Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Candidate Ryan J. Murdough Denounced By New Hampshire Republican Boss John Sununu As "Racist" For His Ties With The American Third Position Party

Update September 14th: Ryan Murdough finishes a competitive fifth place in this primary race. Updated post HERE.

The New Hampshire State Republican Party has rejected as a "despicable racist" an Ashland man, Ryan J. Murdough (pictured at left), who is running for the State Legislature as a Republican on a pro-White platform. Media stories published by the Manchester Union-Leader and the Concord Monitor. Local blog reaction is published by RedHampshire and BlueHampshire. Discussion threads on White News Now and Stormfront As of July 13th, Ryan Murdough now has an official campaign website:

Republican Party spokesman Ryan Williams said that State Republican Party Chairman John H. Sununu found a letter to the editor written by Murdough and published by the Concord Monitor on Sunday July 4th, 2010 to be disgusting and has immediately issued an order barring Murdough, who he labeled an "imposter", from using any party resource to promote his candidacy for a State House seat in Grafton County's 8th District. This means Murdough will be cut off from access to voter lists, candidate training and any assistance from the state party staff. But they cannot prevent him from running, and cannot have him removed from the ballot. Murdough has four Republican competitors; they'll duke it out for the nomination on September 14th.

The LTE in question is entitled "We must preserve our racial identity". In the letter, Murdough introduces himself as the Republican candidate for state representative in Grafton County District 8, and says he has the endorsement of the American Third Position Party (A3P). He also identifies himself as the New Hampshire State Chairman for the A3P, and explains that the A3P is a political party that stands for the interests of White Americans.

Murdough challenges the popular notion that diversity is beneficial to our existence, showing statistically that diversity is not only anti-White in character, but is resulting in a deliberate campaign of race replacement. He points out that affirmative action, illegal and legal non-white immigration, anti-white public school systems, and an anti-white media have destabilized the United States of America and especially New Hampshire. He asks what will happen to New Hampshire once it becomes only 60, 50 or 40 percent white, noting that statistics show that areas with high non-white populations have higher rates of violent crime. He links New Hampshire's low crime rate with its majority White population.

Absolutely no hatred of non-Whites is published in Murdough's LTE. Yet nonetheless, Ryan Williams still called Murdough a "despicable racist". But among the 124 comments currently posted to the Monitor story, there is some support for Murdough, primarily for his right to freedom of speech and to run for elective office. Other reaction is posted as LTEs in the Monitor's letters section, particularly on July 7th.

The question undoubtedly forms as to why Murdough didn't try to run as an A3P candidate. Murdough said he chose the Republican affiliation because it is easier to get on the ballot as a Republican than as an independent. To get on the ballot for state representative, a Democrat or Republican simply has to pay a filing fee of $2. An independent candidate has to submit 150 nomination papers signed by voters.

Ryan Murdough said he does not need Republican support because the A3P will support him with money, a website and volunteers. "If I want them to, they can send me activists, people from across the country that are willing to fly out and help people with their campaigns," he explained. And sure enough, the American Third Position Party wasted little time in backing Murdough up. In a statement posted on their website, the A3P said "he will receive full support from the American Third Position, whose seasoned activists are the best in the world. In the weeks and months to come, Murdough will be given every resource he needs to wage a political war in his very own District 8. Accordingly, the A3P calls on Nationalists the country over to come together in support of Murdough". The Concord Monitor has now published a separate story on the A3P's response. The Union-Leader has also posted new reaction.

If you're interested in visiting New Hampshire and helping Ryan Murdough with his campaign, you can contact the A3P through this portal. If you can't show up in person, you can also help by donating to the A3P through this portal. District 8 is a small, compact district; it won't take that much to effectively flood the district with Murdough's campaign materials. The state primary election takes place September 14th.


Anonymous said...

The mistake he made, was to "out" himself as being associated with a Pro-White organization, no matter "how mild". If he had simply campaigned ON a "Pro-White" platform, they couldn't tar him as some "evil racist/nazi" - because, as Rockwell said in the past - they always use that "evil racist/nazi" smear, if they can. Can everyone now understand 'why' ANP candidates are currently running "under the radar", rather than "boldly coming out openly" as WN/NS? We want to do as successfully as possible, if not even by a miracle - winning. Perhaps though, this individual is only campaigning to bring attention to his group. In any case, THIS is the type of activity the entire "movement" SHOULD be concentrating upon 100%. REAL POLITICS. Not silly, costumed "street entertainment", which has proven over decades to be useless, AND dangerous... Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

Anchorage Activist said...

Rocky - I do believe Murdough is running just as much to raise public awareness of A3P as he is to win. Since he's the only explicitly pro-White candidate in a field of five, he's unlikely to finish last, since the other four Republicans will sound like parrots all squawking the same message.

I can understand ANP candidates running "under the radar". The only downside is that in order to preserve their cover, they could never be promoted either on this blog or on any other explicitly pro-White source.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Chairman Suhayda! If only more movement people would follow the same path of political activism as you promote.

I Know Things said...

he has a valid platform. sure he would be unpopular with the muds and the ZOG, but his concerns are real. I can't go to New Hampshire, but I'll do as mush supporting as I can.

Anonymous said...

"AA", not to sound rude, but I have little faith in the people who frequent these forums and the like. Too few would do anything real, beyond "atta-boys", or criticize vs the enemy getting the scoop on what we are doing, and counter-acting it. I respect your efforts, but all these thousands here and on Stormfront, etc are simply there for "entertainment" I'm afraid, not involvement. For too long we have exposed our efforts to the scrutiny of our opponants, and like any general who is foolish enough to give the foe his battle-plan - we've all paid for it. Those who NEED to KNOW - KNOW. Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman