Friday, July 23, 2010

National Socialist Activist Bill White Sounds Off About Edgar Steele, Rebuts Martin Lindstedt's False Accusations Against Alex Linder

Former ANSWP Commander Bill White may be in stir, but he cannot be silenced. A portal has been created for him to get information out regarding his situation and attitudes. The portal is a website specifically dedicated to Bill White's situation:

This website has been up for some time now, since March 2010, but I found it merely by accident. It contains a number of letters from Bill White. One letter is of some import. In this post, Bill White rebuts the allegation put forth by self-ordained DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt (whose real ordination was revoked by Pastor Morris L. Gulett in August 2005) that Alex Linder is an informant because he provided technical information about VNN Forum via deposition during White's Federal trial. White writes, "Alex [Linder] was literally drug to testify by the US Marshals. He did everything possible to avoid it. He did not contribute to my conviction or cooperate against me to my knowledge". So this should resolve the issue once and for all, although Martin Lindstedt has virtually no credibility within the WN community - except perhaps as a comedian (his chronic fuming and spewing against "whiggers" and "mamzers" grows on you and is actually quite hilarious at times).

But of even more contemporary interest is Bill White's analysis of the Edgar Steele case, posted in the same July 19th letter. Here are the relevant parts:

I do not buy the Edgar Steele thing either – but, why have the feds seized his assets? They are not the proceeds of illegal activity.

His letter makes a lot more sense – that his handyman informant stole some money, tried to kill him, and lied to the feds – than anything else I’ve heard so far. And, of course, the feds sat there slack-jawed and bought all of it. The possibility the ADL or SPLC tried to murder Ed also makes a lot more sense.

I do not buy the “human trafficking” thing. Steele was targeted for the same reason all of us are being targeted – because Marxism and Judaism must destroy its enemies, and needs the veneer of law.


The only thing I don’t get with Steele are the tapes. First, the FBI usually doesn’t turn over evidence until the last minute in discovery. This tells me he gave them an interview. Stupid. Second – I don’t buy 100 per cent fake tapes. I could – but I need more explanation. Are these offhand remarks out of context? I don’t know.

Anyways, I’ll be out soon and better able to evaluate these things. I’ve dropped Ed a letter.

People should be telling Ed these things:

1. When the feds arrest an innocent person, they torture and brutalize him to try to break him and get a false confession. Better to live through 90 days of that than confess – believe me.

2. If convicted, Ed is headed to a medium or a low [security prison]. These are easy, laid-back joints, much better than 23-and-lockdown. As a lawyer, he will be besieged with people giving him things for legal advice. He’ll have an easy time.

3. Don’t believe anyone. The prosecutors will lie to get a plea deal – the public defender will lie. Other inmates will lie and get on his case to get a time cut. The Marshals lie. They all lie.

4. Don’t plea. Particularly, no subsection (b) plea – only subsection (c), if he must. Plea-ing eliminates the right to challenge evidence, eliminates the rules of evidence (since you aren’t contesting it), and reduces the standard of guilt to preponderance from reasonable doubt. Fight, fight, fight!

5. Don’t speak to anyone or write anything. If you must, lie. These people believe everything their informants say, so if you lie to the informants, it really messes them up. And, they are lying to you, anyways.

Since White wrote this letter, the Feds have dumped three more charges on Edgar Steele. On top of the original charge of use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder for hire, new charges of use of explosive material to commit a federal felony, possession of a destructive device in relation to a crime of violence and tampering with a victim. The tampering charge stems from Steele’s alleged attempt in taped conversations to influence witnesses. The possession charge could lead to a sentence of less than 30 years plus a $250,000 fine upon conviction, while the maximum sentence for the tampering charge is 20 years and $250,000. The original charge and the explosives charge carry maximum 10-year/$250,000 penalties.

Interesting that Bill White says he'll be out soon. Apparently, he believes the latest effort by the Feds to resurrect the Chicago charges will fail. Hopefully, he's right. He's currently being held at FCI Beckley in West Virginia; here's the mailing address:

William A. White #13888-084
FCI Beckley,
Federal Corrections Institution,
Beaver, WV 25813


Anonymous said...

Bill Whites advice is about as relevant as tits on a bull. He is not a National Socialist. White and Schoep are frauds posing as National Socialists and misusing it for their own demented agenda.

Anonymous said...

Morris L. Gulett is pure scum. Anything HE says is null and void. He betrayed Pastor Butler in his final days and has spoken out again him. Gulett is an arrogant prick who stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Tom Martinez.

Kyle said...

I'm surprised Bill can write so much to Edgar(no, no, no, not suspecting anybody of anything, I'm just surprised they allow one inmate to write suspect, with advice). Not sure if lying while imprisoned is the best advice, when everything can be used against you. (of course, Bill himself can be lying, to mess who up? Who knows, I wish everybody luck, and the best of justice).

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Bill Weiss free would sure be great for the movement, duh - why? So that he can continue what he was doing before his fat mouth put him where he is today - making NS and WN as a whole look like a loony-bin? No, his fat ass is much better where it is. This 'big tent' thinking that includes creeps like Weiss and Linstadt has got to go!

Anonymous said...

Hope White rots in jail. Too bad Schoep and Mullet ain't with him. I'm sure Duke and Holland will soon follow.

Anonymous said...

Aryan Nations only had 6-7 people show up for their Pulaski rally last weekend (07/18). haha

Anonymous said...

Why do these AN'ers, who are supposed to be superior to the jigaboo's, always seem to look like white trash themselves? Fat, skinny, out of shape, poorly dressed, unkempt, undiciplined is this the appearance of the master race? LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill Weiss is an obvious KIKE troublemaker - just like old Frank Cohn-Collins!? Whats with this calling him a "National Socialist" activist? ONLY Jeff Schoep and the NSM would take in such a shitbag, and make him an officer of their organization. Like Dr. Plussman the jew, and Herrington the satanist cultist, need I go on?

Anonymous said...

Bill White is an ass-raped has-been. He's a nobody, and nobody but retards give a shit about him.

ANSWP Busters said...

Weiss is a traitorous lying sack of shit. He's not writing to Steele in jail, he's trying to make himself important with lies as usual. Inmates are not allowed to write to inmates in another institution. I can't believe anyone believes the kike's lying garbage anymore. He has proven himself to be a traitor, a liar, mentally ill, and a communist. "National Socialist" activist my ass!

Anonymous said...

That faggot Alex Linder was hardly "drug" in to testify against Bill White the liar. The feds catered to Linder and allowed him to testify by video at the trial due to some medical issue (probably complications from HIV), while most other victims/witnesses were flown to Roanoke at the last minute. Bill and Alex would make good ass-mates. Both of them are goofy and queer as a two dollar bill.

apollonian said...

You Can Always Tell Scum--They're Grossly Ignorant, Brainless, And Especially--Anti-Rational
(Apollonian, 27 Jul 10)

Notice all the Jew-queer mentality displayed in so many of above comments--it only goes then to demonstrate the good work by Bill White, I submit. I'm sure many of the scum commenting above are themselves just Jews or their close operatives. One can ALWAYS tell by their brainless ignorance.

For note Jew-queers are integrally, fundamentally, essentially IRRATIONAL by their nature: (a) They don't say WHY they conclude as they do, and (b) they give no references for their assertions. Brainless, child-like scum just make most idiotic assertions and declarations.

Regarding Alex Linder (, note he's explicitly, avowedly ANTI-CHRIST, an agent for Jews no matter what else, working thus to split the anti-semitic opposition.

The only real, serious opposition to Jews, who are un-questionably leaders and core of present ZOG-Mammon dictatorship is Christianity. However, it is indubitably true Christianity MUST be understood properly for what it really is, ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) first and most.

Worst thing about present Christian establishment is MYSTICISM which is attached to it so easily as we see, esp. by means of the buzz-word, "faith," which properly should only mean LOYALTY, but is mostly understood as a kind of miraculous way people can achieve miracles. "Faith moving mountains" is only an expression, which however, dumbshits actually take literally.

And Lord knows this poor world is absolutely filled--over-populated--with most infernal dumbshits who want to cut corners.

This truly horrific, MYSTIC understanding of "faith" began almost immediately after (even before, too) Christianity won its greatest victory at the time of St. Constantine the Great.

With the infernal Jews then put in their proper place (they really need to be totally exterminated, in all truth), Christianity then quite lost its "edge" and definitive meaning, and allowed itself to become slowly, evermore corrupted, thus co-opted by this stupid mysticism, thus leaving itself subject to eventual take-over by Jews as we see presently.

CONCLUSION: But no matter, Christianity is still well capable of reviving, resurging, and resurrecting for its basic, essential meaning and significance: MIGHTY TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 8:32)--against Jew lies and conspiracy. And never doubt that's precisely why Jews fear Christianity so much as they do--and why they fund Alex Linder even though he seems to be against Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Apollonian, most likely it's Jim Ramm. He ought to go ahead and be openly gay. He can't make more than a post or two without resorting to typing out his homosexual fantasies. And that's what they are. Wishing, hoping or describing another man getting raped is a homosexual fantasy. He did the same thing all over Zogs nightmare too.

The one making all the "Bill Weiss" comments is probably Commander Rocky from the all but defunct ANP. He is stuck on his old lie that Bill White's name is really Weiss even though this has been disproven over and over again in state and federal court. The old lie goes that Bill White is jewish on his dad's side. Rocky needs to consider more of his lies and only repeat the ones that aren't so easily found out.

Both of them are the enemy if you are a white nationalists. Jim Ramm is so unstable that he can't even keep up his act for more than a week at a time.

americafarm said...

Thanks for article, Anchorage Activist. You have a good site.

Anonymous said...

Drew Boswick just spilled the beans on the NSM and split from it.

Anonymous said...

Bill White is not, nor ever was a National Socialist. He was an ego driven creep who used every political lable out there - anarchist, communist, neo-con, conservative - until he finally ran out, and became a 'neo-nazi'. All to gratify his ego seeking attention. He is where he is, because of his obnoxious BIG MOUTH. Good riddance! 14/88

Anonymous said...

The Iowa and Texas units of the nsm have joined Ready's AZ, and quit the nsm is disgust after finding out the race-mixing of Sloop the Poop is true!