Monday, July 12, 2010

Council Of Conservative Citizens' Matt Parrott Leads Indianapolis Rally In Support Of Police Officer Jerry Piland To Counter Al Sharpton's Appearance

A White police officer is under attack in Indianapolis, Indiana for allegedly getting a bit too rough with a mulatto boy who he arrested. Although the police union supports the cop, the chief wants to throw him under the bus. Local media stories from the Indianapolis Star and WRTV Channel 6.

Jerry Piland is the cop in question. On May 16th, 2010, Officer Piland arrested Brandon Johnson for interfering with his brother's arrest. Johnson's brother tried to kick in the door of an abandoned building near their home and officers who responded went to arrest him for breaking and entering. Brandon Johnson and others protested the arrest, and when another officer tried to arrest Johnson he resisted, squaring up as if to strike the officer and breaking the officer's grip when he was nearly handcuffed. Officer Piland, who was off duty and lived in the neighborhood, showed up in plain clothes and tried to help the other officers. He smacked Johnson in the face with his open hand and used his knee to apply pain when the teen fell to the ground until a third officer interceded. At that point, Piland would have ordinarily helped control Johnson, but Johnson continued to resist, and so Officer Piland struck Johnson more times with his open hand. Because Brandon Johnson was stupid enough to continue resisting arrest, he ended up with gaping wounds on his swollen face and a black eye.

Now Police Chief Paul Ciesielski has recommended that Officer Piland be fired, despite the fact that Piland has no prior record of using excessive force, and has received several commendations. The chief has forwarded his recommendation to the Civilian Police Merit Board, which ultimately will decide whether to fire Piland. But when Council of Conservative Citizens member Matt Parrott, who lives in Indiana, heard about this, he was outraged, and decided to organize a rally in support of Officer Piland. The video of his speech is provided below:

Parrott, who also operates the Hoosier Nation website, has posted a transcript of the speech on Occidental Dissent. Parrott's rally was also intended to offset an appearance by professional Black agitator Al Sharpton, who has called for all five cops involved to be purged:

John Kautzman, an attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police, said Piland was "disappointed" by the chief's recommendation and believed the matter was still unresolved. The union's president, Sgt. Bill Owensby, said he thinks Piland is being scapegoated because the case has drawn public scrutiny. He said Piland and the other officers stayed within department rules and helped quell what could have become a broader disturbance.

The teen's family and Black community leaders have called for a federal investigation into whether Johnson's civil rights were violated. Piland and the other three officers directly involved in the arrest are White, while Johnson's mother is Black and his father is white (an unusual combination; most normal salt-and-pepper teams are black man-white woman). Family representatives called on the department to fire the four officers directly involved in the arrest, but not a fifth officer who stood on the periphery.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said last week that he was investigating the matter and had not decided whether to bring charges against any of the officers. He said he decided not to charge Brandon Johnson because it wasn't in the best interests of the teen or the community, which means the half-breed gets away with trying to beat up the cops. Meanwhile, an FBI spokesman said the bureau and the Justice Department were reviewing the case to determine whether an investigation was warranted.

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Catherine in Indy said...

I'm very sorry to see that the police chief Paul Ciesielski, is not man enough to stand up to these so-called "Reverands." Where did Al Sharpton go to divinity school to receive his "Rev" title? No one knows. How much did he charge to come to Indy to stir up trouble, he won't say.

Has Al ever apologized for his involvement in the Tawana Brawley hoax? How about the Duke Lacrosse team rape hoax?

Our police officers put their lives on the line, everyday. They are the only safety net between us and "them." It's time we support them!

For 50 years we having been putting up with this racial crap, supporting this protected class of people who can't seem to do much of anything without white peoples money or assistance. I for one, am fed up to the max with this.
Catherine in Indy