Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Relationship Between Race And IQ Expressed In Graphical Terms; White And Asian Nations Smarter Than Black And Brown Nations

The graphic displayed above, found at South Africa Sucks, shows the relationship between race and I.Q. worldwide. Note that East Asians are at the top of the heap, followed by Whites, other Asians, Hispanics, Amerindians, and Blacks.

Expressed by continent. The great empires of recorded world history sprang almost exclusively from white and Asian nations:

-- North America: The smartest nations are the whitest nations. On the opposite end of the scale, the North American nations with the largest Amerindian contingent are the dumbest nations; note the subtle distinction between Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua on the one hand vs. Costa Rica and Panama on the other hand.

-- South America: The smartest nations are the more-white nations of Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. The dumbest nations are those with a high Amerindian population; namely, Paraguay, Peru and Colombia. The inclusion of Venezuela may also represent its higher percentage of people with an African blood admixture. Sticking out like a sore "green" thumb is French Guiana, which is not an independent nation but an overseas d├ępartement of metropolitan France. Many French people live there, contributing to its perceptibly higher intelligence.

-- Europe: Most of Europe aside from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova is of relatively uniform intelligence, despite the subtle distinctions between the three European sub-groups of Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean. The Balkan nations of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Albania are the exception.

-- Asia: East Asia shows the highest level of intelligence, followed by Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and South Asia. Also notice how Vietnam (French and American overlordship) and Malaysia (British overlordship) are perceptively smarter that their immediate neighbors in Southeast Asia. Prevailing religious beliefs play a role; the Islamic nations of Southwest Asia are perceptibly smarter than Hindu-dominated India.

-- Africa: The North African Rim is the smartest part of Africa; proximity to Europe and the dominance of Islam are the two favorable factors. Note that throughout the remainder of Africa, those nations appearing more intelligent have been influenced by Islam and, to a lesser degree, Christianity, moreso than the dumber-than-dirt nations of central Africa and the Horn of Africa. Also note that the influence and presence of whites in South Africa no longer sets that nation apart from its neighbors; South Africa is now less than 10 percent white. African nations exposed to more thorough European colonialism tend to be perceptively smarter than others; Obamaland (Kenya) and Uganda enjoyed considerable British influence and attention. Many Brits even settled in Obamaland, although some were driven out during the Mau Mau uprising.

Those who are interested in more details about the relationship between race and intelligence and desire a more intellectual analysis should review Steve Sailer's articles on the subject.


jimbo! said...

i find it hard to believe that gooks are smarter than Aryans!

did this supposed "study" take into account:

i/the kike-controlled "vaccination programme" in Western nations that has a recognised, debilitating effect on IQ?

ii/the kike-controlled "dumbed-down" education system in Western nations, deliberately designed to stifle/smother intellectual development?

Anonymous said...

Is Jeff Schoep's mulatto step-daughter Amber smart or stupid?

Michael Rogers said...


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Pastor Drew Bostwick said...

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MKhan said...

Sorry you guys the differences in IQ seem to be due to poor Vitamin D level in colored people even when exposed to stronger sun in the tropics. White people make 20 thousand units of vitamin d in 30 minutes of exposure to strong sun. While colored may take 4 hours and who wants to be in sun for 4 hours unclothed. The cord blood of Saudi women in one study had Vitamin d level of zero. This is easily correctable with oral supplementation. So guys look forward to a time when this gap will be bridged. While you rejoice over your superior IQ some very smart people are trying to figure out why?. Vitamin d is one obvious reason while other reason seems to be higher fish consumption (omega 3) in Asians and also use of symbolic characters in Chinese type languages requiring a greater processing in image visual centers of the brain leading to higher IQ.
When this information is widely available your children's IQ may also rise a few points however for you there is no hope.