Saturday, July 24, 2010

Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland Says "No Free Speech For Racists" As He Prepares For U.S. Security And Terrorism Summit

This tidbit was discovered on The Phora. In one of his last speeches before departing to the United States for a summit with the Attorney Generals of Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the U.S., Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland warned that there could be no free speech for "racists".

In a speech delivered at a cyber-racism summit in Sydney, McClelland said the Australian Federal government was tackling the difficult world of cyber-bullying and online protection of children. He said cyber-racism was a growing area of concern for the Human Rights Commission. Eighteen per cent of racism complaints handed to the Commission in 2008-09 were about racist internet material, up from nine per cent in the previous year. Consequently, McClelland proposed that it may well be appropriate to set some limitation to public expression of hateful material.

Although McClelland acknowledged that freedom of expression is a human right that is enjoyed by all Australians and must be protected, he insisted that the right to freedom of expression should not derogate from the rights of people to be treated with equality, dignity and respect.

Although a member of the Australian Labor Party, Robert McClelland hasn't gone completely round the bend. In February 2008, McClelland stated that it was unacceptable that the ACT government, which is proposing to allow same-sex couples to enter into unions, would give the right to hold public ceremonies to celebrate their unions. So even if he doesn't respect free speech, he still does respect traditional marriage.

But McClelland is at the center of another free-speech controversy. The federal government has censored approximately 90 per cent of a secret document outlining its controversial plans to snoop on Australians' web surfing, obtained under freedom of information (FoI) laws, out of fear the document could cause "premature unnecessary debate". The government has been consulting with the internet industry over the proposal, which would require ISPs to store certain internet activities of all Australians - regardless of whether they have been suspected of wrongdoing - for law enforcement agencies to access. All parties to the consultations have been sworn to secrecy.

Industry sources have claimed that the controversial regime could go as far as collecting the individual web browsing history of every Australian Internet user, a claim denied by the spokesman for Attorney-General Robert McClelland. The Attorney-General's Department legal officer, FoI and Privacy Section, Claudia Hernandez, wrote in her decision in releasing the highly censored document that the release of some sections of it "may lead to premature unnecessary debate and could potentially prejudice and impede government decision making".

Hernandez said that the material in question related to information the department was "currently weighing up and evaluating in relation to competing considerations that may have a bearing on a particular course of action or decision...More specifically, it is information concerning the development of government policy which has not been finalised, and there is a strong possibility that the policy will be amended prior to public consultation," she wrote.

While this controversial program is aimed primarily at screening out porn and terrorist websites, some legitimate political sites have been caught up as well.


apollonian said...

Racism: Profound Virtue Of Humanity--It's Worth Understanding Full Implications
(Apollonian, 24 Jul 10)

AA, now this is example of ur journalistic craft at its best--for this is very important story u cover as it gets right down to extremely basic cultural and psychologic matters, never doubt. For what is, in all truth, this racism?

For note racism is no less than 5th of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy race" (parentage).

Ck any dictionary: racism is LOYALTY to people, ancestors, and culture. Race is simply ur larger, more extended family--and why isn't it a virtue to be so loyal?

And note something else, perhaps most of all: racism is AXIOMATIC--which means it's something u cannot not be--u can't get away fm it. For observe ultimately there are just two kinds of race, mixed and non-mixed, ur own and someone else's. Hence if u're not loyal to one, by default u must be loyal to the other--there's NO IN-BETWEEN. Again, u CAN'T get away fm it--it's "axiomatic."

And everyone knows who this anti-racism is directed against: EVERY HONEST PERSON--esp. then gentiles. For gentiles are capable of honesty, unlike Jews who worship subjectivity by which they insist their self-serving lies are what's true, which then they work to move heaven and earth to enforce--as we see presently and throughout history.

And the great irony--which evermore people know about--is the MOST intensely racist people in the whole world, which can be verified going back to ancient times, ARE JEWS, Jews, Jews and none other--look at enemy terror-state of Israel today.

So finally, consider this: non- or anti-racism is actually anti-humanity, which we already know is motivation of Jews. Further, non- or anti-racism is actually ANTI-REASON, literally and seriously, never doubt--it's PSYCHO-PATHOLOGY, pure and simple. Honesty, reason, and humanity simply requires virtues of loyalty and racism--there's literally no other way to be and to survive, seriously.

Thus we see civilization steadily and systematically de-constructing before our very eyes. The mass of people will finally realize horror of it all when they begin starving, even as they continue watching the Jew-tube--which will no doubt attempt to convince them they've never had it so good.

Hence then note leaders must communicate w. people in CONCRETE terms--NOT in "intellectual" ABSTRACTS like the evermore senile Ron Paul (, though he means well and tries his best in his pathetic, affected manner.

CONCLUSION: And this CONCRETENESS should be applied most intensively to that great engine and crux of PRACTICAL Jew power, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo/ref.), which COUNTERFEITS all the money, which is practical, actual, down-to-earth means then for all the Jewwy activity and mayhem. Even small children then can understand such COUNTERFEITING. We're simply being ruled by most clever, sublime criminals in this putrid ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

jimbo! said...

the i/net "censorship bill" has been post-poned until after the August 28th federal election!

it is more than possible that this election will result in "a hung parliament" for a n° of reasons:

i/there are some-thing like 3½-odd million very dis-gruntled ex-gun-owners in 0zz whose fire-arms were confiscated because of the false-flag Prt Arthur massacre in April, 1996 ( );

ii/Kevin Rudd, the recently deposed Prime Minister, was some-what friendly to "shooters"....he was replaced, in a sort of political coup d'ĂȘtat, by a female with, some say, marxist leanings....

(a)Aussies have never voted a woman into high office!

(b)she has not made any favourable over-tures to the massive shooting voting bloc in Australia....there-fore, it is safe to assume that she is in favour of tightening restrictions on fire-arms!

dis-gruntled ex-gun-owners/ex-shooters have ejected the "Coalition Party", the political party rspnsbl for the post-PAM "gun grab" from political office every-where in the country....they can just as easily "hang" the federal parliament in protest @ what they perceive to be a political "slight"!

if so: there won't be any "internet racism bill" passed....they'll be lucky if they're able to pass ANY legislation!

fb group.....