV Channel 5 (Aug. 27).

A team of Grain Valley police officers and Jackson County sheriff's deputies raided the Grain Valley townhouse of Charles Juba Thursday night and detained Juba a short time later during a stop for an alleged "traffic violation". One source reports a "white robe" was taken out of the townhouse. Investigators won't say what evidence they found, but it wasn't enough for prosecutors to file charges on Friday. So they released him. The search warrant has been ordered sealed by a judge, and it will not be unsealed unless there's an indictment. Authorities say the investigation of Juba will continue despite his release.

However, his ex-wife, who ordinarily wouldn't have an incentive to speak up on his behalf, is irate over the treatment he's received. Juba's ex-wife wants to keep her identity secret to protect her three young children, but she claims the cops think Juba did "inappropriate things" around a small child, a little girl. She characterizes the accusations as completely and utterly false, saying "We have our own children, and he would never, ever, ever hurt a child, especially in the manner which he's being accused of." [Ed. Note: Unfortunately, the Kansas City Pitch blog did not keep her identity secret.]

An unidentified source close to the investigation has confirmed the suspicions of Juba's ex-wife.

In 2005, Charles Juba had attempted to start an Aryan Nations chapter in the area, but then abruptly left the organization and halted his efforts. But Juba triggered a public outcry against him back in April 2010 when he sought to open up an under-21 club for young adults called The Black Flag in nearby Odessa. But a massive public backlash over his white racialist views, combined with the city rescinding his business license, forced him to abandon those plans.

Juba's ex-wife is convinced local authorities hold Juba's past against him and are engaged in a Salem witch hunt. The fact that his ex-wife is speaking out in defense of Juba increases Juba's credibility; ex-wives don't normally flock to the defense of their former husbands. A number of people have also defended Juba in this Topix discussion thread.


Jimbo said...

Welcome to the Obama administration's war on whitey! You can be a kike, nigger or spic and demonstrate about any fucking thing in the world, but when whitey demonstrates, it's "HATE"! Time for a revolution. All the corrupt cops go first to the gallows.

Kyle said...

glad to see you back, we were a little worried for lack of updates

apollonian said...

Good story AA. There's interesting comments attached to the link u give, many of them if not most being quite supportive of Juba's rights. I entered one, below copied:

* * * * *

It's All About Culture--And Its Enemies
(Apollonian, 28 Aug 10)

This affair isn't about anything of serious substance--EXCEPT a white man who sticks up for his race--a magnificent race of conquerors and producers which built this country now taken away by Jew bankers who are out to destroy the white race and its Christian culture--that's what this is REALLY all about.

CONCLUSION: And racism?--it's nothing but LOYALTY to people, culture, and ancestors--no less than 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy race" (parentage). It's good to see folks in this comments section stick-up for the noble white race and its culture of common-sense reason. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Victor said...

A 'take' on events of the past week within the White Nationalist [bowel] Movement by an Aryan Nations activist of over 16 years experience.


Anchorage Activist said...

Kyle - I took a slight break from this blog because I got disgusted with all the infighting between NSM, ANP, and AN advocates. Decided to "recharge" my batteries, so to speak.

Kyle said...

I applaud you for always staying positive and supportive of all groups until they're confirmed to be criminal, it's hard to do that when one group bashes another.

Anonymous said...

It's probably KYLE doing all the bashing in here.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Juba is currently with the NSM, a jewsmedia article stated that he opened a PO Box "chapter" back in Dec. 2009.

flanders said...

You got that one right, you can't be a NSM ally and a real white racialist. Supporting the NSM is support for race mixing and nigger fucking.

bill said...

Hey anyone heard the rumor going around that Jeff and Joanna are breaking up? Schoep was doing the dirty with another and his days of free loading off that mud joanna are over.

Anonymous said...

That's a lie started by Herrington. He wants to get back together with his former lover Schoep. Remember: to a satanist, anything goes, including having a gay olde time.

Paula said...

Jeff and Joanna always having marriage problems. She's gave him the boot before. He's a pussy and at the mercy of her.

Juba is now part of the NSM. Seems he jumped from one asshole organization into another. Kinda reminds me of those assholes that jumped from the NSALP to the new Aryan Nations. lol

Anonymous said...

It sure as hell seems that you join the nsm and eventually you start having problems with zog.

Anonymous said...

WhiteReference Sociologic And Journalist Worth Deserves Due Appreciation
(Apollonian, 29 Aug 10)

AA, interesting comment u make upon ur "disgust"--but u gotta get past that and realize this is how things happen and work at the end of a CYCLIC historical era according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--we're now in an "emptying-out" phase, still in "decline," still approaching the historic, CYCLIC culmination for things.

Remember, u made it one of ur primary sociologic-journalistic purposes to "cater" to these "white nationalists" (WN) -types, and now, I suspect, u see how shallow they are for serious ideals and principles, how easily manipulated they are by Jews and their queer agents. For only Christianity (NOT Mormonism, which is NOT Christian) has real prospect of integrating, co-ordinating, and organizing serious anti-semitism. For ONLY Christianity has serious, genuine SUBSTANCE to oppose Jew satanism.

Note again, Jews are leading, most ACTIVE agents--but they're NOT the ONLY factor, being mere parasite disease-of-opportunity.

And PEOPLE DO NOT BEGIN TO REALIZE THE FULL HORROR OF WHAT WE'RE IN FOR--very very soon now--for the "culmination" to Spenglerian "Decline...."

Note greatest, strongest, single faction of gentiles are the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.)--this is real, vital, crucial weak-pt. for Judeo-conspiracy. But note JCs persist, and very, very few have guts to have a go at them.

[----------see below for part two to above entry------------A.]

Anonymous said...

[having a devil of a time getting these to post, but -----------------------here's part two to above entry------------------A.]

* * * * *

For if these idiot "nazis" (almost all of them just SPLC and ADL plants and agents) and WNs really had serious strategy, they'd know and see they need to hit at the OBVIOUS, necessary target, the JCs--but they, so strangely, so stupidly, just leave them alone.

For I say we're in need of a serious, genuine change of "paradigm" (basic mental framework), and that paradigm consists of old (fallacious) notion of a perfectly "free" will by which dupes and suckers are conned upon simple idea of "good-evil"--and of course, it begins and works and builds fm very earliest, youngest stages of life.

But don't doubt comrade AA, u've done good work--even if u get a little disgusted (hey, it happens to all of us, never doubt)--for u and we can still LEARN things as we OBSERVE, like good scientists. Our entire culture is in a lull, a "malaise," but things are very soon going to break decisively, u may be sure. US Dollar is going to collapse, and all king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put it together like it was, again.

CONCLUSION: So maybe if u hear fm one like me, who sincerely appreciates ur blog-efforts, u might gain a little, deserved encouragement for real, genuine value of ur work--which I've certainly found informative. Ur efforts are not, and have not been in vain, never doubt. U're outstanding sociologist and journalist in ur own, individualist, inimitable manner, unquestionably. Take good care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

Juba is a former Auggie Kreis protege. All the Kreis bunch have ever learned to do is to try to get the $PLC, ZOGbots and ZOGling whigger ass-clowns to coronate the prospective feeb as 'Clown Prince of the Aryan Nations' and then the new clowns try to create an umbrella organization in which they sell whigger and mamzer feebs membersheeps in the Aryan Nations as majer-jewnerals, kernals, kaptins, lootennants, etc. for $25 application and $10 ZOGbux per month. The key is to never having to work again. The reality is that many of these feebs are prison bound.

Juba figured it out and decided to grow up and leave. I wish him the best staying out of ZOG's clutches for a bogus child molestation rap.


TMT -- Episode #33 - A Brief History of the Christian Identity Church After Pastor Butler

Episode Notes: TMT -- Episode #33 - A Brief History of the Christian Identity Church After Pastor Butler

Continuing the last few shows main focus, this episode of The Movement Turd will cover many of the salient points of the Christian Identity Church from the time Pastor Richard Butler took over until now.

Now since 99.999% of the Christian Identity Church is underground in one- and two-family congregations of One-Seedliners rife with heresy, remnants of Herbert W. Armstrong's WorldWide Church of God, the sundry other British Israelite scatterings, and but a few Dual-Seedline believers, most of Christian Identity, which has affected millions, this show will probably be boring to those who do not understand Christian Identity. Yet the interaction between the above-ground militants of Political above-ground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity and the several million rural small-town White Christians exposed to Christian Identity, who I call the 'Congregationalists' is of all importance to both ZOG and the Bowel Movement. The DSCI above-ground pastors are those who 'create' and 'spread' and 'infect' the White Man's Christian Israelite Racial Hate Religion, and the several million Congregationalists provide the racial manpower who will carry out and survive The Great Tribulation.

The jews understand this, both objectively and in theyz' very kike spawn-of-Satan bloodline core. So as a result they create ZOG false fronts calling theysselfs 'Aryan Nations' in order to attract whigger and anglo-mestizo ass-clowns pretending to be Christian Identity. These ZOG false fronts are puppets of the ADL/$PLC as these jews coronate weak pisspul like August Kreis, and criminals wanting to get out of prison like Rick Spring, Jeromy Visser and LiarBill DeClueless.

All of this information is out on the Internet. So tune in and listen to Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt make history come alive.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

Anonymous said...

[I just posted latest, below-copied, on link given, above-noted. A.]

* * * * *

Lazy, "Politically-Correct" Traitors Have Destroyed Our Country
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 10)

"KCMO": U're the one "brain-washed," I'd say--u certainly don't demonstrate how I'm brain-washed. U say "minorities helped"--we, the white native people (who exterminated and conquered the previous "natives" in natural warfare), never wanted them or needed them--"minorities" are invaders and enemies in this Darwinian world of survival of the fittest.

And "lola," it's cowardly traitors like u who've let our once glorious white country go to hell. Did u know USA has 13 TRILLION dollar debt, UNABLE to pay interest?--we're LITERALLY BANKRUPT, and we'll soon be third-world country due to lackadaisical, ignorant types like u, who have no racial or cultural pride, who let Jew bankers get us into this mess. U'RE THE PROBLEM. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------above by Ap in response to below-copied----------------

Kansas City, MO

1 hr ago

You my friend are brain washed. Did you know that minorities actually helped build this magnificent country?


James McDirk wrote: is a great site. If you want true "change" in America, those are the people you should get involved with. The White Race is being exterminated and it's up to each one of us to make sure that doesn't happen.
this is load of crap, we don,t need nazi skin heads running things ,nothing but hodlums

Anonymous said...

If he's with the NSM he should have known he was ready to be arrested.