Saturday, July 03, 2010

National Alliance Reports Successful Outreach At June 12-13 Crossroads Of The West Gun Show In Las Vegas, Nevada

The National Alliance reports a successful outreach to the general public at a gun show held in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 12-13, 2010. This took place a mere week after the National Socialist Movement staged a march in downtown Las Vegas against illegal immigration, so local people were treated to two different and equally productive expressions of pro-White activism in Sin City. There was no media publicity; the only report I found was posted on Natallnews.

Additional research revealed that there was only one gun show in Las Vegas that weekend - the Crossroads Of The West gun show at the Cashman Center. Crossroads Of The West is headquartered in Kaysville, Utah, and they have a full slate of events scheduled for the rest of the year; they return to the Cashman Center in Las Vegas on August 7-8.

As expected, the Las Vegas Unit of the National Alliance took the lead in this outreach. They put up a massive and attractive 24' display giving away free National Alliance materials and displaying publications from National Vanguard Books. They report talking with many dozens of interested people who accepted National Alliance literature. But what pleasantly surprised the Alliance activists was the number of people who were already aware of the effects of Jewish supremacism in the United States and resultant stranglehold applied by Jewish power.

Because of public acceptance, Las Vegas National Alliance members have more public outreach planned for the future, perhaps as early as the August 7-8 gun show. The Sacramento Unit has been a fixture at gun shows in their area for years, so the National Alliance appears to specialize in this type of outreach. With their ability to blend in with the general populace, they promote credibility and confidence.


apollonian said...

Nat. Alliance NOT "Successful" Unless They Forthrightly Defend Christian People And Culture
(Apollonian, 3 Jul 10)

AA, here again u rather imply there's something other than Jew supremacism--as if Jews would abide non-supremacism--IMPOSSIBLE.

So what we most urgently need, once again, is Jew-Expulsion--how now do we possibly get this?

For one thing we gotta dis-able their so-far invincible weapon of practical reality, the Fed COUNTERFEIT (see and for expo/ref.) scam/mechanism.

But additionally, we have to solve more abstract problem of present "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome which bedevils our culture, the people engrossed w. in-fighting, the races set against one-another as perfect diversion fm paramount Jew problem consisting of CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND ENTERRISE, this built upon and around aforementioned Fed COUNTERFEITING.

And the only good way, I submit, to achieve these necessary anti-semitic measures is by means of overall Christian coalition among all the people, Nat Alliance part of such coalition, LED BY CHRISTIANS.

Nat. Alliance then must embrace this Christian effort/approach, for one reason being it's most urgent to NEUTRALIZE foremost collaborators of Jews, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

Heretofore, problem is "nationalists" reject Christianity, falsely understanding and construing it, committing TREASON against people and nation, falsely preaching Christianity is mere version of Judaism--as that Jewwy-looking and -speaking Alex Linder at

CONCLUSION: So I contend Nat. Alliance will NOT be "successful" until and unless they embrace this necessary Christian anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) and coalition. Note again, Nat Alliance doesn't necessarily have to be Christian themselves, BUT they must consistent therewith, embracing and defending Christian people--if they don't, they only do work of Jews, alienating Christians. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

This guys a nut, what "if" the jews suddenly "became" Christians? Would they be ok then? This religious argument is a bunch of bull, I'm not angry at the jews because of their "religion"...

Anonymous said...

He's worse than a nut. He's an asshole and is probably a Jew!

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