Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Iron Heel Of Censorship Strikes Again: Popular Pro-White Incogman Blog Suspended By Wordpress, But New Site Now At

Update July 24th: It took just three days for Incogman to resurrect his replacement blog at

I have just learned that the popular or-White blog Incogman has been suspended by its Wordpress host. No specific information has yet been given by the editor of Incogman at this point, although it's being discussed on this Stormfront thread. A WaybackMachine archive is available HERE, although only two pages were crawled.

Incogman was already being partially censored by Wordpress. They had designated his blog as "Mature", which meant his posts did not show up on Wordpress' "New Posts" screens. This may have also hampered Google blog searches for his posts as well. Nevertheless, it had still achieved an Alexa rating of 384,588 before being taken down. Incogman spoke out boldly on behalf of the White community, and "named the Jew" explicitly, although using civil terminology; he did not use racial slurs.

But that was not good enough for Wordpress.

Because of the amount of time and effort invested in the blog, it's likely Incogman will resurrect it in one form or another. As a matter of fact, this has now happened; Incogman's new blog is at the following url:

Stay tuned. Incogman has also posted a response in this other Stormfront thread:

Yes, they did shut me down. Permanently.

Although I have no specific knowledge of why they did it at this time (I've been up almost 3 years and had 1.8 million hits, even as a semi-censored blog). Possibly all this Lieberman bill business made them want to forestall any government request.

I was classified as "mature" and foolishly believed that this gave me a degree of "invisibility." This complete censorship came out of the blue. I have noticed a major uptick in searchs for my blog and my listing was often at the top for a wide variety of search strings. I was getting close to 4000 hits a day and was in the 400,000 range for Alexa (I'm told is pretty good for a blog).

I am not sure what exactly I'm going to do now. I can put up the email address to the Wordpress guy who responded to my email on why they did it and people can email him about the matter, should SF allow that. Maybe enough emails might change their mind.

Let me state for the record: Soon enough they'll shut down every place on the Net for White people to freely talk. Maybe even here.

The White race cannot be allowed to talk freely in any public venue, if the Jews have their way.

Are we going to let these people keep cutting off our balls forever?


Not sure what I'm going to do right yet. Ask around and see if anyone has suggestions for a blog host or domain platform that won't do this kind of thing to Whites.


jimbo! said...

must admit....i'm "gob-smacked"...this is, quite definitely, a FIRST! my knowledge, WordPress has NEVER "taken down" any political-type 'blog can only assume that there was significant "behind-the-scenes" pressure......perhaps this should be viewed as "a wake up call" to WNs....time to stop talking and start in: let's trade "words" for "bullets"!

Anchorage Activist said...

Jimbo - This has happened at least twice before, to Curt Maynard and to Phil Anderson. Wordpress is actually more stringent and less forgiving than Blogger.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they haven't already shut White Reference down for all the hate.

jimbo! said...

This has happened at least twice before, to Curt Maynard and to Phil Anderson. Wordpress is actually more stringent and less forgiving than Blogger


i thought it was t'other way 'round...but....i'll stand "corrected".....

uh...can "Incog" still access the 'blog? you can do that with "blogger" if they kill yr 'blog!

if not: perhaps he should "threaten" them with legal action to reclaim his intellectual property...?....that usually works with FaceBook!

*i PM'd "Incog" me "condolences" on SF!*

jimbo! said...

Wordpress is actually more stringent and less forgiving than Blogger


i thought it was t'other way 'round

i base that mainly on the history of the "SA-sucks" ' called, i think, "ZA sucks" was killed several times by "blogger" but, after they transferred to WordPress, they didn't seem to have much of a problem there-after!

Anchorage Activist said...

Jimbo - Yes, I remember the problems SAS had with Blogger. But it seems like Blogger has lightened up somewhat during the past year. At least when Blogger takes you down, you get to keep your content.

Some Wordpress users have reported that they lost their content when they were taken down. Incogman hasn't said whether or not he lost his content.

Anonymous said...

Not to defend Wordpress, but ultimately it's a writer's/webmaster's responsibility to back up their own work. Their's plenty of free software that will allow you to do just that, or write the articles on your PC and upload them to popular blogging platforms, etc. Also, with Blogger you can have each article you post e-mailed to yourself as backup. If one goes with paid webhosting, you back it up from cpanel every few days.

From what I've seen, it can be comments on blogs that often gets them shut down. Trolls will post death threats and such and then report it for TOS violations. Moderated comments can also be advantageous for that reason, where garbage like that doesn't see the light of day should you get targeted for "take-down" by the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

WordPress took down the Incogman blog because it urged murder.

>>We got your number and adress.
Its about time to get into action.
Anyone who is close to this Jewboi, get a gun and blow his head off.
Its about time to blow up a Jewboi head and start moving to the second phase.<<

Apparently Incogman deleted the posting after a few minutes, but it had been distributed by email, and was forwarded to WordPress.