Saturday, June 12, 2010

White Nationalist Lawyer Edgar Steele Arrested By Feds In Dubious Murder-For-Hire Plot Based On Input From "Confidential Informant"

Note: All posts on Edgar Steele's arrest available HERE, with the most recent post displaying first.

The Idaho Statesman reports that White nationalist lawyer Edgar Steele, famed for his vigorous but unsuccessful defense of Pastor Richard Butler in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit brought against them by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2000, has been arrested by the FBI in connection with a dubious-sounding "murder-for-hire" plot.

An individual occasionally employed by Edgar Steele turned out to be a confidential informant and has been singing to the FBI. According to the snitch, Steele had discussed a list of people he wanted dead, including his wife and her mother, six months earlier. The snitch agreed to the plot and accepted $500 in travel money, and Steele allegedly promised as much as $25,000 if the murders were completed on Friday June 11th. It was intended to be a car crash made to look like an accident. Steele also allegedly promised the snitch another $100,000 if an insurance policy paid out after his wife's murder. Steele also allegedly said he would deny knowing the witness if he were caught, but he would compensate the witness's family if Steele was never implicated.

Once the snitch learned of the specific deadline, he informed his FBI handlers, who equipped him with a concealed recording device which documented Steele allegedly discussing the murders. As a result, Steele was arrested at his home in Sagle, Idaho on June 11th. Traci Whelan, an assistant U.S. attorney for Idaho, explained that the complaint is just a charging document and is not proof of guilt. Steele will likely appear at a preliminary hearing on Monday June 14th, and the case will eventually go before a grand jury. Whelan further stated that Steele is in custody on federal felony charges, but she declined to reveal where he is being held.

What makes this case spurious is that there is no recorded discord between Steele and his wife. The couple is reportedly still married and have not separated. Steele's wife was visiting or helping out with a health care issue at her mother's house in Oregon this week.

Edgar Steele, also the author of "Defensive Racism", operates the ConspiracyPenPal and NickelRant websites. In late summer 2009, he took an extended sabbatical from posting on those sites. Since then, he's revealed that he almost died of a ruptured aorta in November 2009, so he's been contending with serious medical issues of his own. In his most recent post on NickelRant on May 21st, he does not disclose any problems with his wife, although he does disclose the intent to get active in the Cause again and publish a softbound edition of Defensive Racism. I don't see how any of his activism could suddenly attract FBI interest.

The unanswered question is was the snitch deliberately sent in by the FBI in advance to worm his way into Steele's confidence, or did he become a snitch after he began working for Steele? Informants can only be trusted to do one thing; tell the story the government wants to hear. Without independent objective evidence corroborating this story, it is difficult to take this snitch seriously.

Unfortunately, the government does, and the government has Steele in custody. He's about to go through hell. Update: American Nazi Party activist John Taylor Bowles has now picked up the story, and offers useful tips for activists who don't want to get swallowed up in this type of situation. Stormfront has also picked up the story, and most everyone posting on the thread share my skepticism. Now also discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.


apollonian said...

Ed Steele--Just The Wrong Type Of Person For ZOG-Mammon To Pick-On At The Moment, I'd Say
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 10)

Yeah, wow AA, this is really incredible story--good work on ur part, once again.

I absolutely agree w. ur assessment given herein--Steele is just not the sort of hysterical or excitable -type to doing anything like this, he always seeming to be such strict family-oriented kind of person.

And it's really desperate move on part of gov. too, I'd say. Keep up w. ur outstanding journalistic work, informing the patriot-oriented community. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

This was another of those stories I found purely by accident, when I was searching for other information. I don't think any other White media have picked it up yet, although the anti-racist douchebag Nicole Nichols is celebrating on her blog.

apollonian said...

ZOG Now Pushing It's Dwindling Luck, Surely
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 10)

Yes, and paybacks are such a son-of-a-gun, aren't they? I'd say ZOG-Mammon is really starting to push their luck.

Blog-world in on full alert--esp. after recent Israeli mass-murder on the high seas, and the Gaza massacre before that about 18 months ago. And don't forget word is now out definitively--THERE'S NO B.-CERT for Obama/Soetoro.

CONCLUSION: When US Dollar collapses--THEN ZOG will find it truly difficult to enforce things, paying their thugs. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

You stated that the Feds have him on tapes discussing the plot - so this can't be a made-up thing. After all, who would have such a conversation with anyone about such a subject as "killing their wife", in the first place...? Seems to be ANOTHER "prominant movememt personality" with feet of clay in the end.

Anchorage Activist said...

The Feds allegedly have Steele on tape, but they are the ones interpreting it as solicitation to murder. The role and motive of the informant must be explained before we can accept the Feds' contention at face value.

It certainly isn't impossible that Edgar Steele may have snapped and gone to the dark side, but the example of Hal Turner makes me suspicious of all informers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Taylor Bowles should do a bit on how to steal thousands of dollars from organizations and individuals and not go to prison. He's the authority on that.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep should learn how not to marry a race-mixer and have a mulatoo step-daughter and stop spreading lies without proof and sticking to the subject in this BLOG and stop getting DUI tickets and taking trips to Mexico with his wife on NSM money. He is an authority on that!

apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Empire Desperate, Capable Of Any Outrage
(Apollonian, 13 Jun 10)

It's simply absolutely inconceivable Ed Steele would be involved in what he's accused of, with help of gov. "informant." The only possible alternative would be if poor Steele's mind has snapped--also highly un-likely.

Regarding "tapes"--we know for a fact US Fed gov. will not hesitate to concocting and manufacturing this sort of evidence as it was done in case of the crusading New Orleans D.A., Jim Garrison, who prosecuted Clay Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate Pres. Kennedy.

The moron posted above, at 2:50pm, could only be a brainless Jew-queer flunky for ADL-SPLC to pretend it couldn't be "made-up"--I guarantee u it's absolutely made-up. 9-11 was inside job perpetrated by Israel (see for expo/ref.), so we know these are experts at making crap up.

CONCLUSION: I'm only surprised Feds would go after Ed Steele in such desperate manner. Then again these scum are absolute psychopaths--as we see by their brazen mass-murder done on the high seas only a couple weeks ago in Mediterranean. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

"Apollonian", WHY are you such a foul-mouthed, crude, and moronic individual? Poster 2:50 was only refering to FACTS in the article, which stated that the Feds have tapes where SEVERAL TIMES Steele discusses murdering his wife. And you got off on a vile tangent like a maniac! Is it you don't WANT to BELIEVE the facts submitted, or you simply REFUSE to ACCEPT facts, if you don't like them? Steele isn't the first movement personality who has proved to be a wack-job. Look at Duke pleading guilty to fleecing his supporters ( NO "excuses" please! An honorable man does not confess guilt to a crime like that ) Mullet a life-long criminal record, Schoope, need I go there? The big-mouthed "radio-host", Hal Turner, Glenn Miller the creep who TESTIFIED for the FEDS against the Order comrades - need I really go on? This movement seems filled with questionable creatures, who for some damn reason are "embraced" by the unthinking and/or unstable elements that make it up. Personally I'm GLAD when our ranks are PURGED of the GARBAGE that pollutes our ranks. One last thing - WHY don't you sign your NAME as I do, if you want your thoughts to be considered of any value? AFRAID, ASHAMED, or WHAT? Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman American Nazi Party

apollonian said...

Jew Troll: Too Clever By Half
(Apollonian, 13 Jun 10)

Yes, no shit, u brainless moronic Jew troll--ZOG-Mammon is proven murderers, controlled by Jews--so there's excellent reason not to divulge identity in this war against Jews and accomplices, of which u obviously are one.

So yes again, scummy Judeo-filth--there's abundant reason to be SCARED of ZOG-Mammon--but COURAGE is what one uses to go on in spite of this well-grounded fear of Jew murderers.

U say: "Steele isn't the first movement personality who has proved to be a wack-job."

But what exactly is the "proof" u pretend exists? Don't u think u're a little hasty for ur assessment, u piece-of-Jew-shit?

Jew puke: is there a reference u might have where we can listen to the so-called "tapes"?--u seem to know alllllllll about it, don't u, Jew filth?

And that anti-semitic "movement" u pretend to talking about, as u pretend to knowing so much about it, is called CHRISTIANITY, the real thing (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

CONCLUSION: One final question I have for u, Jew-scum, is can u tell us exactly what kind of name is "Suhayda"? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

Apollonian is always like that. Anyone that criticizes his opinions here he calls them a Jew and so forth. Sounds like he needs some mental heath healing. lol

apollonian said...

Jew Trolls Are Swarming
(Apollonian, 13 Jun 10)

No shit, "Dave Drury" the queer--if u oppose anti-semitism (hence real Christianity), then u must be a Jew or one of their paid queer prostitutes, like urself--isn't it logical?

Jews and queers like u, "dave," are not only against white people, u're against the entire culture including the process of logic.

CONCLUSION: "Suhayda" isn't "afraid" because he's active agent of Jews--just like u too, eh "dave"? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...


Could you please tell us more about your family history? Also, why are you always using a public library comp (we already know the location of the library)to post on pro-White forums? You are obviously trying to hide from your audience... Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Cause he's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Rocky being an active agent of the jew is a fairly commllon opinion. If you have a problem with that, you've got a problem with almost everybody

Anonymous said...

Rocky, ignore the freaks that abound in this bowel movement, they resent a person like yourself and feel more comfortable around their own kind, hence their reluctance to shit can anyone, no matter how detrimental to the whites masses opinion of us. Everytime some creep gets busted, its a 'zog scheme', not because the individual is a fruitcake. Don't let'em get to you, those thinking racialists understand and appreciate the stand your taking and the good work you do. 88!

Anonymous said...

Edgar Steel was never a "white nationalist," he was a mere "white opportunist" who betrayed late Pastor Butler after having taken all his monies from him (around 70 Ks I heard, and I was with the REAL AN at the time!) If you people want to kiss his ass - go right ahead, but he isn't worth shit!

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a article saying that this man was dead, what the fuck. Did he come back from the grave?

apollonian said...

"(we already know the location of the library)" -12:28pm

* * * * *

"Nazis"--Why Are They So Empty For Real Substance?
(Apollonian, 14 Jun 10)

So the Jew-queers know "location of the library"--soooooooo what, queer-Jews? What's "conclusion" to ur idiotic Jew-queer premises?

My "audience"?--it's same as for any Christian's, dumb-ass queers and puke-scum-filth.

White Reference has some good stories and articles--but has never developed a genuine substantial following. There's no real discussion of substantial issues on White Reference--NONE. About the ONLY thing of any significance whatever is illegal immigration which is really a subordinate issue to the primary Jew-led conspiracy at Fed COUNTERFEIT agency--see below ref. Otherwise there's only some legal notation for police-state oppression imposed by ZOG-Mammon against selected activists.

Then again there's really little discussion of any substance ANYWHERE--esp. for such as or occidental dissent--and I learned quite a lot just last month about Kevin MacDonald at occidental observer, what a joke.

And all the while, USA continues down the toilet, the nat. debt now larger than entire GDP, USA now not even capable of paying the interest. Notice how few of the air-heads who comment here on white reference even begin to care about such significant cultural indicators.

Next, US Dollar is going to fail as world "reserve" currency, soon, very soon--when that happens, we're all going to know what it's like for third-world status. There's going to be literal starvation--and observe these stupid queers who comment here haven't the slightest concern.

So it really looks like only total, absolute catastrophe, economic and otherwise, is really going to affect people in any significant manner, and implications are frightening, truly. But old "rocky Suhayda" remains "UN-AFRAID"--isn't that wonderful and inspiring?--what a "thoughtful" racialistic he really must be, connected w. that Jew money.

Thus we see again, most active force in USA is (still) that Jewwy money power, drawing fm their COUNTERFEIT scam, still on-going, the Fed (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]), fount of all their seemingly ENDLESS funding--by which they support the "nazis" who attempt to decoying fm the real anti-semitic movement led by true Christians who are still so few.

For that's where the real action is--CHRISTIANITY--and the most urgent pt. now is to make it once more into the active, virile, healthy anti-semitic force it once was. But we see how Jews have neutralized such Christianity--by means of false Mammonist "prosperity" to which so many are so pathetically addicted.

Thus real Christianity is NOT mystic, but profoundly rationalistic, opposing Jew hystericism and obsessive psychopathology. "Faith" only properly means LOYALTY, that's all--it's NOT a means of miracles or magic.

CONCLUSION: And most of all, the place to STRIKE is at Jews' WEAKNESS, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist accomplices to Jews who so profoundly intimidate everyone else of American culture. "Nazis" are a gross distraction, diversion, and side-show who say nothing of substance for any issues--hence we must conclude "nazis," so profoundly EMPTY for substance, could only be creatures of Jew funding serving Jew purposes. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

As everyone can see now, this worthless self-hating mentally ill jew claims that ""Nazis" are a gross distraction, diversion, and side-show who say nothing of substance for any issues--hence we must conclude "nazis," so profoundly EMPTY for substance, could only be creatures of Jew funding serving Jew purposes." THANK YOU, "Apollonian!" Diversion is a very popular trick that your ugly people use, but you have exposed yourself now! Heil Hitler!