Friday, August 06, 2010

Aryan Nations Activist Dan Schruender Running For Rialto, California School Board Seat, Possesses Extensive Advanced Academic Credentials

Update August 7th: See updated post with more reaction and my own suggestions for Schruender's campaign.

A White activist with Aryan Nations who has previously engaged in literature distribution in the Rialto, California area has decided to take his activism to the next level; namely, electoral politics. Dan Schruender has announced his intent to seek a seat on the school board of the Rialto Unified School District. Heavily-biased media stories were published on August 5th, 2010 by the San Bernardino Sun, the Contra Costa Times, and KABC Channel 7 (with video). More coverage was posted on the left-wing Imagine2050 blog. Schruender also discusses his decision on his blog.

Note: The San Bernadino Sun links to a Topix discussion forum on the story. No registration is required to post. I encourage all White activists to post comments supportive of Schruender's candidacy.

Schruender is contending for one of two seats up for election in the Rialto Unified School District, where trustees Joanne Gilbert and John Kazalunas are seeking re-election. "The Aryan Nations is not running me for the school board," Schruender said on Thursday August 5th. "I did this all on my own. I was thinking of running for office for years." As of this post, Schruender is the only listed candidate (click HERE then scroll down to Page 74, Rialto School District), although with the revelation of his Aryan Nations connections, the establishment will be going all out to find opposition before the filing deadline of August 6th. If nobody runs against him, he's in. Schruender reports that the San Bernardino County Registrar Of Voters Office was most helpful, and not judgmental of his candidacy in the least.

Update August 6th: There are now a total of six candidates listed, including Schruender.

The CC Times reports that Schruender said he wants to overhaul a curriculum that has been dumbed down by the state of California. He wants to find a way for the kids to meet the standards, not for the standards to meet the kids. He also wants to work to save vocational programs, saying that non-college-bound kids are not getting enough attention. And Schruender also said it's unfair that varsity sports continue to be paid for while academic programs suffer cuts. He believes the priorities should be academics first, vocation second, then athletics last.

Schruender also explained that although he produces Aryan Nations' literature, he would not allow his ideology to affect his policy-making if he were elected to a school board seat in a district that has more than 27,500 students, most of whom are Latino and Black. According to the district office, Latinos make up 75.52 percent of the students, and Blacks make up 15.61 percent. He intends to deal with all kids fairly and evenly.

Dan Schruender brings some truly imposing mainstream qualifications to the table. Not only is he a retired high school teacher, but he also holds an AA degree from Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA., a BA from Cal-State University, San Bernardino, CA., and a teaching credential from National University, Redlands, CA. The fact that a man of this calibre is running openly as a White racialist, defying all the traditional stereotypes about White racialists, has got to be tying the system in knots.

And sure enough, the system is already fighting back with the smears. Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino, said "It strains credulity that someone whose mission is dedicated to the denial of equality should be entrusted with the education of our children...It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up." Levin then put on the tinfoil hat and claimed that candidates with links to extremist groups typically try to run stealth campaigns, hoping voters are too distracted to notice who they are affiliated with.

Meanwhile, John Kazalunas said Schruender's candidacy is a reminder that voters should scrutinize everybody who runs for office. "If anybody votes for him, they're crazy," Kazalunas said. "They would have to be a little backward."

But a greater threat was posed by the San Bernardino Sun. According to Schruender's August 6th blog post, it appears that Dan Schruender initially wanted to de-emphasize his Aryan Nations connections so that his campaign could focus on the issues and not become a media circus. However, a Sun reporter somehow made a connection and phoned him, threatening to out him. To his credit, Schruender owned up to it and didn't hold back. So now he's understandably concerned where this will lead.

The bottom line - he's outed. But this offers him a rare, gift-wrapped opportunity to show the greater community that we White nationalists are not a bunch of drunken sieg-heiling hooligans. He can use his extensive academic background to his advantage. In fact, he should go all out and seek every possible opportunity to publicize his candidacy - newspapers, Internet, radio, T.V,...the works. Go for the biscuits. Just as the NAACP works for the Black community and La Raza works for the Latino community, so Aryan Nations works for the White community. It'll be rough, but the timing may be just right.

But the final decision is his, and we should respect whatever decision he makes.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what creative lies and libel Jeffie & Joanna (niggerfucker) Schoep will come up with to defame Dan? You can bet he will the next target in their sights.

I sure they will say that he had a homosexual affair with his brother while cheating on his gay dad, in a nasty threesome orgy with their mom??? Maybe Dan has a farm and raises animals just for sexual rituals within his own satantic cult??

The lies of the enemy are numerous and ridiculous. Whatever they are, expect the worst.

Jewboy Jeffie schoep's National Satanist Movement is nearly dead, members are dropping like flies. He has now been attempting to play "spolier" and destroy other groups that are succeeding.

He will fail and so will his satanic cause, god will strike him dead.

Anonymous said...

The Aryan Nations is in full support of this action, and we WILL BACK HIM WITH FUNDS AND SUPPORT! Now we know there will be a load of lies and crap started by the NSM and ANP but atleast we are out there making things happen and sitting behind our computers and spreading lies!

Hail Victory!

Good Job Dan!
Paul Mullet

Anonymous said...

This 'movement' is its own worst enemy. INSTEAD of instructing his few followers in the policy of 'need to know', Mullet who thrives on the enemy jews-media 'publicity' - encourages them to 'out themselves' so that the AN splinter group receives MORE 'publicity'. Whether this is STUPIDITY or something more sinister, is a question that needs to be reviewed. IF Dan would have been instructed to KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT - White people would have had a representative on the school-board by DEFAULT. But, apparently we couldn't allow THAT to occur! Mullet thinks that the ANP will 'start lies and crap...' - well, IF pointing out a VERY STUPID move on HIS part, which will lead to another racialist defeat, is 'lies and crap' so be it. Our Folk has had MORE than enough of 'leadership' of HIS caliber over the years, which has put us in our current situation. Mr. Schruender was very BRAVE to offer himself as a candidate, he appears well qualified, its too bad that NOW he will not only LOSE, but face the REPERCUSSIONS that come with having been publicly OUTED - only because of the STUPIDITY of NOT being security minded! While Mullet may bask in some temporary limelight, Dan will be facing for the rest of his life, all that the enemy can 'DO' to those who foolishly paint a target upon themselves. IF you out there, actually think that the enemy with all its resources, isn't WATCHING, every move that they can, that you make - your deluding yourself. Mullet KNOWS this, but like all the many movement Poohbah publicity-whores - apparently HE doesn't CARE. Lets pause here, and ask ourselves "WHY". Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

Anonymous said...

I think everybody has figured out that all the ANP has is felons, hot air and big promises. You'd never see Taylor Bowles running for an obtainable office like School Board Seat. Why? If he won, the scam would then be over. Unlike the presidential campaign scam, the race for school board seat would be brief and there would be no reason to ask for bundles and bundles of money.

If you joined the ANP, you have most likely figured out that this is it. This is all the ANP activism there is. They talk shit on the internet, make up blogs, associate with federal informants, scam artists, bribe takers and assorted felons. Sure, they have one event ever year at the most. That is nothing but talking more shit about real activists and passing the hat.

Think about if you had never heard of the movement until you heard of the ANP. All you had in front of you was ANP material. You'd barely know a thing about the jewish question aside from vague references to world jewery, not individual jews or power structures. Most of that would be in the form of insults hurled at real white nationalists. You'd barely hear anything about blacks unless you are talking about some black Jeff Scheop's wife was supposedly married to, and then you'd think he and his mixed child were the entire negro population of North America. You'd hear all about the NSM, Aryan Nations, David Duke, Tom Metzger, Billy Roper, Eugene Terreblanche, and assorted other sucessful activists. You'd see the uniforms and battleflag and hear them yammer on about how professional they are.

People get it, ANP. Maybe you are run by the feds or the ADL or just losers who want to puff up and play Nazi. None of that matters. Your failures are in broad daylight for all to see and don't think they don't. All the fake internet posts and excuses won't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

LOL at moron at 6:31. He should be doing stand-up or locked in a mental house.

Thanks for a great post as Always Rocky! Its incredible that the ANP is the only pro-white org that actually wants to Win and isnt just a publicity whore.

Wasn't this Dan S. kicked out of the school he taught at for leering at young girls or something?

Anonymous said...

Here we go with the lies and libel. Now Dan is labeled a pedophile by Jewboy Jeffie schoep. Jeff's first wife, shanna simon(jewish last name) was quite young when he married her. She was 16 and Jeff 21!!! Jeff was messing around with her when she was as young 14. Jeff got her pregnant when the little Jewess was 15 and was forced to marry her. They had two children.

Unlike the liars that hang out on this blog, we provide links for evidence:

Or pay the money and do your own background check, you'll get the same data.

jimbo! said...

The bottom line - he's outed. But this offers him a rare, gift-wrapped opportunity to show the greater community that we White nationalists are not a bunch of drunken sieg-heiling hooligans

"the greater community"?

wtf's that?

kike-kissers, nigger-lovers, ZOG-botz (faggots, feminists, cops, politicians, judges, gun-grabbers!), mud people & assrtd mystery meats?

wtf needs to show them any-thing?

¾ of the adult white ppltn is a fucking "write-off"...apropros MacDonald/CoC!

we should be "gearing up" for total separation from ALL non-whites....that's the only direction we need to be "shown"...

you compromise yr "ideals" vis รก vis ZOG, you become a part of it and, thus, an accessory before & after the fact to the continued genocide of the White Race!

*join the "Creativity Alliance" forum!..."White Will" now a prominent member!*

James McDirk said...

Too bad he is with "Aryan Nations."

The ANP started talking about running for small local offices well over a couple years ago and they are doing it. Looks like other folks are finally catching on as well.

Anchorage Activist said...

Rocky Suhayda - As usual, you offer useful insight. It appears from Dan Schruender's latest blog posts that he intended to run under the radar until he was involuntarily outed by the San Bernardino Sun.

Now that Schruender has been involuntarily outed, I consider it our job to promote his candidacy as much as possible so long as he remains in the race, otherwise the antis are going to monopolize the story. It not only offers us an opportunity to display our growing political strength, but Schruender's impressive academic credentials will effectively counter negative biases and stereotypes about White nationalists.

Dan Schruender is about to take some serious heat in Rialto. He needs to know he is NOT alone.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the ANP, 6:31 They are just good for a laugh. A total complete blueprint of what not to do.

Who cares if the ANP suggested running for small offices? You can bet they never did it. Rocky will lie and say they did but they can't talk about it.

Did John Taylor Bowles really run for president? I thought that was a joke when I heard it. Post your proof if you have any.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 12:19 - You know better than that. The proof of Bowles candidacy is in this 2008 Stormfront thread. His campaign was derailed in mid-stride due to a sudden illness requiring hospitalization.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is now copying the ANP and its tactics. That's a fact. The ANP deserves a big pat on the back.

Anonymous said...


12:19PM is nothing but an instigator and liar in your blog comment section. The more he spreads lies about the ANP and Bowles the more interest they gather and people join the ANP. It's rather funny because its making the ANP grow. Kinda like Howard Stern radio fans for example. Sterns critics listened to the radio show to hear what he will say next and boosted his ratings. Same thing with the ANP & Bowles. Bowles must be laughing at 12:09 because it legitimizes Bowles and his past activities. He is making BOWLES a legend!

Anonymous said...

I think Rockys right, whomever in leadership over at AN certainly dropped the ball when it came to advising Dan on what/not to do in his efforts. If AN would have kept his running under wraps, he would have walked right in, there were only two people filed for two seats! If they would have advised Dan not to talk to the press in the spring, they wouldn't have gotten his phone number to match up. Don'y we all agree that the press is the enemy? Do you talk to the enemy? "6:31" apparently thinks that the ANP should "out" theirs candidates too. Sounds like someone from the other side wanting info to me! As for the ANP not having info on the jews and blacks etc, have you even reviewed their site? There are complete books there to download for free, plus they publish numerous phamplets on all sorts of subjects. If "real WN's" ( uh, successful? WTF ) are the likes of Schoep, Mullet, Duke, Roper, well give me the ANP hands down! I think your an anti, and ANP is spoiling your fun...

David Drury said...

I think that too. Heil Rocky and Bowles


Anonymous said...

The truth IS that Dan IS 'all alone'. He was alone when he traveled across the entire country to attend some silly 10 man rally. He was alone when he distributed literature last spring. Except for some atta boys, and grand praise, he's gonna face this ALL ALONE, unless Mullets masters pay this unemployed mole ( where does he get all the funds to live and travel, etc? ) to head out to Cali to stir up more publicity shit, to resonate upon poor ol'Dan . He has TWO choices, #1 Withdraw of running now and end the media frenzy thats coming his way over the next months, since he no longer has a snowballs chance in hell to win, and save himself a world of hurt ( i.e. live to fight another day ), or #2 play the "heroic, martyr game", where he will get hit so badly from every angle that he'll eventually quit the movement in disgust. I advise the 1st, and all you ANNONYMOUS people, including you "AA" had better start SIGNING your posts, with YOUR real names, if your going to rashly encourage this basically "innocent, newbi" to what goes on in this Struggle, to throw his entire life on the line - for a population that either is indifferent, or hates him - in a no-win situation. We need to FIGHT sure, but INTELLIGENTLY and with the least losses to those with the courage to actually GET INVOLVED beyond pecking on a keyboard. This effort has now been successfully negated by AN's cronic addiction for "publicity", time to cut the losses before the Struggle loses a good man, who deserved better council. I am so damned sick of these folks who urge OTHERS on, while THEY lurk in safety in the shadows. There's no shame in retreating in Good Order Dan, its a solid tactic. Why lose your home, job, etc. to ENTERTAIN the net-nutzi's and lurkers? They tend to FORGET "hero's" pretty fast in this "movement", in the never-ending search for a NEW "entertainment". Think it over... Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman WWW.ANP14.COM 88!

Anonymous said...

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Rocky yesterday. It explains how the press found out about me.

BTW, how many times do I have to say this? I am NOT unemployed. I work for myself. OK, I'm basically just a handyman. It's honest work, and no better or worse than flipping hamburgers for a living.


I'm sure you know the shit has hit the fan. Yesterday, a reporter with whom I previously spoke to called me and asked if he could ask some questions regarding my candidacy, and my affiliation with AN. I remembered what you said about media circuses and the like, and I was very hesitant. This reporter said that a story on me would run whether I talked to him or not. I started trying to imagine what he would say and people's reaction if I refused to comment. It would look like I had something to hide, and that's the way he'd report it, most likely. The only thing better for a paper's ratings than a WN running for office, is a WN who's running for office and won't talk about it. I figured the best thing to do is to answer some questions as honestly as I could, and not volunteer any information, which is what I did. I was well aware that the Jew Media twists everything we have to say, but I thought silence would be more damning. I'm also told another paper is picking up the story. I told them I wasn't interested. All I said was AN was NOT running me for office, and I was doing this on my own. KABC TV also called. I simply told them, "No Comment." Maybe that's what I should have said all along, but like I said, the first reporter said a story would run whether I talked or not. Now I have to deal with the repercussions, such as my parents having to take crap from people because of me. That hasn't happened - yet, and it may never happen. The public has a short attention span. If things simmer down in the press, the public will forget as soon as the next football game is on.

continued below

Anonymous said...

continued from above

I want to point out that Director Mullet is not at fault here. I did this on my own. He did not put me up to it. Mr. Dulaney, the reporter who wrote the story got my name and number from the Registrar Of Voters. It's a matter of public record. The ROV had to give the press that information. How did he know I was with AN? Back in March, when we did a mass literature hand out, much like ANP's 'Snowflakes In July' campaign, I was contacted by Mr. Dulaney and asked some questions. He had my phone number in his database. He said they often cross check unknown candidates to see if they already have anything on them. Well, he cross checked my information and my phone number popped up. Then he knew who I was and recontacted me. The rest you know.

Security is very important to AN. But in cases like this, silence can be just as damaging, if not more so. I was already a candidate before I informed Director Mullet. He is not hungry for any press, good or bad. This is just an unfortunate occurrence whose repercussions, I'll have to deal with. Director Mullet has stated that he and Aryan Nations will stand behind me, and I know they will. I'm not saying that we don't want any publicity. However, Aryan Nations would not deliberately throw one of its own to the wolves and not care what happens to him in order to get some free publicity.

After this setback, I'm extremely disappointed in your "I told you so" attiutude. All Wn's should be supporting each other when things like this happen, and not start playing the blame game. Director Mullet feels you have put yourself at an even lower level than Jeff Schoep and the National Satanist Movement.

Say what you like about the press, but they are very good at what they do. This was bound to happen, and I was aware of the possibility. I just wasn't going to let it stop me from doing what I had to do. The only mistake I made was underestimating the level of uproar this would cause. After all, Rialto is a very small town. There are less than 50,000 people here, if I'm not mistaken. I knew there would be some uproar if they knew who I was, I just failed to realise the degree to which the press would stir things up. However, about 80% of those people are not White. About 90% of the children who attend Rialto schools are non-Whites. I had that going against me from moment one.

Now that its happened, we have to deal with it. Even if I run unopposed, the ANTIFA will probably find a way to interfere. Well, we all learn from our mistakes. Perhaps because I'm fairly well-known in the movement, running for any office is not realistic. Perhaps my role in the election process should be to support my fellow WN's when they give it a try, and I encourage them to do just that. I, Director Mullet, and the entire organisation will be there to support them, if needed.

All is NOT lost - at least not yet. I'll have a better idea if it is by next week. If it turns out all is lost, the best thing to do is regroup, and plan our next stradegy. One way or another, I'm not throwing in the towel. If we fail this time, we'll try again, and again, and again until we achieve victory.

Whatever happens, I do not blame Director Mullet in any way. Anything that happens is not his fault, nor Bradley Jenkins' fault either. I will continue to post updates on the situation on my blog and the forum. So Rocky, let's all be supportive of one another, rather than condemning.

Dan Schruender
Director Of Publications And Information
Aryan Nations

BTW, I'd like to thank most of you for the words of support. They are appreciated. I'd even like to thank my detractors. Most of you were critical, but not insulting, and that too is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Dan, first off I could care less about the 'opinion' of a creep who has a life-long history of being in and out of jail for commiting crimes ( the ones he was CAUGHT at ) against folks, mostly Whites no doubt - like Mullet - so don't bother going there. My statement I stand by. WHY haven't you been advised from Day One, NEVER to 'talk to the press' as you did way back in the spring, hence they got your phone number? Thats BASIC security. You complain about them using your pic before a Swastika banner - hell, its on YOUR blog! You reject their calling you a 'White Supremicist' - ever think they reviewed AN's official website - a group your a 'General' in - and SAW 'chimpout' and 'Aryan Education'? Thats outright RACE-HATE pal, whether you want to admit it or not. On the one hand, you use a 'game name', and often don't that wise? It appears to me, that beyond 'instructing' how to scream 'white power', your leadership teaches little else. I'm trying to give you a little 'tough-love' here, as I consider you an adult - one who doesn't really know the ropes apparently of 'what happens' to someone who sticks their head over the parapet. Mullet OUGHT to, and he SHOULD have educated you on the 'facts of life', of movement involvement. I care about my Comrades, hence the FIRST thing I advise them on is SECURITY and staying below the radar. Sorry Dan, but I can't 'support' someone who 'insists on walking along a mined road', when its wiser to get off it. Sure, listen to a guy who's life story is one jail cell after another, like Mullet - or someone who has done this for decades and never lost a man who worked with me. I guess you'll 'learn the hard way' - sorry about that. Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

Anonymous said...

I side with Rocky on this one. I think Dan came from from the low-turnout Aryan Nations Pulaski March full of excitement and leaped into something before he thought it out. This SYSTEM doesn't play games with White activists and the SYSTEM has plenty of resources to wage war.

Anonymous said...

Dan, do as Rock suggests and cut your losses. Noboby will think less of you for not being bullheaded to the point of destroying yourself. WPWW

Kevin Brannen said...

"Before I say anything here, I want you people to know that I am not a Nazi or a racist, in fact I voted Republican all my life. But I must admit that living in California I have to agree with some of your views, though not all. But it is not the reason I am writing this. My son is a college freshman, and his professor in a political science class wants them to write an essay about "third parties in the US today." That's how my son learned about this blog, and started to read the posts and comments posted here. He was shocked when he found out that Mr Schruender was mentioned by you people! Our family knows this individual very well, he was my oldest daughters' high school English teacher back in 2002 - 2003. Not only he was a lousy instructor (he was actually teaching there part-time,) but he was also universally hated and despised by everybody in school, from his peers to students! His nickname was "weird Dan," and there were numerous allegations of all sorts of improprieties on his part. Our daughter on several occasions was complaining that he was giving her "strange" dirty lustful looks (and she was only 14 at the time!) In fact, my husband was so upset that he wanted to go to school and to beat this cretin up, we talked him out of it though. Instead, we complained about Mr Schruender to the principal and took our daughter out of his class. Later we found out that several other parents had voiced their concern over his conduct as well, and it resulted in him been removed from the school. I hope he will never teach again! My main concern is that he will continue this pattern of behavior where he lives. The parents in his neighborhood should be warned about his conduct, so that they could protect their children from him. This guy is bad news, there were some allegation in that school that he improperly touched a 15 yo Hispanic girl, and the only reason her parents did not press charges against him was their immigration status. That's who Mr Schruender is in a nutshell. I am surprised he has not been exposed yet, he should be. As parents, we are very happy that he no longer works in the school system."

jimbo! said...

as if a committed white racialist would show any interest in a dirty, fucking 'spic!

you expect us to believe these bull-shite allegations, Mr Braunstein?

'fess up cunt...yr a fucking kike!

*that said: as a "creator", i hold no "truck" with Aryan Nations but i do believe that ALL pro-whtie groups should work together for a white home-land!*

***join the "Creativity Alliance" forum!..."White Will" now a prominent member!***

jimbo! said...

jews are always accusing decent, honest white men of being "child molesters"....that's one of their ways to "break up" the white family unit! any-one with the slightest familiarity with this filthy fucking tribe could tell you, they are, of course, the worst child molesters on the planet....and....largely behind the child porn' industry!

Anonymous said...

People need to stand up to the American Nazi Party. They are cowards and will fold quickly once they find out that real white people fight back. Maybe the jews won't send anymore like them for a while.

Anonymous said...

"2:00 PM" Wow! The ANP is only facing the full power of ZOG 24/7/365, I'm sure they are shaking at the thought of anonymous threats on a forum board! LOL I got an idea, instead of "people", how about YOU "standing up" to the ANP? What are YOU gonna DO - call'em NAMES? I like this Rocky, he's not one of these 'lets all get along, kum-buy-ya' freaks, who is a pal to any human garbage who wants to pollute the WN scene. Its about time somebody like him came along. WPWW!

Anonymous said...

2:00 is a bunch of crap and probably a do-nothing activist.

Anonymous said...

No, Rocky is a wannabee Bill White. Except Bill White pulled off being pro white sometimes. Anyone can talk shit all day on the computer.

Anonymous said...

10:07AM is a bitch and might as well put on a star of david and wear it.

Anonymous said...

Poor ANP is starting to realize that they have zero support. Tell your masters to invest their sheckles more wisely next time.

Anonymous said...

I support the ANP and send them money and distribute their literature :)

Anonymous said...

You deserve to be poor. America wants action. Not talk.

Anonymous said...

No, we need intelligent activism like the ANP does. Not mindless mayhem and silly bullshit that makes us look weak and dysfunctional. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

The ANP will will the only group (I think) to emerge successfully than the rest.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is the only serious organization out there. The rest are stuck in the past, playing-acting like kids.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending the American Nazi Party my supporter application tomorrow in the mail. They have proven they have brains and don't take crap.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is trying to build a serious political effort, not another costumed fantasy org that plays in the street. I'm all for that!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to look at who Dan and ANSP are supporting a known child molester. I guess since Mullet wanted to be reich fuhrer this is the best he could do.