Tuesday, July 06, 2010

YouTube Video: Six Israeli Soldiers Start Break-Dancing While On Patrol In Occupied Hebron, Israeli Defence Forces Brass Embarrassed

Remember a few weeks back when a video featuring a group of U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan performing their own version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video stormed the Internet? Well, it looks like they’ve got some competition from their counterparts in the Israeli military, according to Yahoo News. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum

The clip features six soldiers on patrol in Hebron, which is home to many sites that Jews, Muslims and Christians consider holy. Some 600 Israeli settlers live in the city among roughly 160,000 Palestinians — which means it has also been the site of tension over the Israeli occupation.

As the soldiers canvass the street with weapons in hand, a muezzin can be heard leading a call for Muslim prayers. Suddenly, Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” abruptly comes on and the six soldiers break out into a dance routine. After a few seconds of hearty gyrating, the soldiers promptly return to their patrol duty and to appropriate military postures. At the very end of the video, a reference url appears directing viewers to the B'Tselem website for more information on the situation in Hebron. Video embedded below:

The Israeli Defense Forces brass is not amused. In a statement, the IDF leadership called the performance a joke by the soldiers that amounts to inappropriate conduct during a military operation and will be investigated by battalion commanders. The Jerusalem Post reveals that most people who saw the video were supportive of the IDF soldiers, although Magi 1969, summed up the other argument: “This is funny, regardless of the context, and more so considering it. It’s good that they can relax a bit while keeping the Untermenchen in order in the super-ghetto. Halt! Hammerzeit!?” Another post insisted that “No1 understands what happens in the midle East... Look at those soldiers, dancing after killing a lot of innocent children...”

By the way, did you notice the street was otherwise deserted? That's because that's the part of Hebron reserved only for Jewish settlers. Palestinians aren't permitted on the streets in that area.

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